Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vote for your Top 10 Cure songs

"On Saturday 1 November, I will be presenting 2 hours of The Cure, as chosen by listeners and Cure fans, on London(ish) radio station Phoenix FM. All the details are up here. It's one of a series of popular programmes/polls the station has run." (Thanks Paul)

After you vote, please post your Top 10 in the comments. Thanks!


  1. This was nearly impossible. Only 10? Hmm...well, this changes quite often, but for now...

    1. Same Deep Water As You
    2. Cold
    3. Charlotte Sometimes
    4. Last Dance
    5. A Chain of Flowers
    6. This Twilight Garden
    7. Disintegration
    8. Out of This World
    9. Faith
    10. Plainsong

    If new songs were included, UTS would be #4. Maybe higher.

  2. I can't wait to see the final results for this; it's impossible to predict which way it'll go! I changed my list SO many times it's ridiculous, but here it is:

    1) A Night Like This
    2) Disintegration
    3) From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
    4) Catch
    5) Untitled
    6) Prayers For Rain
    7) How Beautiful You Are
    8) Maybe Someday
    9) So What?
    10) Same Deep Water As You

    And now let the arguments ensue!

  3. 1) The Figurehead
    2) One Hundred Years
    3) Cold
    4) Disintegration
    5) Faith
    6) Shake Dog Shake
    7) The Holy Hour
    8) Closedown
    9) Plainsong
    10) The Drowning Man

  4. Wow, this IS impossible to choose. My best effort for now:

    1. Disintegration
    2. A Forest
    3. Charlotte Sometimes
    4. From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
    5. The Big Hand
    6. The Last Day of Summer
    7. Plainsong
    8. Push
    9. One Hundred Years
    10. Pictures of You

    I'm pretty sure I've missed out some of my favorites, but if I think about it too much I'll never be able to decide, so I'll leave it for now. :)

  5. Craig, we share quite a few Cure favs ie you have great taste! Top 10 is ridiculously impossible though...should be top 25 or 30.
    Anyhow, here goes...

    1 This Twilight Garden
    2 The Exploding Boy
    3 A Forest (Tree Mix)
    4 The Big Hand
    5 Cold
    6 Faith
    7 All Cats Are Grey
    8 The Walk (Everything Mix)
    9 It Used To Be Me
    10 Charlotte Sometimes

    *unlucky ommissions include Bloodflowers, Letter To Elise, New Day, Do The Hansa, and quite a few songs from the greatest album ever, Disintegration!...and many others. Geez this is crazy!!!

  6. This could turn into the best thread ever...i mean, we all know which song we love best etc...but when one has to choose a top's a different matter...hmmmm...loving it!

  7. Herculian task! Here goes:
    2)Same Deep Water As You
    3)From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
    4)Jupiter Crash
    9)This Twilight Garden
    10)If Only Tonight We Could Sleep

    (and I could keep going on and on...)

  8. The Same Deep Water As You
    The Drowning Man
    All Mine
    Just One Kiss
    10.15 Saturday Night
    The Snakepit
    All Cats Are Grey

  9. Stupid!!! The new songs are not included but A Boy I Never Knew is.

    1. Apart
    2. The Same deep water as you
    3. Your god is fear
    4. Want
    5. It used to be me
    6. The Figurehead
    7. The Kiss
    8. Pictures of you
    9. End
    10. Watching me fall

  10. If Underneath the stars was included it would go up to #3 and Watching me fall would fall out of my top ten.

  11. In no particular order of preference, of course:

    1. 100 years
    2. Siamese Twins
    3. A Letter to Elise
    4. Inbetween Days
    5. Secrets
    6. Pictures of You
    7. Birmad Girl
    8. Charlotte Sometimes
    9. A Few Hours After This
    10.The Drowning Man

  12. Wow, I am not even going to attempt this! I admire those of you who have...

  13. 20 is more reasonable but 10 it is ...

    1. Fascination Street
    2. End
    3. Primary
    4. At Night
    5. Prayers for Rain
    6. Plainsong
    7. Inbetween Days
    8. Burn
    9. 10:15 Saturday Night
    10. Disintegration

  14. 1 - A Night Like This
    2 - Siamese Twins
    3 - Seventeen Seconds
    4 - A Forest
    5 - The Kiss
    6 - From The Edge Of The Deeep ...
    7 - How Beautiful You Are
    8 - This Twilight Garden
    9 - Charlotte Somtimes (Concert)
    10 - Disintegration

  15. 1) One Hundred Years
    2) The Drowing Man
    3) Faith
    4) The Blood
    5) More than This
    6) To Wish Impossible Things
    7) Jupiter Crash
    8) Siamese Twins
    9) Shake Dog Shake
    10) The Top
    Of course there are so many others that belong up there - Like 10:15 Sat. night, and Three Imaginary Boys, and Killing and Arab... My favorites depend on my mood....

  16. Almost nothing in your choices, among the first 4 albums.
    It's funny to see that for most of Americans, The Cure seems to be born in 1990.
    When I see songs such as
    Untitled, A Chain of Flowers, This Twilight Garden, Maybe Someday, Catch, The Big Hand, Jupiter Crash, Burn , Homesick, Apart, ....
    I wonder how such crap fucking songs are doing in your lists. How a person who seems to have understand what is Cure can list them ? Even Robert Smith himself does not play them in live. And you will find you surprise if he posts his favorits songs.

  17. Here goes...

    1. Yesterday's Gone
    2. It Used To Be Me
    3. The Promise
    4. The Big Hand
    5. The Drowning Man
    6. Lament
    7. A Pink Dream
    8. Without You
    9. Truth, Goodness and Beauty
    10. Want

    I hope it includes B sides and rarites...

  18. I've given it more thought and my list is not right. Should be:

    1 This Twilight Garden
    2 Going Nowhere
    3 Prayers For Rain
    4 Faith
    5 Anniversary
    6 The Exploding Boy
    7 Charlotte Sometimes
    8 Pornography
    9 Before Three
    Equal-10 Last Dance, The Big Hand

    Definitely no knocking TTG off its perch. Will always be my Favourite!
    No song can ever take its place...

  19. Can't remember mine , but IMO there cannot be a definitive top's very much a mood thing and it changes all the time....

  20. Olive - Chain of Flowers was '87. Everybody has a choice of what songs of what era they like, it shouldn't matter...

  21. How can I put this politely?
    Olive cerebrally challenged!

  22. 10 random order

    1) plainsong
    2) a forest
    3) primary
    4) just like heaven
    5) a strange day
    6) out of this world
    7) pictures of you
    8) shake dog shake
    9) The Drowning Man
    10) 100 years

  23. Arghhh!Impossible. Even a top 20 would be hard!

    Today it is:

    1 Shake dog shake
    2 Burn
    3 End
    4 The Figurehead
    5 Untitled
    6 Prayers for rain
    7 It used to be me
    8 Like Cockatoos
    9 Plainsong
    10 Other voices

    The top six are pretty set from the choices available(UTS would be at 4 if it had been on there!) Closedown,Cloudberry, A Japaneese dream and Faith are often somewhere on my list at other times.

  24. Hmmmm, according to olive, The Cure doesn't play The Big Hand, Maybe Someday, Catch, etc. live? That's news.

  25. Olive. I have been into the Cure since 83, have all their albums several times over and like almost everything they've done. Although my list does contain a couple of tracks from their first few albums, it has plenty from albums since and some non album tracks. My list is very personal to me, as I'm sure everyone else's lists. As such I don't really like that unnecessarily insulting language.
    Surely if everyone's choices were all from TIB,17 Secs, Faith and Pornography it would suggest a disregard for the Cure's development as a band after that time. Also what does anyone's nationality have to do with it?

  26. Well, let's see...

    1) A letter to Elise
    2) The kiss
    3) Plainsong
    4) Same deep water as you
    5) Disintegration
    6) Lovecats
    7) A strange day
    8) Out of this world
    9) Burn
    10) Prayers for rain

  27. Olive, I think you've got yourself in a bit of a pickle.

  28. Omg... this is going to be painfully hard. My mind ALWAYS switches around cure songs... but I think I can make a pretty close list.

    1. Plainsong (my favorite song of all time anyway)
    2. Picture of You
    3. The Loudest Sound
    4. One More Time
    5. A Letter To Elise
    6. Bare
    7. Disintegration
    8. A Chain of Flowers
    9. Uyea Sound
    10. Ocean

    ugh... this honestly is too hard for me. This list changes a lot, mostly the order. So many memories put into each song, this is truly painful.

    And yeah, those beautiful atmostpheric songs get me every time :)

  29. This won't be easy.
    In no particular order, I think:
    1. Cold
    2. The Figurehead
    3. Pictures of You
    4. All Cats Are Grey
    5. Plainsong
    6. Dressing Up (!!)
    7. At Night
    8. This Twilight Garden
    9. One Hundred Years
    10.Out of This World (I voted for it to be my class song back in 2006, and was probably the only one who did so. We got a song by Lifehouse instead. A tragedy)

    It's pretty much anything from Seventeen Seconds through the Top. A Strange Day should be on there somewhere, but that's how it goes.

  30. @Olive: At first I'm not American and secondly I can choose what ever song I want. And when I see you calling songs from 1990 to present "crap" it seems like you need to get a time machine. And seriously how can somebody list Siamese Twins above Apart??? Yeah, I know cause the one is from 1982 and the other from 1992. Sad people that rate music by the year it came out... must be the same stupid idiots like over at youtube that automaticlly call every new Cure drum pattern bad just because it's not Boris playing. GET A LIVE!!!

  31. Damn... I love all of these songs...!

    it would be easier for me to list the ones I don't like (much shorter list.)

    And just for the record... RS played The Big Hand at Radio City in June :)

  32. Okay, I'm cheating. Making a list for Dark/Heavy/Lush Top Ten and Light and Fluffy/UpbeatTop Ten.

    Dark/Heavy/Lush Top Ten in NO particular order...and NOT including b-sides:

    Lost (melodic tumult)
    Figurehead (delicious nihilism)
    Bloodflowers (dripping dreaminess)
    Holy Hour (sublimely eerie)
    Jupiter Crash (comsically lush)
    Plainsong (shimmering and ghostly)
    Empty World (off-kilter charisma)
    M (contained anger)
    Truth Goodness Beauty(criminally transcendent)
    CUT HERE (gut-wrenching in every way)

    My Light and Fluffy/Upbeat* Top Ten, in NO particular order...and not including b-sides:

    End of the World (Oooooeeeooo)
    Doing the Unstuck (perfect for letting go)
    The 13th (whimsical surreality)
    Maybe Someday (invigorating beauty)
    Push (best live song EVER: GO! GO! GO!)
    Caterpillar (Alice in Wonderland madness)
    Just Say Yes (Ha ha, just kidding -wanted to see if you were paying attention)
    Boys Dont Cry (bouyant surf-rock)
    Killing an Arab (Camus-punk; best live incarnation on 4Tour)
    High (wistful pop)
    Just Like Heaven (Cure cliche and I'm sick of it live... but come ON!)

    *And really, none of these songs are that light or fluffy... they have many dimensions of sound and emotion...

    Cure forever and ever... :-)

  33. I don't think I'm awake enough yet to have voted in this, but here were my Top 10 picks, as of several minutes ago. My Top 10 has probably already changed since I'm sure is the case with everyone else's, my list is quite volatile! :)

    1) Disintegration
    2) Doing the Unstuck
    3) Bloodflowers
    4) Plainsong
    5) Cold
    6) Siamese Twins
    7) Want
    8) The Exploding Boy
    9) The Kiss
    10) This Twilight Garden

  34. WOW what a challenge!!!

    1. A Forest
    2. Close to Me
    3. In Between Days
    4. The Same Deep Water as You
    5. M
    6. Burn
    7. The Blood
    8. The Exploding Boy
    9. To Wish Impossible Things
    10. A Thousand Hours

    hahah I actually made a real list and it reached over 70 tunes....they should just take a day and play every song The Cure has ever made....wouldn't that be freakin amazing!!!!

  35. golly, i don't know how i can really do this, but here goes. this is of course as of this morning, 15 oct. 2008.

    1. disintegration
    2. cloudberry
    3. 2 late
    4. the same deep water as you
    5. a chain of flowers
    6. untitled
    7. just like heaven
    8. a few hours after this
    9. push
    10. faith

  36. Some i found in that list, that are my favourite today..
    1#100 seconds
    2#Aquarela do Brasil
    3#Cheap Sex
    6#Stone Free
    7# The Three Sisters
    9#Without you
    ....interesting choice non?

  37. perfect.murder - I am Brazilian, so I can say I am biased, but Aquarela do Brasil is one of the best songs ever! It just paints a perfect picture of Brasil (or Brazil)!

    Sorry for being OT!

  38. i hope it's not weighted, as there's no way to order them... i just one vote = one vote, regardless of plce on the list.... mine:

    the exploding boy
    taking off
    a short term effect
    same deep water as you
    this twilight garden
    jumping someone else's train
    icing sugar
    just like heaven

  39. Then the question should be, "list the best 5 cure albums ever".
    I'm not sure to see 70% of 1990-2000 albums like 70% of the songs you chose are after 1990.

    Or another question "Which 10 songs represent best the Cure from the begining to now "

    Nationality has nothing to do with it, but country market does. You all know that Wish and Disintegration sold much more (in % of the population) in America than in UK or French.

