Sunday, October 12, 2008

4:13 Dream UK & Mexico ads

The first ad for 4:13 Dream has shown up in the UK magazine, The Word. (Thanks JC)

And here's one in the Mexican magazine, Circulo Mix Up.
(Thanks Mad Bob)


  1. Ohhh exciting! Only 15 days to go! XD

    On a different note, did Robert say something about there being another announcement on the 13th? Or did I hallucinate that? Hopefully I didn't; maybe he'll confirm the "dark album" officially? Tomorrow will tell...

  2. ...still no update to the official website. : (

  3. I'm becoming more and more excited for this record. If the improvement between UTS live and the recorded version are indicative of the rest of the album, this thing should be very good. Will likely fit very snugly in the middle of the Cure's disco, well above some of the rather crappy stuff, like self-titled and WMS, among others...

    In fact, I'm feeling so delightfully generous that I'm going to share the correct ranking of Cure albums with you lovely CoF faithfuls!

    01. Disintegration
    02. Bloodflowers
    03. Wish
    04. Faith
    05. Seventeen Seconds
    06. The Head on the Door
    07. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    08. