Saturday, August 3, 2013

Live webcast of The Cure's set at Lollapalooza!

Lollapalooza will once again be offering live webcasts from the festival. No schedule has been released yet, and no guarantee they'll show The Cure. But let's all hope Robert gives permission to air their set. And maybe even more than the usual 1 hour rule? (Thanks @object29)

Update (07/30/13): Now confirmed. The Cure's set will be webcast. Sunday night at 9:15 PM eastern, 8:15 PM central, 7:15 PM mountain, 6:15 PM pacific.

Update (08/01/13): The newly updated webcast schedule gives us hope for a full Cure set, not just the typical hour. They now have The Cure at 8:15, and Phoenix at 10:15. They could add someone in the middle of that, but for now, it looks good.

Note: If you saw Friday night's Nine Inch Nails webcast, you know this has the potential to be the best Cure webcast ever. The video & audio were outstanding! So was NIN. A phenomenal performance!


  1. Replies
    1. Central. Updated the post with the time zone info.

    2. Thank you! :D That is very helpful.

  2. No news if it will be the complete set or just 1 hour? Thanks!

  3. Can't wait for the webcast! Agreed the video and audio have been great so far, it's nice to see a performance and really feel like i'm there and not ten hours away.

  4. Best ever? That Curiosa Toronto broadcast wasn't exactly bad. :)

    1. You watch that NIN webcast? Light years better.