Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cure Albums From Worst to Best

Stereogum has posted their countdown of Cure albums from worst to best. (Thanks @DebiDelGrande and @thequeenofsiam)

Here's their list: #13 - 'Wild Mood Swings', #12 - 'The Cure', #11 - '4:13 Dream', #10 - 'Bloodflowers', #9 - 'The Top', #8 - 'Seventeen Seconds', #7 - 'Three Imaginary Boys', #6 - 'Wish', #5 - 'Faith', #4 - 'The Head on the Door', #3 - 'Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me', #2 - 'Pornography', and...

#1 - 'Disintegration': "You feel everything Smith feels -- the vague dissatisfaction of searching for a perfect moment that doesn't even exist -- but it doesn't matter because you can't help but move. Life may not live up to our expectations, but albums like this make it worth living. Nothing compares to Disintegration, and nothing ever will."


  1. I like Wild Mood Swings a lot! (two chord cool)

    1. Yes, WMS is definitely better than "The Cure" and "4:13"!!

    2. I guess I'm just a fan boy because I kinda like them all. My only problem with the the beginning the whispered phrase, my wife thought she heard "This is two cord coffee cup" Now I cant unhear that.

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  3. #13 - The Cure
    #12 - 4:13 Dream
    #11 - Bloodflowers
    #10 - Three Imaginary Boys
    #9 - Wild Mood Swings
    #8 - Wish
    #7 - The Top
    #6 - Seventeen Seconds
    #5 - Pornography
    #4 - Faith
    #3 - The Head On The Door
    #2 - Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
    #1 - Disintegration

    I never understood the hatred toward WMS...

    1. If I were to consider Japanese Whispers I'd put it between WMS and Wish...

  4. #3 - Pornography
    #2 - Wish
    #1 - Disintegration

    Impossible to rank the others, I love every Cure album but not so much 4:13 Dream.

  5. 13. The Cure
    12. Wild Mood Swings
    11. Three Imaginary Boys
    10. The Top
    9. 4:13 Dream
    8. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    7. Seventeen Seconds
    6. The Head On The Door
    5. Wish
    4. Faith
    3. Bloodflowers
    2. Disintegration
    1. Pornography

  6. Wild Mood Swings is great. People jump on the bandwagon I's infinitely better than 4:13 Dream. Robert can (and will) do much better with the next Cure release, you can bank on that.

    The beautiful Bloodflowers is also an often overlooked masterpiece.

    1. I think I'll listen to Bloodflowers on my way home...

    2. I really do like much of WMS, but the problem is that while there are some great songs on it, there are also some really bad ones, as well. That's the same problem I have with Wish.

      I've always loved Bloodflowers, but I do get why some people don't like it. It is a very "safe" album. They could make that album in their sleep. It does feel a bit like a reaction to the disappointment some felt with WMS. A sort of back to basics approach, a "give the fans what they want" sort of thing.

      But it's The Cure doing what they do best, so how can you really complain?

    3. Rhetorical question: Is an album of 5 great and 5 bad songs better than an album of 10 mediocre songs?

      To me I'd take the album with the 5 great songs.

    4. Great question. Hmm, If they were 5 really great, top 20 songs of all time great, I'd probably take that album over the 10 mediocre one.

    5. @Craig (or anyone). Which songs would you cut from WMS?

    6. Have to go: Club America, 13th, R&R&R, Return, Numb.

      Not crazy about, would probably cut: Trap, Treasure.

      So, yeah, I'd cut out half of the album. :)

      Also, I don't love Mint Car, but would leave it on the album. I'd just skip it 50% of the time. :)

  7. Oh man, this is so hard! Especially the bottom half, because I do like these albums, just not as much as some others. For me, there's really only one truly bad album, the US version of 'The Cure', but there are still a few songs I really like on it, and I love most of the b-sides and the extra songs on the various international versions. Anyway, here's mine, from worst to best:

    #13 - The Cure
    #12 - Three Imaginary Boys
    #11 - Wild Mood Swings
    #10 - The Top
    #9 - Head on The Door
    #8 - 4:13 Dream
    #7 - Wish
    #6 - Bloodflowers
    #5 - Seventeen Seconds
    #4 - Faith
    #3 - Pornography
    #2 - Kiss Me
    #1 - Disintegration

    1. Agree, 'The Cure' is the only one I'd rather find something else to listen to. To me (probably because of my age) mid-late 80's Cure is golden.

  8. 13. The Cure
    12. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
    10= Three Imaginary Boys
    10= The Top
    9. Wild Mood Swings
    8. 4:13 Dream
    7. Pornography
    6. Seventeen Seconds
    5. The Head on the Door
    2= Disintegration
    2= Faith
    2= Bloodflowers
    1. Wish

    Never been wild about KMKMKM although it is still a great album. I just don't think it works as a coherent piece.