    Well That's true I don't like their last releases since 1990, except some songs. I can't find enough originality as they use to have before. It doesnt men to me it's bad songs, but less good than before.
    In LIVE it's all different.

  40. 1. A Forest
    2. This Twilight Garden
    3. A Chain of Flowers
    4. Charlotte Sometimes
    5. End
    6. The Same Deep Water As You
    7. Bare
    8. Closedown
    9. Sinking
    10. Trust

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  42. and to olive...

    the funny thing about music is that it never disappears. the early stuff? we've had more than enough time to hear it a gazillion times. we know it, we love it. we never missed a thing.

    it's just that favorites are, well, favorites. this isn't the r'n'r hall of fame - there's no 25 year waiting period 'til it's okay to make a song your favorite.

    hell, i chose one from the last album (taking off), which i love just as much some of my earlier picks (exploding boy, jumping, short term).

    as for "american fans" - the type that you are thinking of (the mainly-singles-and-hits crowd) probably aren't posting here, as they are casual listeners. and if so - who cares?

    besides, the cure have, for the most part, released some killer fucking singles.

    ease up.

  43. OOPS, had to redo it without new songs
    1) Out of this World
    2) A Letter to Elise
    3) Jupiter Crash
    4) From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
    5) Why Can't I Be You
    6) Charolette Sometimes
    7) In between Days
    8) Push
    9) The Hanging Garden
    10) Boys Don't Cry (Acoustic)

  44. 1. This twilight garden
    2. Prayers for rain
    3. Last dance
    4. The big hand
    5. Lament
    6. From the edge of the d.g.s.
    7. A night like this
    8. If only tonight we could sleep
    9. Open
    10. Bloodflowers

  45. It's impossible for me to pick a Top Ten list of my favorite Cure Songs. There's just too many of them to choose from! And depending on my mood it always changes.

    Too bad the new songs are not on the list, I'd have UTS on there for sure!

    1. Doing the Unstuck
    2. Birdmad Girl
    3. Where the Birds Always Sing
    4. Charlotte Sometimes
    5. A Strange Day
    6. Fear of Ghosts
    7. Ocean
    8. A Forest
    9. The Blood
    10. Gone!

    Well that's it for today, tomorrow this list could be completely different!

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  47. @Olive: Then as I said... get a time machine that brings you back before 1990. Faith for you and Apart for me, I can live with that. And sales quotes doesn't make an album better or worse. Disintegration was more successful than The Cure... so is Dizzy worse because of that???

    Oh and well... my 5 Favorite Cure albums?

    1. Bloodflowers
    2. Disintegration
    3. Wish
    4. Wild Mood Swings
    5. Pornography is my Top Ten stated above representative? Well, for me as a Fan it is... for you it's something different... but your "different" isn't more or less worth than mine.

  48. Plainsong
    Kyoto Song
    The Exploding Boy
    A Night Like This
    Just Like Heaven
    Out Of This World
    Fascination Street
    A Strange Day
    Charlotte Sometimes

    "How a person who seems to have understand what is Cure can list them"...

  49. That sentence intrigued me too ludvig.
    Twilight garden and exploding boy popping up in lots of lists which is brilliant. I had no idea many people rated them as high as a kite!

  50. Olive - not a very nice comment. I'm British AND American - beat that!!! It doesn't matter where you hale from or even what language you speak (did you see the crowd in Rome??? - those lucky people!!!)
    I do see some older tracks in peeps list. It is hard to come up with just 10. Here's mine:

    1) If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
    2) Faith
    3) A Strange Day
    4) The Same Deep Water As You
    5) In Your House
    6) Watching Me Fall
    7) Prayers for Rain
    8) The Baby Screams
    9) To Wish Impossible Things

    .... and just for Olive!!
    10) 10:15 Saturday Night
    Can't get much earlier that that!!

    That WAS hard - so many more I love.

    Loving the new stuff. It's playing super loud in my car on the way to and from work!

    My wife thinks i'm a geek - but she did come with my to the Kansas City and RedRocks shows!!!

  51. What if the studio version of UTS sucks?

    The 1st version I heard of Lost was live and it was.... amazing. The album version left a lot to be desired... was too sterile?

    I worry about UTS though because we've all had a lot of time to fall in love with the Live version and the studio version has a lot to live up to at this point. Getting this album will be the musical equivalent of meeting a penpal you've grown quite fond of before you actually meet them in person....


  52. @singled out: I can asure you that the UTS studioversion is fantastic... even more details than the Live Version.

  53. I like what cure_kitty said... it depends of the mood you are in ...
    Rather than tryong to find 10 best cure songs or albums, I would put a list of albums that if they haven't been released, Cure would be totally different from what they are now :
    Japaness Whisper
    Boys don't cry

    And the list of non important album (albums who haven't change The Cure) (to me.. not meaning they are bad)
    Kiss Me
    THe Cure

    And i Dont know yet the last one, don't want to listen to the live versions.

  54. @Olive: How dare you to say what albums changed the band or it's members? You know nothing about that... for me WMS changed a lot more than Faith or Boys don't cry. I could easily live without Faith but not without WMS. That's an indivitual poll... list YOUR top ten Cure Songs... what's your problem with that. There are millions of Cure Fans out there and each one can have a different view about that... just get along with that, Jesus...

  55. Yeah, totally impossible to do but....

    1) From the edge of the deep green sea
    2) Letter to Elise
    3) Pictures of You
    4) Shake dog shake
    5) A night like this
    6) To wish impossible things
    7) Push
    8) Disintegration
    9) The 13th
    10) Apart

  56. "stupid idiots like over at youtube that automatically call every new Cure drum pattern bad just because it's not Boris playing."

    Spot on, Moontear. What is their major malfunction?

    Cat: I loved your responses to those same comments on the Rome gig vids!

  57. I'm sorry Moontear, but Wild Mood Swing is the worse thing they ever made. It has nothing to do with The Cure, it's not Cure at all.
    Only Want is okay, if you forget the synth.
    I'm sure if Robert would have to delete one of his work, he would choose WMS.
    And apart Want you're not going to hear that album live again, don't it make you think of something ?

    it's musically without any interest.
    it's simply an error in the band discography, it happens.

  58. Sounds like i'm going to be banned because I don't agree with most of your choice.

  59. and my best drumer is lol.

  60. It's always tough to choose, it would be easier to settle on around 25 songs that are faves or somesuch... here's what I chose:

    1. Plainsong
    2. One Hundred Years
    3. A Strange Day
    4. Primary
    5. Wrong Number
    6. Disintegration
    7. The Caterpillar
    8. Lullaby
    9. End
    10. A Letter to Elise

    If the new songs were included, it would be so much more difficult! It's Over would definitely be in there, perhaps UTS and Switch also.

