Thursday, August 1, 2013

Robert interview at Fuji Rock

Brief clip from an interview with Robert at Fuji Rock 2013.


  1. Lovely! Greetings from montreal!

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  3. i'm so glad they came over. the show was brilliant. i just wish they'd come over again to do an exclusive live performance (or one supporting act, tops), closer to big cities incl. tokyo. i know this is a lot to ask perhaps, given the commercial feasibility/relative profitability compared to other regions of the world and all - i dunno much about the music industry - but i've seen web sites from various japanese cure fans and they're extremely die hard, loyal and knowledgeable about the band. honest!!!! (not that i need to remind that!) also, we japanese are shy and don't rave as much as audiences in the west, we tend to politely jump up and down on the spot, but a woman standing next to me had both her hands over her mouth in awe, on the verge of tears. many fans went teary. or so they tweeted. anyway. ARIGATO to the cure!! at this point, it doesn't really matter what they really think about/thought about japan. we're just fans anyway, first and foremost