  9. 13) wild mood swing
    11) 4:13 dream
    10)three imaginary boys
    9)the cure
    7)seventeen seconds
    6)the top
    5)the head on the door
    4) pornography
    1) kiss me kiss me kiss me

    Absolutely personal....i think kiss me kiss me kiss me, is the most representative album of the cure,gloomy,wild,romantic,obsessive,passion,light,heavy,....everything but the cure!

  10. 13. the cure
    12. bloodflowers
    11. wms
    10. 4:13 dream
    9. tib
    8. seventeen seconds
    7. wish
    6. pornography
    5. hotd
    4. faith
    3. the top
    2. disintegration
    1. kmx3

    although the only TRUE rankings are the top 3 and the bottom 2. i think i love the rest just about equally. and 4:13 dream and wms...i didn't know where to put those. not my favorite but definitely nowhere near the dreadfulness that is the s/t

  11. # 14 Three Imaginary Boys / Boys Don't Cry (12/20)
    # 13 Japanese Whispers (13/20)
    # 12 The Head On The Door (14/20)
    # 11 The Top (14/20)
    # 10 Wild Mood Swings (14/20)
    # 9 Seventeen Seconds (15/20)
    # 8 Faith (15/20)
    # 7 The Cure (15/20)
    # 6 Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (16/20)
    # 5 Wish (17/20)
    # 4 4:13 Dream (17/20)
    # 3 Pornography (18/20)
    # 2 Bloodflowers (19/20)
    # 1 Disintegration (20/20)

    1. are you insane?! 4:13 better than faith, 17 secs, wish, kmkmkm, etc..! :D

    2. Yes, sorry if it hurts you but you've got fantastic stuff (UTS, THG, TS), good pop fongs (SWIMD, FS) and no that weak songs to fill the 13 tracks. I would have produced it slightly differently but it's a fucking brilliant record.

    3. the thing about 4:13 dream is that the production is so bad that the album is pretty much unlistenable.

    4. Antti, you see that we can gather somewhere in the middle ;). I put 12/20 to "my" worst Cure album. That means the overall production is far above what music industry usually propose. It's also for this reason fans differ in "their" charts, I think.

    5. Antti - When you write "the production is so bad", what do you mean exactly? How can one pinpoint the "production" of an album as the one thing that makes it bad? I feel a little stupid, but I truely don't know how to identify that. I'm lacking words or pointers as to what to pay attention to to blame "production". Any help?

    6. It's a bit difficult to explain and from a person to another, it doesn't cover exactly the same concepts. But to be simple, production is the way the album sounds : the choice of instruments, the way they sound, the number of tracks used on one song, the overall orchestration, the way it's mixed, the way the voice is put in front or more on the back, the use of keyboards or not... If you take one song, you play it with acoustic instruments (unplugged). Then you can produce it in many different way using effect, mixings...

  12. Wild Mood Swings is still a very good album.

  13. I agree with what seems to be everyone's sentiment on The Cure. I can't get into it as much as I do the others. But it's by no means a terrible album. This is The Cure after all! I'll definitely have to look into the b-sides and bonus tracks though. Personally, I like WMS. Sure, there's some strange sh*t on there (acid?) but songs like "This Is a Lie", "Treasure", "Numb" and "Want" are absolute gems. Believe it or not, Disintegration is not my favorite album. At least i don't think it is. lol... Bloodflowers is definitely my go to album. I can't get enough of it. It's very beautiful. Who doesn't love "Out of This World", "There Is No If.." or "Bloodflowers"? I mean, come on!? I love Wish. There are just too many good songs to overlook. The 1st Cure album I bought was THOTD. They nailed it on that one. "Kyoto Song" turned up loud... "A Night Like This"? Hello? Is there even a bad song on there? The Top is a bona fide masterpiece. I love the sound and feel of it along with Robert's little noises. I really like 4:13 Dream too. It's not your typical Cure album but it's damn good. I can only dream how good the "dark" companion album is or would have been. My guess is it kicks @ss. Maybe it will see the light of day eventually.
    I didn't leave any albums out on purpose. I just could go on and on. Anyway, that's my two cents. I am not going to attempt to put together a list. I would go nuts trying to rank them.

    1. Good point. I ranked them but would change my mind tomorrow. I'll post the reviews I wrote in my book about each album, so everyone will get the stuff to kill me as I don't agree with the 'old school' approach...

    2. For the love of The Cure please listen to the album that you could by in the states on Vinyl, of "The Cure" that album is so good, there's no over-production to it like there is with WMS, and 4:13... Right up there with Bloodflowers as far as post Wish/Dave Allen era.

