Friday, February 27, 2009

Big Gig on NME TV

"The Big Gig is going to be shown on NME TV on Friday 6th March at 12pm and 10pm. It's only two hours so expect some big edits but its still going to be seen on TV!!" (Thanks AndrewV127)


  1. Very cool but it would be so much better to see the whole show. Oh well something is better than nothing!

  2. Well it is a two hour show so in theory they could just play all 110 minutes of The Cure. My bet however would be 1st hour or so of the guests and the last hour of The Cure.

    If the entire show has been recorded I see no reason for it not to be released in full at some point.

  3. maybe as bonus DVD with Dark - come on TMU, you owe us...