  61. secrets
    17 secs
    prayers fr rain
    shake dog shake
    the top
    siamese twins
    from the edge...
    if only..
    the promise

  62. hmmm whys there no room fr all cats and the drowning man?

  63. I don't care about what you think about WMS. @Olive
    In fact I don't care what Robert thinks about that record nowadays. I like and I'm a Cure Fan and if someone asks me what do you like more Faith or Wild Mood Swings, I'll answer Wild Mood Swings. And if that destroys your view of the world, I can't help it. WMS is not more or less Cure than everything else they've done. The also barely play Bloodflowers or The Top Songs nowadays... I don't care. I don't like songs just as Close to me, Friday I'm in Love, Why can't I be you?, Let's go to bed, Grinding Halt, M... god, I don't even like Faith much. And? What's the point? If you ask me what my fave Cure Song is I'll answer Apart and just because you don't like that song I'm not supposed to do it as well? So Wild Mood Swings is not a Cure record? Well... I love it and I love to play it to friends... and sometimes my friends ask me: "What band is it?" what shall I say then... "It's The Cure but actually it's not real Cure beause Olive don't like it?" Just accept that there are different tastes... that's all.

  64. Olive, let's be clear... if you were "going to be banned" it would not be because you "don't agree with most of your choice," it would be because you are disrespectful of others here in your rude generalizations, insults and insecure, almost conformist hostility toward other people's opinions.

    But I don't think you need to fear being banned anyway, you have been obnoxious, but nothing we can't handle here. :^P

  65. I thought Wild Mood Swings was a rather clever album and last time I checked it was a Cure album. I don't base what songs I like by what Robert may or may not like. he liked them all at one point or would not have put them out. I love the songs I love and don't like the songs I don't like but they are all Cure songs.

  66. I'm hear to stick up for WMS, too. Sure, there are bummer tracks on that album (Mint car, for one), but I almost put several songs from that album on my own Top Ten list here - Want, Bare, Treasure, Trap, This is a lie, Jupiter Crash, all GREAT songs. And better than most early Cure by a mile, in my opinion. I may be a late comer to this band (Wish), but I don't need to be chastised for it.

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  68. Over the years, I've grown to love WMS! When it 1st came out I liked it but I wasn't the biggest fan of the record. Still, I bought it and supported the band for what they did. It's eclectic & a bit weird but I feel it captures The Cure's Energy & Spirit. Even if Robert doesn't like it, should that really matter in your decision as to liking it or not yourself?

    And it's not a terrible album, it's just different sounding than anything else The Cure did. If you don't like it, then don't listen to it. It’s OK to dislike it, many fans do and most of them do not disrespect other fans who do like it. Unfortunately, there are a few people that do not care who they offend with their comments. It gets old to read posts from certain people who bash other Cure Fans who like it or any other album by the Cure for that matter. So please stop the annoying rants and putting down Cure Fans for liking WMS or Whatever!

  69. Argh, too tall a task this...
    Top 10 in no particular order.






    2 Late

    Jupiter Crash

    A Boy I Never Knew

    Going Nowhere

    To Wish Impossible Things

    Hmm, I've been feeling a little too emotional lately WTF...

    To all the haters... WMS is one of the most underrated works EVERRRR! Some people just cannot appreciate pure, idiosyncratic genius.

  70. this was not the order i put it in because i forgot, but close as i can get (today)

    1. 2late
    2. just one kiss
    3. same deep water as you
    4. from the edge of the deep green sea
    5. disintegration
    6. the kiss
    7. icing sugar
    8. birdmad girl
    9. the upstairs room
    10. a short term effect

    helsa, NUMB?!!?!?

    okay....we're going to have to box now.

  71. Doooh, some "happy" favs for the hell of it... >_<

    The Exploding Boy
    The 13th (sexaaaaay*)
    Hey You!!!
    This Twilight Garden
    The Blood
    The Caterpillar
    Doing The Unstuck

  72. Sofia- XD

    I saaaid I've been feeling a little too emotional lately...

    You no likey?

    and, I don't like to fight other women... :p
    I'm willing to kick your ass if you're a man though.

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. helsa, i think it's their worst. song. EVAR.

    as i've said before- the lyrics? hi, "and that makes me cry"? trite! and it's about kurt cobain? terrible!

    but to each her own. i've mellowed out some since posting on cof! the first few days i was on here i wanted to take everyone out into the alleyway and give them a bloody ludlow kiss.

  75. Wow this is tough, but here goes
    (in no particular order)

    Fascination Street
    A Short Term Effect
    Out of This World
    Prayers for Rain
    The Figurehead
    A Strange Day
    Charlotte Sometimes

    Had I been allowed to take 11, I would obviously have included the brilliant Mr. Pink Eyes. But only allowed 10. Quel dommage
    Ahem, :)

  76. You can like or dislike WMS, who cares ? I don't.

    But you can't say it's a cure typical piece of work. It's just wrong. ANd it's wrong because if you are pragmatic or concret, and that you analyse it, you'll see there is no Cure inside. It is not original, it is not special, it is musically poor, tunes and voice line are so basic (basic can be good but then it is original), etc etc ..
    It is like if you compare the original star wars trilogy with episode 1.
    Some thing are concretly better than others when you have 30 years of songs and musics as they have.

    I was maybe rude, and i Apology for this. Anyone can like / dislike anything.
    WMS should have been okay if it has been made by anther band.
    But WMS is not Cure. Or then explain me with concret atomic stuffs (and no feelings) that it is.
    ANd i do not bash other Cure Fans, i try to understand things I do not usually understand. If i am convainced to something that is not my point of view, i would listen at least.

  77. Sofia, did you just say Numb is about Kurt Cobain? I never noticed that...

    *goes to listen to Numb*

  78. sofia- lol "ludlow kiss".

    It IS depressing as hell, but I do love the emotion in Robert's voice... never heard it was about Kurt Cobain??

    Worst song? hmmm, I say, Round & Round & Round!!!! :p~~~~

  79. Yes, back in 96, RS said Numb was written about Cobain.

  80. ALSO, I don't think there is a "typical" Cure... other than VERY emotional. Very happy, very sad, very crazy!!!

  81. Craig- wow, NEVER knew that... have to listen again now.

  82. Guess I wasn't the only one busy getting ice cream...;)

  83. Hmmm listening to the lyrics now that makes sense. It's also better than I remember it...

    And while we're (vaguely) on the subject, my candidate for worst Cure song: Just Say Yes. Probably a popular choice for that title...

  84. Robert mentioned the Cobain influence in Cure News.

    "numb - kurt cobain / other suicides..."