  14. Suprised by the low ranking of Three Imaginary Boys. I feel 4:13 is hugely underrated.

    1. Agree about 4:13 D. TII like WMS has pure gems and pure cack-tracks too. I mean, Meathook and Object are unbearable.

    2. Strange, me and my friends all love Object!

  15. this is very hard but my list would be:

    13: 4:13 dream
    12: the cure
    11: wild mood swings
    10: three imaginary boys
    9: bloodflowers
    8: the head on the door
    7: the top
    6: 17 seconds
    5: kiss me
    4: wish
    3: disintegration
    2: faith
    1: pornography

    1. TT and THOTD better than BF ??! Are you insane ?! Just a question of taste, probably...

    2. I would agree with both of those too.

  16. Don't know if you listed this interview, Craigers, but it's great

  17. 14.the Cure(13.50/20)
    13.4.13 dream (14/20)
    12Japaneses Whispers15/20)
    11Three imaginary boys15.50/20)
    10Wild Mood Swings16/20)
    9seventeen seconds(18.75/20)
    =7th,The Head on the Door* wish19/20

    6Kiss me kiss me kiss me (19.25/20)
    _ 2nd Disintegration/Pornography/Faith (19.75)
    1 the Top 20/20
    This only my opinion i totally love the CURE to me they are more than a Band they are a category of music

  18. & i also agree with Antti it is very hard

  19. #13 - The Cure
    #12 - 4:13 Dream
    #11 - Wild Mood Swings
    #10 - Wish
    #9 - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    #8 - Bloodflowers
    #7 - The Head On The Door
    #6 - Three Imaginary Boys
    #5 - The Top
    #4 - Seventeen Seconds
    #3 - Faith
    #2 - Pornography
    #1 - Disintegration

  20. 1. Disintegration, Pornography, Faith (tie...don't argue with me :)
    4. Kiss Me
    5. Wish
    6. 17 Seconds

    Ahhh I give up. My three #1's are all so amazing and unique. I can't rank one above the other.

  21. WMS should have been a mini-album with 7 songs, mostly guitar/piano driven in a Nick Drake kind of way. I always thought it could have been an acoustic Disintegration.

  22. I love Wild Mood Swings so I'm going to have to disagree with this list. And Bloodflowers is great. Easily in my top five. And it looks like we all agree that Disintegration is the best.

  23. I love Wild Mood Swings so I'm going to have to disagree with this list. And Bloodflowers is great. Easily in my top five. And it looks like we all agree that Disintegration is the best.

  24. 5. The Top
    4. Bloodflowers
    3. Disintegration
    2. 17 Seconds
    1. Pornography

    I would be unfair to the others albums if I tried to rank them. I like them, but just not as much as the 5 above. I was listening to 4:13 Dream in the car today; it is such a good album but the sound is pure crap.
    The arrangement of some songs on Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me are indulgent (Torture, One More Time, Hey You, Icing Sugar). It would have made a very strong single album.

  25. People forget the WMS B-sides!

  26. 2 cents...

    13) The Cure
    12) WMS
    11) TIB
    10) Wish
    9) The Top
    8) 4:13 Dream
    7) Seventeen Seconds
    6) Bloodflowers
    5) Faith
    4) The Head on the Door
    3) Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    2) Pornography
    1) Disintegration

    I think I have only listened to 'The Cure' the whole way through once. I remember being tremendously disappointed when I heard it. Some good songs on there, but overall, mediocre, in my opinion.

  27. I really like the top! love robert's strange way of singing in the album! i think these rankings are a bit subjective (even though there are lots of coincidences) but we feel different towards different albums. We dont react in the same way others react! it was always hard for me to do these kinds of things because i listen to the songs randomly. i'm not like 'ok im going through disintegration now' songs just happen and i enjoy them

  28. The studio albums:

    #13 - 4:13 Dream
    #12 - The Cure
    #11 - Wild Mood Swings
    #10 - Wish
    #9 - Three Imaginary Boys
    #8 - The Top
    #7 - Seventeen Seconds
    #6 - Bloodflowers
    #5 - Faith
    #4 - Pornography
    #3 - Head on The Door
    #2 - Disintegration
    #1 - Kiss Me x3

    The not studio albums:

    #6 - Live In Japan (If I just stood here and waved... that would be completely brilliant.)
    #5 - Japanese Whispers
    #4 - Concert (Hello. This is called Shake Dog Shake.)
    #3 - Trilogy
    #2 - Join The Dots
    #1 - In Orange (Hello. This is called Shake Dog Shake.)

