Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Cure at Frequency Festival 2012

Setlist: Tape/Open, High, The End of the World, Lovesong, Sleep When I'm Dead, Push, Inbetween Days, Just Like Heaven, Bananafishbones, Pictures of You, Lullaby, The Caterpillar, The Walk, Friday I'm in Love, Doing the Unstuck, Trust, From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, Play For Today, A Forest, Primary, Want, The Hungry Ghost, Wrong Number, One Hundred Years, End

Encore: The Lovecats, Close To Me, Let's Go To Bed, Why Can't I Be You?, Boys Don't Cry.

Huge thank you to Jorg for the setlist & reports, and to Olivier for the same. It would not be a Cure tour without at least one show update from Olivier. :)

Video: Open / High / The End of the World / Lovesong 1 - 2 - 3 / Sleep When I'm Dead / Push 1 - 2 / Inbetween Days 1 - 2 / Just Like Heaven 1 - 2 / Bananafishbones / Pictures of You 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 / Lullaby 1 - 2 / The Caterpillar / The Walk 1 - 2 / Friday I'm in Love 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 / Doing the Unstuck / Trust 1 - 2 / From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea 1 - 2 / Play For Today / A Forest 1 - 2 - 3 / Primary 1 - 2 / Want 1 - 2 / The Hungry Ghost 1 - 2 - 3 / Wrong Number 1 - 2 / One Hundred Years / End 1 - 2 / The Lovecats 1 - 2 / Close To Me 1 - 2 / Let's Go To Bed / Why Can't I Be You? 1 - 2 / Boys Don't Cry 1 - 2 - 3

Photos: Marsworld / Luca / Fran Fiorini / Olivier / Balati (1 - 2 - 3) / Christopher Johnson / Gabor (1 - 2 - 3 - 4)

Reviews: Vienna Online (with a brief interview) (English) / Webnoviny (English) / Kleine Zeitung (English) / derStandard (English) / Nachrichten (English) / FM4 (English) / NOE ORF (English)

01:10 - Olivier: That's it! (RS: "Thank you very much, and see you again. Thank you!")
01:06 - Jorg: Boys Don't Cry. Roger on Tambourine.
01:00 - Jorg: "You think you're tired now, but wait" ;)
00:49 - Jorg: End of set. Robert went off in the wrong direction.
00:47 - Jorg: End (Photo)
00:35 - Jorg: Wonderful ending of Wrong Number.
Note from Craig: Yes, it's always wonderful when Wrong Number ends. :)
Response from Jorg: Powerful ending ;) Normally I don't like the song, but ending was amazing.
00:28 - Olivier: (Wrong Number) Reeves rules!
00:20 - Jorg: Want had a new intro. Didn't recognize it within 30 seconds.
00:14 - Jorg: Very good ending on A Forest / Olivier: Great end by Simon!
00:06 - Olivier: (During Play for Today) Feels like Paris, the crowd adding its voice - this isn't that common.
23:59 - Jorg: (During Deep Green Sea) Jason mistake. He was off rhythm at the second beginning  :(
23:53 - Jorg: Nice piano solo in Trust.
23:43 - Olivier: (During Friday) Everybody awake now :-)
23:36 - Olivier: Around where I am, 4th row, Simon side, the crowd is very young (and nicely short :-) but not overly enthusiastic. Pleasantly happy, though.
23:33 - Jorg: Nice guitar solo at the end of Lullaby.
23:26 - Jorg: Pictures of You (Photo)
23:22 - Jorg: This is so fucking great, all smiling.
23:16 - Jorg: Just Like Heaven (Photo)
23:12 - Jorg: Push was wonderful, they are in a good mood. ;)
22:59 - Jorg: They are so fucking good. ;)))))
22:52 - Jorg: Simon jumping in Open. ;)
22:45 - Jorg: Open (Photo) / Olivier: Open (Photo)
22:21 - Olivier: Photo of the stage setup
22:21 - Jorg: Setting up for The Cure. (Photo)
22:17 - Olivier has made it to the festival!
22:16 - @Marsworld: finished!!! most of crowd in the front left!!!!
21:59 - @Marsworld: no words..12 year old crowd. ()
21:34 - Jorg: German band is not good at all. :(
20:57 - @Marsworld: excellent set from ! Now there's going to be a German (?) band.. Afraid it will sound as German bands do.
20:29 - Olivier: Just made it to Vienna. On to Sankt Pölten, now.
19:53 - Jorg: Bloc Party are very good. (Photo)
18:49 - Jorg: Photo from the festival program.
18:37 - Jorg: Hot Chip is terrible. :(
16:44 - Jorg: First Cure shirts in the festival field. ;)
16:43 - Jorg: it is really hot here ;(. I am so happy to see the cure once more in my life ;) (Photo)
16:28 - @Marsworld: I'm at merch stand sells bigger bags and black scarf (ghost theme)

Anyone listening to the FM4 broadcast? Blood Red Shoes were just interviewed and said they share the same rehearsal studio in Brighton with The Cure, and Laura-Mary Carter shared a story of walking in on Robert in the ladies restroom and found him applying his makeup. :)

Unfortunately, no webcast tonight. FM4 (English) are broadcasting live from the festival, but are not airing anything from The Cure tonight, as their broadcast ends at 22:00. Best chance of hearing any Cure on there would be recorded highlights on Sunday or Monday.