  85. @Olive: So once and for all, if Wild Mood Swings isn't Cure, please tell me what band it is so that I can maybe find more of this group!!! *sighs*

    And Numb is gorgeous... anybody noticed that it's the older sister of A Boy I Never Knew, musically?

  86. I vote for Just Say Yes Also! Never been a big fan of Where the Birds Always Sing either

  87. Numb is pretty terrible, but nothing beats the awfulness of Never.

  88. Olive, I'm not offended when people don't like what I like, but I am offended when they are rude for no reason. However, it seems you are sorry, and so that somewhat rectifies it.

    That said, I take exception to your haughtiness in stating, "You can't say it's a typical Cure work. That's wrong."

    Who's to say who's WRONG on any given point?

    And you go on to say that WMS does not exhibit originality or musicality.

    Well, excuse me, but I happen to think it exhibits both of those in ABUNDANCE.

    I don't care if WMS is the least liked of all Cure albums; that it's the most trendily trashed; that it's denigrated and spit on and callously abused.

    The fact of the matter is, I FUCKING LOVE WMS. It's quirky charms, its volatile mix of moods and atmospheres... I find it to be unique in the Cure catalog and at the same time VERY Curey, because it is so atypical and yet typical simultaneously.

    And again, I don't care that you don't like it, but please don't take such a pretentious tone toward those of us who do.

  89. Why is Numb terrible? Because of the strings? Then have a listen to the full Home Demo of Robert, it's gorgeous! Well... you can discuss about the production of WMS, but I like it cause it's different and if Cure would sound the same on every record it would be boring to me.

  90. holy FUCK! this is so hard! i made one list, but then i looked at your comments and realized that i was missing quite a few songs! so i had to re-do my list.

    oh and by the way i saw some congs in there i've never EVER heard about:

    Aquarela Do Brasil (WTF!?!?)

    Hanging Around (Huh?)

    Cheap Sex (this one seems kinda familiar but not sure)

    Killing Every One Else In The World (WTF times 2)

    Bland With An Edge (HUH!?!?!?!)

    if someone can please explain what this songs are and year and everything you can tell me about this songs pleeease. thanks in advance:)

  91. WAAAAAAY to difficult. I could put 10 together today and pick another 10 tomorrow. The thing is that there is a cure song for every mood! Today I was defending A Forest at work very vehemently - it was on the radio and an old (and uninformed guy) came in and said, some new band is ripping off an old Yardbirds bassline! So today its A Forest!

    Tomorrow it might be A Play For Today and the next day it will be Friday I'm In Love followed by 10:15 Saturday Night - Ok I'm being silly now!

    Seriously, my favourites are whichever tracks I fancy listening to and the beauty is that there is such rich depth to choose from!

  92. helsa: I second that. The Cure's core charm is EMOTION... intangible, tangible, and everything in between.

    PJW: Fuck those YTube Jason saboteurs, seriously... they disturb me, and yet that's the whole point. But nothing can sway me from my love for the Best Band in the Entire Cosmos and in Other Dimensions, Yo.

  93. it amazes me the way we love The Cure:)

  94. wait, i see know that a couple of the songs i mentioned (aquarela do brasil and Hanging Around) are covers but the others? (pardon my cureignorance)

  95. Moontear, I dont like being called a stupid idiot. I am one of the people who much prefered the sound with Boris on drums.
    The comments were not that the sound now is crap but that it was better and much more varied.
    Jason as a drummer is good there is no denying that but he is limited and the songs recently have all been similar whilst in the past (with Boris) each song had more feeling if you wish.
    I have been into the Cure now for over 20 as have a lot of people on this list and whilst I do agree with you comments about Olive I dont like being branded an idiot.

    Just my 2 cents worth :-)


  96. Late in getting in on this but here it goes.

    1. Same Deep Water As You
    2. From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
    3. The Big Hand
    4. Fascination Street
    5. The Holy Hour
    6. Faith
    7. Disintegration
    8. The Figurehead
    9. Last Dance
    10. Watching Me Fall

    just missed:
    Prayers for Rain
    The Drowning Man
    Other Voices
    If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
    Out of this World

  97. This was hard, as usual. I'm not even sure this list is in order and so many wonderful songs left off....Anhow, here is mine:

    1. Halo
    2. Want
    3. The Caterpillar
    4. This Twilight Garden
    5. LaMent
    6. Jupiter Crash
    7. Scared As You
    8. Play 4 Today
    9. Plainsong
    10. Shake Dog Shake

  98. This comment has been removed by the author.

  99. @IrishCure: Lamenting about Jasons style is alright when it's based on facts and discussed in a right way. But there are STUPID IDIOTS over at youtube who don't care about the drum pattern at all and just there to down each and everything Jason does. I prefer Boris style as well... his drum beat to Apart is outstanding but I don't attack Jason just for being in the band instead of Boris. Boris decided to quit and that's it. His time is over... give Jason a chance.

  100. zzzzzzzz

    Jason vs. Boris


    Jason been with the band for four albums now, and how many tours/festivals? Swing Tour, Dream Tour, Curiosa, 4Tour... and countless festivals/one-off gigs.

    He IS the Cure's drummer. He is no longer the "new guy." I agree the TONE of the drums could be better at times, but Jason's drumming itself is spectacular much of the time, and he really doesn't deserve these endless comparisons to someone who left the band eons ago.

    Gosh, I'm feisty and gushy today.

  101. and those you tube anti-jason trolls freak me the hell out. their incessant sabatoging is creepy. it makes you wonder who the hell they are... as someone else said, paid by someone to sabatoge the cure and rupture the fanbase...

    stay strong cure freaks!

  102. I love Jason....He IS The Cure's drummer and has been for a long ass time.

    And I feel bad for him that people try and sabatoge his career. He should be given a spotlight more often. Listen to the drums on BRDB. Holy crap he's awesome!!!

    And who ever said something about Jason making Simon's bass line stronger is my new best friend. I said that not to long ago regarding BRDB and how Jason and Simon are the ones that are shining during that song.........and only after they've shined Robert Smith comes in with a wailing frantic rant that makes me want to SCREAM and WAIL right along with them. Fucking awesome I tell you!!

    That's all I have to say about that. :) Jason is awesome...fuck the nay-sayers.

  103. Yes! Based on the time he is in the band Jason is the definite Cure drummer. But that won't stop those idiots over at youtube. They live in the past... somehow I feel sorry for them. They cannot enjoy any new Cure track without lamenting about the drums. I don't want to change with them.

    And just for the good of it... Jupiter Crash and Adonais have superb drum patterns and both are played by Jason...

  104. crystal, i love you. we will see cure shows together next time around. watch out RSX!