  29. I will try this too:

    13) 4:13 Dream
    12) The Cure
    11) Wild Mood Swings
    10) The Head on the Door
    9) Bloodflowers
    8) Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    7) Three Imaginary Boys
    6) Seventeen Seconds
    5) Disintegration
    4) Wish
    3) Pornography
    2) The Top
    1) Faith

  30. Hmmmm....I always find these things a complete waste of time :-) If we go back in time to when a particular album was released, we all may have thought it was the best thing since sliced sliced bread. When you listen now to an album that is 10 or 20 years old (just like some old movies)you think OMG how could I have liekd it so much! There will always be some great songs from a few albums and I prefer listening to a spread of my fave tracks from many albums or more particularly, the best live versions. I mean take 'Pornography' for instance - listening to the original (or remastered) album is OK but not nearly as fab as the'Trilogy' live dvd version. To me that is the Cure's finest moment. I could listen to that live version of the album every day! 'DIstintegration' has some classic tracks like 'Pictures of you' and 'SAme deep waters as you' and 'Lullaby' but many of the songs sound exactly the same musically, especially Bob's Fender VI guitar. That spoils it for me. 'Faith' also has some amazing tracks but the original album just lacks something for me. But again when you listen to some live versions of 'Faith' or 'Drowning Man' and 'All Cats are Grey' (yes when the heck is 'Reflections gonna be released!!!!) I'm mesmerised.

  31. 'Trilogy'' is the best musical piece ever released by any artist. And this SummerCure the best tour along with the Prayer Tour, The Dream Tour and Reflexions. And don't care if don't agre !! :s

  32. 13- The Cure
    12- Three Imaginary Boys
    11- 4:13 Dream
    10- The Head On The Door
    9- Wild Mood Swings
    8- Wish
    7- Bloodflowers
    6- Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    5- Seventeen Seconds
    4- The Top
    3- Pornography
    2- Faith
    1- Disintegration

    OMG!!! That was hard, I changed this list about 13 times!! So this is my list for this second!!! Numbers 13 and 1 will stay the same and all others in-between will change a gazillion more times!!! I LOVE THE CURE!!!! ;0)

  33. Worst Cure-Album ever:
    #13 - 4:13 Dream

    Top 3:
    #03 - Bloodflowers
    #02 - The Top
    #01 - Disintegration

    #03: Show
    #02: Entreat
    #01: Bestival

    Live DVD/Blu-Ray:
    Worst: Festival
    Best: Trilogy

    1. Bestival better than Show or Entreat?? Strange...

  34. I'm Going to blow your minds:

    13: TIB
    12: The Top
    11: Pornography
    10: Bloodflowers
    9: 17 Seconds
    8: Faith
    7: Wild Mood Swings
    6: The Cure
    5: Kiss Me
    4: 4:13 Dream
    3: Head on The Door
    2: Disintegration
    1: Wish

    Seriously, even sitting through the awesome Reflections show in London couldn't muster up any love for the earlier stuff for me. I believe most of your appreciation for the music comes from when you first discovered the band, for me, that was 2003/2004.

    1. I started listening to The Cure around that time too, and agree that it massively affects these rankings. LOVE TIB though.

  35. :( Kiss me kiss me kiss me
    :/ TIB, 4:13 dreams
    :) 17 seconds, The head on the door, The cure
    :)) Faith, Pornography, The top, Wish, Bloodflowers
    :))) Disintegration
    :))))))))))))))))))))))))) Wild mood swings

  36. well here goes ...
    13... kiss me kiss me kiss
    12... the top
    11... the cure
    10... wild mood swings
    09... 4.13
    08... seventeen seconds
    07... bloodflowers
    06... 3ib
    05... head on the door
    04... wish
    03... faith
    02... pornography
    01... disintegration

    sorry but abso hate km km km ...too mish mash and ploppy poppy , i mean why cant i be you ...give me faith or prayers for rain any day ....................................

  37. I've done this a few times beofre with mates & it's so hard... here goes

    1 - Disintegration
    2 - Pornography
    3 - Head on the Door
    4 - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    5 - The Top
    6 - Faith
    7 - Wish
    8 - Bloodflowers
    9 - Seventeen Seconds
    10 - The Cure
    11 - Wild Mood Swings
    12 - Dream 4:13
    13 - Three Imaginary Boys

    If 4:13 & WMS had 10 tracks then it would be very tough

    1. I need to add - I love them all bar a few songs on 4:13, WMS & 3IB.

    2. Which three songs would you cut from WMS? I'm listening right now trying to decide. I would definitely cut R&R&R and probably Gone!

  38. This is tough, but I'll have a go. I'm a relatively young Cure fan, and only started listeneing to them after The Cure was released. I wonder if that makes a difference?

