Friday, August 17, 2012

The Cure and the Story of the Alternative 80s

New magazine special out on Aug. 17th. You can pre-order it here. (Thanks Andy)

Update (Aug. 17th, 2012): Out today. Perfect.Murder says "130 pages, 7 on The Cure. The rest is too gothic for my liking." :) He also sends some photos of the Cure article.


  1. Just ordered my copy...................thanks

  2. Is this a re-print of the NME special from about 8 years ago? It looks very similar.

    1. Not sure what Cure material is in it, but it's not new. They do have new interviews with a few other bands, though.

  3. The photo on the cover of NME is 1993. the photographer Steve Double

  4. Bought a copy yesterday. Haven't read thoroughly yet, but the Cure content appears to be based on 2004 interviews about the trilogy. I like some of the other bands covered, but this publication only really serves to remind me how different and special The Cure are/is.

  5. I'm on page 35 of 132 and the word "tangential" has been used at least 3 times already. I'd never heard of that word before this publication.

  6. The second picture is amazing, Robert looking like a 'jeune premier' (don't the English equivalent... meaning an awesome young and fashionable actor).