  105. moontear, i dont think they live in the past. TBH i don't think they care deeply about the cure. i think they are very deliberately sabatoging the cure and jason. it's some other freaky ulterior motive. they do it on just about EVERY new cure vid. and though it looks like it's many of them, i think it's just two or three cloning themselves.

  106. @Cat: If that's the case, I couldn't care less about them.
    Stay cured!!! ;)

  107. We will, Cat! We will hit Charlotte and Atlanta and anywhere else in the SE US.

    RSX - Pllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssse Come Back to me!!!!!

  108. I love so many CURE songs it was very hard for me to decide which one to put in a top 10 list. Like many others have said my fav list changes all the time.

    1.) The Same Deep Water As You
    2.) The Last Day of Summer
    3.) Birdmad Girl
    4.) Ariel
    5.) Ocean
    6.) Happy The Man
    7.) Just One Kiss
    8.) The Upstairs Room
    9.) It Used to Be Me
    10.) The Big Hand

    I wanted to add If only tonight we could sleep and Piggy in The Mirror.

  109. god ! I can't even remember what I just entered... but I know I had in there

    same deep water as you
    fear of ghosts
    the figurehead

    impossible to pick 10... should be a fun show though...

  110. 1. Closedown
    2. Plainsong
    3. The Baby Screams
    4. Bananafishbones
    5. Piggy in the Mirror
    6. Killing an Arab
    7. Harold and Joe
    8. One Hundred Years
    9. 2 late
    10. The Kiss

    Must have missed out on Cheap Sex.

  111. Oh crap this is tough! Here goes...

    This Twilight Garden
    Charlotte Sometimes
    From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
    The Big Hand
    A Strange Day
    Maybe Someday
    Like Cockatoos
    Prayers for Rain

    and, as many others have said... depends on the mood.

  112. A nearly impossible task.......but off the top o' me head....

    1. The Kiss
    2. Disintegration
    3. Same Deep Water As You
    4. Like Cockatoos
    5. Shake Dog Shake
    6. Faith
    7. Siamese Twins
    8. A Strange Day
    9. The Holy Hour
    10.A Japanese Dream

  113. it would be nice to have our own poll and see how many people picked the same songs!

  114. 1. A Strange Day

    2. At Night

    3. Birdmad Girl

    4. So What?

    5. The Top

    6. The Blood

    7. Fear Of Ghosts

    8. All Cat's Are Grey

    9. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep

    10. To Wish Impossible Things

  115. it's not about sounding the same, all cure album sounds different.
    it's about music.
    You said 10.15 was in your list.
    10.15 is unique in music history :
    strange intro
    verse with no voice
    verse with voice
    strange break
    and then verse and break again
    and then a new riff into the verse sample
    end with harmonic, but it is not the end, a weird solo bass comes just like this, when you don't expect it...

    That is a Cure master piece of work, what makes them different from all other bands.
    And you can do the same with A forest and many others. But i can't find any originality into WMS, even if i like Want.

    From my point of view, Robert lost The Cure inspiration 20 years ago.... In the 80, he was doing fantastics albums every one year while doing others stuffs (such as the banshees). Since 1992, it's over. A lp evry four years, and not the best one.
    Of course, a bit in magic remains in his head, and from time to time there is something exceptionnal that still comes out. But not as much as before.

    And for me The Cure is not Emotion, because Emotion is in most of bands. And The Cure is apart from all the others, it is something else that is unique to them.

    But i admit i live a bit in the past. When you are raised with 10.15 in the ears, it's hard to think that "the 13th" is from the same band.

    I saw jason in live, and his drum was very powerful and amazing. I liked it.

  116. Olive - Build a bridge, get over it...

    Love ya stuff Jason!!
    Has anyone seen pictures of Boris nowadays?!?? He looks like a bald headed frog...

  117. on another forum they devoted a whole thread, bagging Jasons' drumming...amongst other things...needless to say, I don't partake in that particular place of negativity any makes me sick to read all that sort of cr*p, hells bells, Robert thinks the guy is good enough for The Cure, enuff said really!!
    and Olive... you've done it now!! Saying Robert lost The Cure inspiration 20 years ago...I'd duck if I were you dearey..

  118. I wasn't going to say anything to Olive because it was sounding like she was going to back off....

    Even after she called some of the songs fans posted FUCKING CRAP.

    But why even call yourself a fan of The Cure if you can't appreciate the last 20 years?? I'm sorry I don't get it. I don't get it at all. And don't bother trying to explain again because your last explanation made no sense. I hear several musical masterpieces in EVERY album The Cure has ever released.

  119. you said I don't understand, but you don't understand me either.

    To finish it, people who thinks and says that WMS is better than Faith : (FROM MY POINT OF VIEW) they did not catch what Cure is.
    There might be many cure fans family after all.

  120. I like Faith as well as Wild Mood Swings. I cherish them both, as I do all my Cure albums. As I said, The Cure are a wonderful band - even through the 90's and have created many musical masterpieces over the years.

    Whatever, it's all about opinion. I think you went a little far bagging on people's personal favorites.

    I think if you can't appreciate the masterpieces on each album, and appreciate each era they've gone through, then you're the one that's missed what The Cure is all about.

    The Cure is their weakest album IMO, but even on that album there are absolute wonderful gems to be heard and appreciated..........

  121. @Olive: Maybe for me The Cure is something different than it's for you. And The Cure isn't just Faith or Wild Mood Swings... it's Faith and Wild Mood Swings. Both belongs to them and I as a Fan can decide what I like more and I prefer Wild Mood Swings over Faith... but than to say that I don't understand what The Cure is all about just because I like the one album or song more than the other is just ridiculous. The Cure means something to millions of people and each of them can have a different point of view but yours is not the ultimative. I like 10:15 Saturday Night... it's nice. But it means not as half as much to me than songs like Apart or Underneath The Stars do. That's what Cure is all about to me. Just respect that!

  122. we all said what we have to say and we have a different opinion. But i think we can finish with that.

    and by the way i'm not a girl.

  123. "And for me The Cure is not Emotion, because Emotion is in most of bands."

    That's a fair point Olive but, how many of those "other" bands create something sincere and genuine, that have an honest, tangible, and visceral affect on you? When I say "emotion", I mean that Robert's lyrics FOCUS on the way he FEELS about certain things, and that his expression of those emotions are done in such a forceful (but honest) and compelling way. His emotions appear to act as a filter for his keen intellect; his uniquely deep, natural expression of pathos inevitably becomes the pivotal element for the music.

    I've yet to experience another "band" where this INTENSE, vehement, emotion, consistently billows forth, free of artifice; no one can do it in the EXACT same way that Robert is able to...
    oh and I luuuuuv him for it... He has a super powerful presence too. It's very all-consuming, something like a fire I suppose. *oooh cliche*

    welcome to COF by the way!

    caterpillargirl- I think The Cure is their weakest album only because they were in bardo preparing themselves for this current, superior, incarnation!