    13) Wild Mood Swings
    12) The Cure
    11) Bloodflowers
    10) Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    9) Faith
    8) The Top
    7) Seventeen Seconds
    6) 4:13 Dream
    5) Pornography
    4) Head on the Door
    3) Wish
    2) Three Imaginary Boys
    1) Disintegration

  39. Bloodflowers should always be near the bottom....such an over rated album...could never warm to it!

    1. Agree. Those long almost shapeless songs are boring.

    2. maybe someday, last day of summer, bloodflowers - all sensational tracks

    3. I agree as well. There are spots of goodness, but I never want to listen to the album as a complete piece of work.

  40. This is our new cure cover, The figurehead (by Figured) Thanks to share. (the figurehead, in my top ten cure's song)

  41. 1. Faith
    2. Disintegration
    3. Bloodflowers
    4. Seventeen Seconds
    5. Pornography
    6. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
    7. The Head on the Door
    8. Wish
    9. The Top
    10. Three Imaginary Boys
    11. Wild Mood Swings
    12. 4:13 Dream
    13. The Cure

    1. From 4 to 9 it got very hard for me to choose... But first three are my personal favorites. I dont care much for the last 3. I remade "Wild Mood Swings" with some B-sides into a 12 track record wich is much better for me. 4:13 Dream's opening sequence with "Underneath the Stars", "The Only One" and "The Reason Why" is by far the best sequence in reason years (Rest of the songs are forgettable) and there's almost only one or two good songs on the selftilted record ("Going Nowhere", "The End of the World").

    2. I also love The Real Snow White, The Hungry Ghost, Freakshow. And more. The first three are some of the worst on that album IMO!

    3. "Hungry Ghost" is great and "Snow White" is okay. Just need some synths.
      "Freakshow" is one of the worst songs ever by The Cure. Too much wah-freak, no emotion, stupid lyrics.

  42. I have to add that the best compilation album by far is Join the Dots. Aside from vinyl, where else can we hear the beautiful song that shares a name with this blog?

  43. This is obviously very difficult and subjective. My own list may be different tomorrow and might have been different yesterday. What is certain for me is the albums I like the least or don't like that much as a whole (from 13 to 10 inclusive. I do like some songs very much on them, but none of those albums works completely as a whole in my opinion). From 9 to 1 I love them all, some more some less but the ranking is more unstable. I still would rank Faith and Pornography very high even though I actually find myself listening to KMKMKM or Wish way more often. I have a particularly hard time choosing between Pornography and Disintegration, but I feel that if I could bring only one between the two to a desert island, it would be Disintegration.

    #13 - The Cure
    #12 - 4:13 Dream
    #11 - Bloodflowers
    #10 - Wild Mood Swings
    #9 - Three Imaginary Boys
    #8 - The Top
    #7 - The Head On The Door
    #6 - Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
    #5 - Wish
    #4 - Faith
    #3 - Seventeen Seconds
    #2 - Pornography
    #1 - Disintegration

  44. all the dark song is the best!!:)

  45. A couple of months ago I spent a few nights getting drunk and listening to every Cure album and marking each song out of ten before getting an average for the whole album. Sad, I know, but I like to keep myself occupied while drinking. These were my final results
    1. Pornography 9.31
    2. Disintegration 9.17
    3. Faith 9.06
    4. Seventeen Seconds 8.40
    5. The Head On The Door 8.25
    6. The Top 7.90
    7. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me 7.89
    8. Wish & Bloodflowers 7.88
    9. The Cure 7.25
    10.4:31 Dream 6.92
    11.Three Imaginary Boys 6.66
    12.Wild Mood Swings 6.43

  46. ...Sad, I know, but I like to keep myself occupied while drinking...

    i have a lot of time for that & will do it myself.

  47. Sorry to slightly change the topic but how about asking which progression of songs do fans love the most from any album or dvd? Mine is from 'Prnography'but the 'Trilogy' dvd as follows: Siamese Twins, The Figurehead, A Strange Day, Cold and Pornography. Those live versions are UNBELIEVABLE and Perry plays most of the great guitar sounds...using flanger effects of course

    1. I agree that song order and progression is important. I think The Cure do a fine job of picking the first song, last song, and the general ordering. Perfect Openers: Open (of course), Want, The Kiss, UTS, and of course Plainsong. Perfect closers: Bloodflowers, Going Nowhere, Faith, Fight, End, It's Over.

    2. The perfect open ever is Plainsong and the best closer Bloodflowers.

  48. I agree that ranking albums is challenging and very subjective. Plus they are all so different, so I don't really see the point. I also agree that WMS is excellent and under-rated; it could be improved with the removal of a few of songs (Round & Round & Round, Gone!, and Return), but I very much enjoy Want, This is a Lie, Jupiter Crash, and the trifecta that is Trap, Treasure and Bare.

