Saturday, October 18, 2008

More photos from Rome

Added more photos from the show, and the soundcheck, in Rome.

And Christina P., you might want to check out this new shot from the Houston show. : )


  1. That's a really cool story, and the picture's brilliant too =D

    I considered getting something witty printed onto a shirt for the London show in March but decided against it, thinking 'Robert'll never be able to read it anyway...' As it happens I was in the front row and missed a great opportunity. Damnit!

  2. Of course, Robert is blind, so that's why he had no clue. Being blind myself, I can only imagine the pain of trying to read a note that far away!
    Some people can't imagine how hard it is...
    Just write REAL BIG, YOU KNOW??

  3. hynreck: maybe a monocle would help? Do you have an extra one for RSX?


  4. LOL how funny i remember that!!! :D and how cool that this person sent in this pic!! lol if i remember correctly he was struggling to read the sign haha

  5. that man is the hotness.
    if he looked like that at me, i'd leap on the stage and not let go of his shirt. ever.

  6. Ha ha!
    Can just imagine Bob thinking: let me get my monocle, old chap! Aw, I've gone and dropped it on the bloody floor!

    Maybe he should trade his guitar pick for a monocle, serves two purpose.

  7. Craig you are THE BOMB for posting this!! and THANK YOU WIREBAUS for sending it in!!!

    you have made me giddy again!!

  8. and yeah he squinted at it twice in fact - the first time he kinda made an "oh shit i dont think so but i dont want to answer and hurt her feelings" kind of look. PORL MADE THAT LOOK AT ME TOO!! LOL!!

    and the second time - which i think is when this picture was taken is when he laughed, shook his head, and mouthed "i dont fucking have a clue" or "i dont fucking know about that"

    at first i was pissed at the damn security for not letting me bring the roses in - and i yelled at the dude later - saying "DUDE!! he said he didnt get them!!!" (cause they PROMISED me they would hand deliver them - FUCK THEM - I wanted to hand deliver them!!) but then i chilled out - realizing that i was basically chatting it up with Robert and Porl!! WOO!!!

  9. Great story chris! Thanks for sharing the pics too!