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  125. The intake is too close to the exhaust. LOL!

    I've always thought God had an incredible sense of humor as far as anatomy goes.

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    Penises are not the prettiest sight, I agree....but I don't hate them at all. They serve their purpose nicely. And no matter how far yours dangles, it's still shoved in the same piece of cloth as your exhaust. Nuf said :)

  130. "Thirdly, most of the rear ends are too wobbly."

    i'm going to go ahead and take exception right about here!

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  132. I've been thinking all day but I still can't decided.
    Well, these song are always in my playlist (in no particular order):

    1. This Twilight Garden
    2. Disintegration
    3. All Cats Are Grey
    4. The Drowning Man
    5. A Strange Day
    6. Like a Cockatoo
    7. Lament
    8. Just One Kiss
    9. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
    10. Wrong Number

  133. ooh ooh I wanna play! In no particular order:

    1. A Forest
    2. Forever (Esp. All Mine and version from Curiosity)
    3. The Big Hand
    4. Untitled
    5. Piggy in the Mirror
    6. Sinking
    7. The Upstairs Room
    8. Just One Kiss
    9. Strange Day
    10. Charlotte Sometimes

    Shit that was hard!

  134. 1. Plainsong
    2. A Forest
    3. Just Like Heaven
    4. Cold
    5. Bloodflowers
    6. Disintegration
    7. Primary
    8. From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
    9. Lost
    10. Closedown

  135. impossible task but

    a letter to elise
    doint the unstuck
    this twilight garden
    last dance
    the drowning man
    a chain of flowers
    the last day of summer
    are the ones i picked

  136. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and that's where great discussions and debates come from it's just not right to say who is a real Cure fan and who isn't.
    To say "they did not catch what Cure is" is really "they did not catch what YOU think the Cure is" that's all, and you don't catch what I see the Cure is.


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  138. I can see to a point what Olive is saying but what you dont see is that not everyone has been as lucky as us to have witnessed what the Cure were doing during the early 80's. I suppose what it was then was much more than just music (I'm not for one second suggesting its much different now just trying to maybe explain what I think Olive is seeing) it was a lifestyle, passion etc.....
    There was so much going on and from the early 90's The Cure slowed down from a album & gigging perspective.
    I think a lot of us whom have been into the Cure since the 80's do think it was their best time with the best album's and that's not a bad thing either but some people could have worded their posts better to explain it (I feel).
    Its great that we have a massively mixed bag of people, ages, cultures etc etc who love the Cure and different stages of the band but equally everyone is entitled to their own opinion (however wrong you or me might think it is) but they should learn to be a little bit more tackful.
    People get into the Cure for many many different reasons and songs which is great.
    I suppose what I am trying to say is keep the faith. Some of us might not like the line up during different periods of the band and we are entitled to have our say but putting Jason down is not the way. Yes he is a great drummer but hes a completely different drummer than Boris and quite a few of us fans prefer the style of Boris. Its not a personal thing against Jason at all its a personal opinion on styles.

    Keep the faith all

    IrishCure :-)

  139. wow, just wow! What do you say to such chicken tales?

  140. cat & cpg wanted polital jokes. i really hope this one made them happy :)

  141. I love polital jokes. o_q
    But I prefere monocle jokes.
    Much tastier.
    And if you can add dwarfs to the mix, then, why not?

  142. It's really to difficult to choose, but here it is :
    - From the edge of the deep green sea
    - Play for today
    - Charlotte sometimes
    - Plainsong
    - At night
    - Faith
    - Fight
    - Secrets
    - Apart
    - One hundred years

    And UTS is really wonderful...
    Thank you very much for this blog (that's my firt comment).

  143. Forgive me, as I have somehow left This Twilight Garden out of my list! Shame on me! And I just need to move The Big Hand up a tad...that guitar line does indescribable things to me.

    Needless to say, Wish-era b-sides are some of the best music ever created.

    Here's my revised list:

    1. Same Deep Water As You
    2. The Big Hand
    3. This Twilight Garden
    4. From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
    5. Fascination Street
    6. The Holy Hour
    7. Faith
    8. Disintegration
    9. The Figurehead
    10. Last Dance

  144. I'm not even going to try that exercise, as it's much too complicated, and really changes depending on my mood, the weather, what I've had for tea and what not, but I have to express some surprise that although a lot of the kiss me era b-sides are consistently mentioned (and rightly so, they're the best, along with the ones from the wish era) , no-one has listed 'To The Sky'. This one , I think, is definitively in my personal top-ten shrine . I know boys aren't supposed to cry, but 'To the sky' has me in tears every time I hear it (and for the same reason I tend to shun away from it as much as possible).

    Apart from that, what's all that "cheap sex" stuff? There's loads of songs I've never ever heard of, I assume they're covers, but I must say I'm impressed. Wonder where they got their list from.

  145. Ok I'll try anyway (chronologically)

    Three imaginary boys
    At night
    A forest
    The drowning man,
    Funeral Party,
    Siamese twins
    A chain of flowers
    To the sky
    A thousand hours
    The same deep water as you
    To wish impossible things
    The loudest sound

    Well, let's pretend that was ten.
    I have only just skimmed the surface of the subject. And also I love a lot of the pop ones. The above list is pretty miserable, but that's just one side of my favourite band. So many colours to chose from.

  146. This comment has been removed by the author.

  147. Good God, this is impossible. Can I pick a top three from each album?

    I will have to give this some thought.

  148. This was tough, of course. My Top 3 are pretty much set in stone, but my ranking the rest was a pretty organic experience.

    1. Just Like Heaven
    2. The Blood
    3. A Strange Day
    4. Halo
    5. Plainsong
    6. Never Enough
    7. Apart
    8. 39
    9. Boys Don't Cry
    10. One More Time

    There are the songs themselves, the emotional and life associations and all that other baggage. That's what makes everyone's list unique. So celebrate that. :-)

  149. wow... one of the hardest things i've done. i actually want a medal for my work! hahaha

    1. JUST LIKE HEAVEN (i think the most perfect pop song ever, can't believe it isn't on more lists!)

    2. Plainsong
    3. Out Of This World
    4. From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
    5. A Strange Day
    6. Untitled
    7. Faith
    8. Friday I'm In Love
    9. Pictures of You
    10. A Letter to Elise (MTV Unplugged)

    and yes... UTS would be on there, and high up!

  150. This comment has been removed by the author.

  151. This comment has been removed by the author.

  152. 1. Push
    2. Friday I'm In Love
    3. One Hundred Years
    4. Watching Me Fall
    5. Want
    6. 10:15 Saturday Night
    7. Shake Dog Shake
    8. M
    9. All I Want
    10. Primary

    No real sense in this, just tried to stick one in from each past album. I left out Disintegration, because I couldn't pick just one song from there, and The Cure, because I have to admit I like it less.

  153. Difficult choice but.....

    1 Seventeen Seconds
    3 A Strange Day
    4 Play for today
    5 Picture of You
    6 The Kiss
    7 Desintegration
    8 Faith
    9 Torture
    10 A Foolish Arrangement

  154. This list changes daily/hourly...

    1 This Twilight Garden
    2 The Figurehead
    3 Plainsong
    4 The Drowning Man
    5 Prayers for Rain
    6 The Same Deep Water as You
    7 From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
    8 Last Dance
    9 Faith
    10 If Only Tonight We Could Sleep

    While there are some gems from Wild Mood Swings, Bloodflowers and The Cure, I just don't think they have the same feel/power as some of their earlier work. That's not bad, it just not my cup of tea.

    It was hard for me to tell friends to listen to somehting like WMS or The Cure without skipping through several tracks (controlling what they listened to, I was embarrassed). Some would take that as an insult, but it's like having children and knowing they are capable of more, you really want to see them at their best (I see them as faimly).

    When I look back at older albums I don't listen to a ton, like The Top, I think heavy drug use and musical experimentation. When I listen to WMS, Bloodflowers and The Cure I think of someone being stuck in a rut (going through the motions).

    I think the lyrics showcase some of the the issues. A lot of his lyrics started touching on:

    - how long can I go on?
    - how much do I have left in the tank?
    - I can't find myself...
    - It's used to be so easy.

    39, Watching me Fall etc...

    I have hope for the future, the new stuff sounds fantastic. I feel like they might be moving forward again. We all have lows, I just consider 95-2005 to be their low.

  155. A little girl and her mother were out and about.

    Out of the blue, the little girl asked her mother,"Mommy,how old are you?"

    The mother responded,"Honey, women don't talk about their age. You'll learn that as you get older."

    The girl then asked,"Mommy, how much do you weigh?"

    Her mother responded again,"That's another thing women don't talk about. You'll learn about that too."

    The girl, still wanting to know about her mother, then fired off,"Mommy. why did you and daddy get a divorce?"

    The mother, a little upset by the question, responded,"Honey, that's a hurtful subject, and I don't want to talk about it right now."

    The little girl, frustrated, sulked until she was dropoped off at a friends house. She consulted with her girlfriend about her conversation with her mother.

    THe girlfriend said,"All you have to do is sneak a look at your mother's drivers license. It's just like a school report card, it tells you everything."

    A few daya later, the little girl and her mother were out and about again.

    The little girl started off,"Mommy, mommy, I know how old you are. You're 33 years old.

    The mother was surprised. "Sweetheart, how do you know that?"

    The little girl shrugged and said,"I just know. And I also know that you weigh 130 pounds."

    "Where did you learn that?"

    The little girl said, "I just know. And I know why you and daddy got a divorce. You got an 'F' in sex.

  156. Here we go, and showing my age ...

    1) A Strange Day
    2) Same Deep Water As You
    3) Just Like Heaven
    4) Faith
    5) Push
    6) A Chain of Flowers
    7) 100 Years
    8) Play for Today
    9) Untitled
    10) Watching Me Fall

  157. I was due for an appointment with the gynecologist later in the week. Early one morning I received a call from his office to tell me that I had been rescheduled for 9.30am that morning. I had already packed everyone off to work and school, and it was already 8.45am. The trip to the clinic took thirty minutes so I didn't have any time to spare.

    As most women do, I like to take a little extra effort over hygiene when making such visits, but this time I wasn't going to be able to make the full effort. So, I rushed upstairs, threw off my pajamas, wet the washcloth that was sitting next to the sink, and gave myself a quick wash in that area to make sure I was at least presentable. I threw the washcloth in the clothes basket, donned some clothes, hopped in the car, and drove to my appointment.

    I was only in the waiting room for a few minutes before I was called in. Knowing the procedure, I hopped up on the table, looked over at the other side of the room and imagined that I was in Paris or some other place a thousand miles away. I was a little surprised when the doctor said,"My, we have made an extra effort this morning, haven't we?" I did't respond.

    After the appointment, I heaved a sigh of relief and went home. The rest of the day was normal..Some shopping, cleaning and cooking.

    After school when my 6 year old daughter was playing, she called out from the bathroom,"Mommy, where's my washcloth? I told her to get another one from the cupboard.

    She replied,"No,I need the one that was here by the sink. It had all my glitter and sparkles saved inside it."

  158. 1. Pictures of You
    2. Faith
    3. The Figurehead
    4. Just Like Heaven
    5. Charlotte Sometimes
    6. Fascination Street
    7. Inbetween Days
    8. Disintegration
    9. The Top
    10. A Strange Day

    Since I don't want to leave a bunch of songs out, here's some runner-ups: A Forest, Untitled, Out of This World, Sinking.

  159. A man went into a library and asked for a book on how to commit suicide. The librarian said,"Fuck off, you won't bring it back."

    Michael Jackson and his wife are in the recovery room with their new baby son. The doctor walks in and Michael asks,"Doctor, how long before we can have sex?"
    The doctor replies,"I'd wait until he's at least 14."

  160. 1. Splintered in her head
    2. Pornography
    3. All cats are grey
    4. Plainsong
    5. The big hand
    6. The drowning man
    7. 2 late
    8. One hundred years
    9. The kiss
    10.The caterpillar

  161. went with my gut, filled in 10 and stuck to them:

    One Hundred Years
    This Twilight Garden
    Same Deep Water As You
    Kyoto Song
    Like Cockatoos
    If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
    The Drowning Man
    How Beautiful You Are

  162. 1. A Forest
    2. Sugar Girl
    3. Just Like Heaven
    4. Fascination Street
    5. Lovesong
    6. Bloodflowers
    7. Play For Today
    8. The Upstairs Room
    9. Faith
    10. Homesick

  163. Pretty much impossible especially as it was recently close to impossible for me to choose a setlist of 50 top songs, 10, madness!....but currently:

    Siamese Twins
    Same Deep Water As You
    The Figurehead
    The Top

  164. no brainer:

    1. a reflection
    2. play for today
    3. secrets
    4. in your house
    5. three
    6. the final sound
    7. a forest
    8. m
    9. at night
    10. seventeen seconds

  165. 1. Charlotte Sometimes
    2. Pictures of You
    3. Sinking
    4. A Strange Day
    5. Just One kiss
    6. One Hundred Years
    7. This Twilight Garden
    8. A Forest
    9. A Chain of Flowers
    10. All Cats Are Grey