    1. I agree with Round & Round & Round, but both Gone! e Return are brilliant

    2. Gone and Return are fantastic songs, among the best on the album IMO.

    3. each to thier own... r&r&r & return are two worst songs the cure have ever done in my opinion

  49. my two cents:

    13 - The Cure
    12 - Wild Mood Swings
    11 - 4:13 Dream
    10 - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    09 - Three Imaginary Boys
    08 - Wish
    07 - The Top
    06 - The Head on The Door
    05 - Faith
    04 - Bloodflowers
    03 - Disintegration
    02 - Seventeen Seconds
    01 - Pornography

  50. numb. KILL IT WITH FIRE! (okay i'm done. really!)

  51. Hello Craig, Sorry to post it here, again and again and again and again^^ but this is our new Cure cover, this is Untitled.Thanks

  52. 13 4:13 dream (never even listen more than 1 minut of a song) Really the worst cure album ever !
    12 WMS
    11 The Cure
    10 The Top
    09 Three imaginary boys
    08 Wish
    07 Bloodflowers
    06 The head on the door
    05 Faith
    04 Seventeen Seconds
    03 Kiss me
    02 Pornography
    01 Disintegration (best album ever, and really of all the albums any band, singer in the world made)

    1. I agree that 4:13 dream is their worst album! I love the Cure but I can't listen to this album on loop like I can with other CD's. The songs are forgettable (with the exception of Underneath the Stars). The singles are mediocre at best.

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  54. wrong ranking!
    #1 very wrong
    #2 very wrong
    #3 very wrong
    #9 very wrong

  55. Here's the order of preference when I listen to an entire album.
    #13 - Bloodflowers
    #12 - 4:13 Dream
    #11 - The Cure
    #10 - Wild Mood Swings
    #9 - The Top
    #8 - Three Imaginary Boys
    #7 - The Head On The Door
    #6 - Faith
    #5 - Pornography
    #4 - Seventeen Seconds
    #3 - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    #2 - Wish
    #1 - Disintegration

  56. "Nothing compares to Disintegration," except for Seventeen Seconds, Faith, Pornography, The Top, and Wish.

  57. Disintegration tops everything they did...then followed by Faith, Pornography and Seventeen Seconds...I like Cure for their dark catalog.

  58. #13 - 4:13 Dream
    #12 - The Cure
    #11 - Three Imaginary Boys
    #10 - Wild Mood Swings
    #9 - The Top
    #8 - The Head On The Door
    #7 - Pornography
    #6 - Seventeen Seconds
    #5 - Bloodflowers
    #4 - Wish
    #3 - Faith
    #2 - Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
    #1 - Disintegration

  59. I'm really surprised how the eponymous album gets so much hate. Here's my classification...

    13 - Three Imaginary boys
    12 - 4:13 Dream
    11 - Wild Mood Swings
    10 - The Head On The Door
    09 - Wish
    08 - Bloodflowers
    07 - Disintegration
    06 - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    05 - The Top
    04 - The Cure
    03 - Faith
    02 - Seventeen Seconds
    01 - Pornography

    Simply ranked in the order I listen to the album the most to the least.

  60. Hello The Cure fans :)

    WMS is for me is the poorest album because it has many songs that are the worst ever made by the TC: the 13th, strange attraction, round & round, gone, trap... these are bad... Return and Mint Car are terrible!

    They should have chosen the songs from the B side instead, which are very good. Yet, WMS has some excellent songs, but overall is the weakest.

    I never hear these, except for the following phenomenal tracks:

    13 - WMS - Want/This is a Lie/Jupiter Crash/Treasure/Bare

    12 - 3 IMAGINARY BOYS/ BOYS DON'T CRY - 10:15 Saturday Night/Another Day/3 Imaginary Boys

    11 - THE CURE - Lost/The Promise

    10 - 4:13 DREAM - Underneath the Stars/Scream

    9 - THE TOP - Piggy in the Mirror/The Top

    Just 1 Kiss and Lament are beautiful songs, and I really enjoy the B sides... Burn is fabulous.

    these are brilliant:



    6 - WISH ("The Unstuck", and specially "Friday" and "Wendy Time" are very poor... this could have been a perfect album without these songs)

    5 - KISS ME


    4 - 17 SECONDS

    3 - FAITH



    I've heard a lot of music during the years, and I like different things, but for me, perfect albums from beginning to end, there are probably more or less 15...

    My favorites are Heaven Up Here (The Bunnymen), Closer (JD), Songs Faith Devotion (DM) and OK Computer (Radiohead).

    Sometimes I prefer one to the other depending on the day, so it is not relevant to know which is the best, but those four from The Cure, are most of the time my favourites, and I consider them the most perfect music albums made ​​to date.

    Pornography is unique and I have never heard anything similar. Is absolutely brilliant, and makes me feel a mix of emotions, indescribable and different feelings every time.

