Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Compact Space announcement

"Compact Space has signed a worldwide licensing deal with ferryhouse productions in Hamburg. First album “Nameless” and “Push Push” EP will be released simultaneously on 24th June 2011. For more information and updates visit our website - www.compactspaceworld.com."

Compact Space (@_compactspace) is:
Florian Kraemmer, Christian Eigner, Daryl Bamonte

(Thank you and congratulations, Daryl!)


  1. So we now have confirmation that Daryl, Roger, and Simon are still alive and well. Any news of Robert ? Maybe he's collaborating with Compact Space! (After he’s done working with Sarah Black and Justin Bieber, of course.)

  2. Craig I can appreciate your inclusion of other artists who have a tie in with the cure, some much more loosely than others..but do you think depeche mode.com even mentions the cure? The content in this site is becoming more loosely tied to the cure, if anything. A very longtime follower, admirer, and supporter but, I just had to mention this cuz it has gotten out of hand over the last 5-10 years, really.

  3. Ben: Robert is alive and well and you will see him soon.

    Marc: This has nothing to do with Depeche Mode, and everything to do with Daryl, who was a pretty important, and helpful, part of The Cure for a number of years. So yeah, if he asks for a favor, I'm happy to help him out. Plus, I've loved what I've heard from them so far.

  4. This is still a personal website. Craig gives us everything we want / need about The Cure, so he's free to include everything else, whether it's 10 % related to the band, or even 0 %. I say thank you, and otherwise, I can avoid reading. There are enough things happening on this page anyway :)

  5. The aesthetics in the video and the pictures on the website are so macho. But I´ll try to give them a chance.

    I just found out Florian Kraemmer is the guy who played in "Ballyhoo" (it was a band from Austria). It was one of my favourite bands back in time...

  6. I loved Push Push when it was first on myspace YEARS ago and am so pleased this is all coming together.
    Craig can do what he likes and I read it all!

    We all appreciate the effort he puts into this place.

    Many thanks again.

  7. marc, if you don't know who daryl is just ask one of us.