  1. Yay!

    No webcast makes me sad though. :-(

    1. There's a user on YouTube by the name of HDconcertsAustria who has put up each song individually..

      Why they didn't condense it into one video is beyond me..

    2. Bah!

      It was up there already - that always happens to me!! :p

  2. Lots of friendly artists and friends around The Cure tonight : The XX, Bloc Party, Mogwai, The Dandy Warhols.
    Seems that they'll have the biggest attendance of the 4 day festival....

    1. it was indeep a great show and you could see a lot of older cure fans. but i have to admit that the largest crowd gathering was not during the cure show (which was fine. otherwise i wouldn't have made it easily to the front row). the german bands jan delay and sportfreunde stiller (typical for an austrian audience) and korn had the biggest crowd. reason: most of the peolpe were between 18 and 30. never mind me and my friends had a great evening and the cure had a lot of fun. If they would have let them they would have played for another hour. i pretty sure!!!!!

    2. ah... and it was not mogwai but moguai (different band)

  3. Arte tv shows a bit of Bestival in 1 mn...

  4. i am so excited for ireland. just got a b&b 20 minutes from the festival grounds. i hope robert's 'new song' claim is true. cannot wait to see them again!

  5. 22:52 - Jorg: Simon jumping in Open. ;)

    OMG, I was reading "NOT jumping" all the time and I was really getting afaid but....ok everything seems to be fine :)

  6. ahaha so you poor guys at the festival had to enjoy Sportfreunde Stiller :D ...yes, they are terrible...

  7. Craig, it's your site and I don't have to tell you what to do of some accounts. But you have to know that eric is insulting people when writing in french, typing homophobic quotes and other ugly comments. I personally don't give a fuck but it's probably offensing some fans coming on CoF peacefully. Sorry for bothering you with such a stupid subject.

    1. Yeah, I saw it. All been deleted now.

    2. Maybe you can delete mine too now.

    3. Thank you Craig. I was also thinking how to react on that guy (comment or leave him being ignored) but I think if it doens't work with ignoring such a person, as he wrote on and on and on that style, it better to give him another signal he understands better.

      Now its just the question how a cure-"fan" (a fan of lipstick-wearing male-musicians!) can be homophobic?

  8. Hi all! Huge thanks to Oliver & Jorge! Comments are sparse tonight, so I just wanted you to know that at least one person was lurking and not commenting. Your generous reporting did not go unappreciated. So glad you had a great time!

    1. yes, huge thanks from me also! especially congratulations to jorg, who obviously was on cloud nine this evening, as his comments are suggesting :) have a great night, guys!

    2. Yes! So happy for Jorg. As he wrote to me before leaving the show, "2008 I had cancer. Now I know what I was fighting for".


    3. Thanks to Olivier and Jorg for sharing your experience and hope you borh really enjoyed it. Cheers, mates!

    4. yes i was on cloud nine :)
      it was a very very good concert, and i loved the sound.
      cure concerts are special for me, i am at my own world.

      and this time, singing " it doesn´t matter if we all die" was very special :)

  9. no solo in the edge of the deep green sea ?!? and jason kill the rhythm on the song that show is not good with reeves again( you dont play like porl reeves ,you can play with the cure go back with jenn vix or david bowie !!!

  10. There was a guitar solo in FTEODGS. Not as good as in previous shows but there was one.

    Jason had sync problems with his metronome but was quickly fixed with the help of Simon too. Robert was the most affected with this as he was keeping the time playing the accoustic guitar.
    Gabrel is doing a good job in The Cure IMO.

  11. I too have encountered Erics insolence in the past. He is a tiresome fellow. Eric do us all a favour and take up stamp collecting and direct your full attention to this new hobby, preferably in a forum far, far away.

  12. i dont thing so gabrel doing a good job! after the summer the end of the cure !!

  13. Reading is not your strong point. The inability to follow basic instructions is also not high on your agenda. What exactly is your agenda? You provide no insight into anything. Your comments are rambling at best and downright offensive at worst. Just stop.

  14. "Any chance The Cure will release a new album? - Absolutly not!" Hm. Hasn't he said there will be a new album just a couple of weeks before? Trying to fool us?

  15. Hmmm...but I'm sure there'll be a webcast for Reading and Leeds show and I guess, it's not just an hour...(fingers crossing). I want the whole setlist on webcast!!!

  16. Eric...shut s'il te plait.Merci

  17. Poor old Eric. Nothing better to do I guess.

  18. This show is just a blueprint of the Austria show :-(
    'Another day at the office'