    (sorry for my bad english)

  61. However, much like pizza or a day of fishing; even when it's bad, it's still pretty good. I would take a Cure album that has been poorly ranked here over nearly any other band's "best". :)

  62. 1 Disintegration
    2 Seventeen Seconds
    3 Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    4 Wish
    5 Pornography
    6 Faith
    7 The Head On The Door
    8 Bloodflowers
    9 The Top
    10 Three Imaginary Boys
    11 Wild Mood Swing
    12 4:13 Dream

    Best ever cure release:

  63. I'll give it a whirl too:

    1 Disintegration
    2 The Cure (the first song I ever heard by the Cure that "struck" me was 'The End of the World' so this album will always rank high for me. Back in the 80s I was still into the mainstream rock.)
    3 Faith
    4 Bloodflowers
    5 Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    6 Pornography
    7 Wish
    8 Seventeen Seconds (#8-13 I don't listen to nearly as much as #1-7)
    9 The Head On The Door
    10 The Top
    11 Three Imaginary Boys
    12 4:13 Dream
    13 Wild Mood Swings

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  65. ...maybr i'm old fashion...everybody speaks about trilogy...but" live in "orange is "legendary"!!!

  66. This is a fun exercise and one I've never attempted, probably because I don't know any Cure fans in real life. Here's what I came up with:

    13. Three Imaginary Boys
    12. The Top
    11. Pornography
    10. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    9. Faith
    8. The Cure
    7. The Head on The Door
    6. Seventeen Seconds
    5. 4:13 Dream
    4. Wild Mood Swings
    3. Wish
    2. Disintegration
    1. Bloodflowers

  67. Ok here we go.

    13. The Cure
    Just a sloppy, overbearing, and uneven record all around. The Japanese version is better, and even the b-sides are pretty good, but they really couldn't have put the album together much worse than the way they did.

    12. 4:13 Dream
    Overproduced to the max (even moreso than The Cure), it wears more thin than probably any other Cure album despite having much stronger songs that the s/t (which is why it gets the nod). "Underneath the Stars" obviously is the best thing here, but so many of the other cuts could've been really good had they been produced with any subtlety at all.

    11. The Top
    Don't care for this as much as most seem to. I don't know why...

    10. Wild Mood Swings
    Like most people have said, it's got some really great tracks, but there are too many clunkers on this album to ignore.

    9. Three Imaginary Boys
    If we were talking about Boys Don't Cry it'd be higher by a couple of spots. But TIB lacks a bit.

    8. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    An album of mostly subpar Cure if you ask me. About 4 really outstanding songs, a couple of good ones, and the rest is just "meh." Those songs? The Kiss, Catch, If Only Tonight We Could Sleep, Torture, How Beautiful You Are,
    Just Like Heaven.

    7. The Head on The Door
    Solid album, but not too many of the songs really blow me away. And I don't care at all for "Screw." Kind of suffers from constantly good, hardly ever great syndrome.

    6. Seventeen Seconds
    Here's where the big leap in my rankings happens. This is a near flawless album and one of the great post-punk albums of all time.

    5. Pornography
    It's almost gotten a bit stale because of how deeply dark it is. I'm just not in that place much anymore. But I still can't deny it's power. I mean, The Hanging Garden, Siamese Twins, The Figurehead...just wow. What I'd give to hear those played live.

    4. Bloodlowers
    The first of my four 10/10 Cure albums. Just outstanding melancholy pop. The perfect late summer evening album for reflection and awe and wonder. It's soooo much more than a stale comeback album to me. It's everything great about the Cure.

    3. Faith
    This achieves the perfect mix of The Cure's post-punk attitude, haunting atmosphere, and dark brooding cathedral tone. This album enters your soul and takes over.

    2. Wish
    I can't really explain why this album hits all the right spots for me, it just does. "Open" is one of my all-time favorite album openers, by anyone. "From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea" is heartbreaking and can bring me to tears nearly every time. "To Wish Impossible Things" is one of the most gorgeous songs I've heard. "Cut" drives so hard and just makes my adrenaline flood through me. The pop cuts are sublime. Man, if the b-sides took over cuts like Wendy Time, Apart, and Friday I'm in Love, it might be my favorite album ever.

    but instead...

    1. Disintegration
    THIS is my favorite album of all-time. Bar none. I don't think I need to say anything, you already know exactly what I mean.

  68. OK I'll play your sick and twisted game.

    I'll make it easy for you though I only have 4 faves:

    1. Disintigration
    2. The Head On the Door
    3. Kiss Me Kiss Me, and stop sneaking your tounge in
    4. Japanese Whispers

    yeah I know Japanese Whispers is not a proper album. But it was my first and what hooked me we're the LSD-influenced B sides. Beautifully weird.
    The rest of the albums have their charms. It feels like with each new album there has been a growing emphasis on the lyrics and the voice. They really need to tone down the voice and use it the way they used to, like it was another instrument in the mix and not front and center and every single song. And the lyrics. There's too much. Take a great song like "Screw" and observe what a short little poem it is. Less is more.
    Also, I'd prefer a return to the big dark gothic depressing numbers. They don't do that so much anymore.

    Love, Paul

  69. Wild mood swings:
    Want is so hard and beautiful, Club America is a good rock cure song, This is a lie is so sad, The 13th so mexican, so happy, Strange attraction is not my favorite, the only "bof bof" song on the album, Mint car is very very very happy, Jupiter crash is very beautiful.Round and round and round is short, but i like it (the bass is awesome), numb is a good song, no more, but i like the violons.Return..arf, its so energik !!! Gone talala la la lalala la la la tou toutoutou tou lala lala..hapinesss...Trap, energik too, Treasure is on my 20 top cure song and Bare is just one of their 5 best songs.

    How can you said Wild mood swings is bad album? hého!! , wake up ! Il n'y a pas que Faith et Disintegration dans la vie !!!!! (google translate ^^)

  70. One can see that D or P are not the fav of everyone, that 4:13 D and TC are among the best or the worst, that WMS is not hated as lots of people may think...
    Craig should build a survey with a quote out of 20 for each of the 14 studio albums. And another one with our 20 fav songs with no quote... I'd love to see what comes out if many answer... Craig, pleaaaase !

  71. I already quoted the albums, here are my 30 favorites songs (not in order) :

    1 Cut Here - 2 The Scream - 3 Just Like Heaven - 4 The Snakepit - 5 Labyrinth - 6 Out Of This World - 7 Three Imaginary Boys - 8 All Cats Are Grey - 9 Pornography - 10 Open - 11 Disintegration - 12 Jupiter Crash - 13 Lament - 14 The Top - 15 One Hundred Years - 16 Lovesong - 17 Charlotte Sometimes - 18 Fascination Street - 19 Never Enough - 20 Going Nowhere - 21 Bloodflowers - 22 Want - 23 Seventeen Seconds - 24 A Strange Day - 25 Sinking - 26 Bare - 27 End - 28 Funeral Party - 29 Underneath The Stars - 30 Seventeen Seconds

    If I had said 40, I could have added A Night Like This, The Promise, Faith, A Forest, Harold And Joe, The Big Hand, M, If Only Tonight We Could Sleep, From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea, Last Day Of Summer, but I said 30 ! Shit !

    If 50, Shake Dog Shake, The Drowning Man, Cold, I Don't Know What's Going On, alt.end, Primary, Play For Today, The Hungry Ghost, Just One Kiss, The Exploding Boys. Shit shit shit !!!

  72. Someone said that The Cure is the punk Beatles. At first I didn't quite understand why but reading the passion Cure songs bring, especially what Todd wrote, it's obviously because of the incredibly amount of fantastic songs The Cure has been releasing for 33 years in a wide range of styles and atmospheres. I'd love music history would recognize that The Cure is the most influensive and inspiring band since The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.

  73. I just realized after listing my favorite Cure albums that nobody gives a shit.

  74. 1. Disintegration
    2. Pornography
    3. The Head on the Door
    4. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
    5. Faith
    6. Seventeen Seconds
    7. Bloodflowers
    8. Wish
    9. Three Imaginary Boys
    10. 4:13 Dream
    11. The Cure
    12. The Top
    13. Wild Mood Swings

  75. This is a very old thread but here's my list, a little late, but valid nonetheless. (And the order is always in flux. I tend to revisit albums and obsess over that period/line-up/style/shananana...


    13. The Cure (Exceptions: Labyrinth. EOTW)
    12. Bloodflowers (Ex. OOTW, There Is No If. Two of my favorite songs by the Cure. Period.)
    11. Wild Mood Swings (Underrated, but not unbearable)
    10. 4:13 Dream (Poor mixing, but overall improved song writing... plus Porl Fucking Thompson ftw!)
    9-2. All are loved/obsessed over regularly. TIB, The Top, THOTD, 17 Seconds, Kiss Me, Faith, Pornography, Wish ...
    1. Disintegration (because duh)

  76. I just picked up 4:13 Dream. I think it's incredible.
    So let me end this:

    13 The Cure
    12 Bloodflowers
    11 WMS
    10 Three I Boys
    9 Seventeen Seconds
    8 The Top
    7 KmKmKm
    6 Head on the Door
    5 Pornography
    4 Faith
    3 Disintegration
    2 Wish
    1 4:13 Dream

    yep, perfect

  77. jap whispers between pornography and faith 4 me

  78. Faith & Seventeen Seconds are alright, Pornography & Three Imaginary Boys too. Everything else from the Cure I dislike - contrary to Wire (Chairs Missing, 154, Pink Flag) & Gun Club ('Fire of Love' , ' Miami) - which are still my favourite Bands and releases from the eighties....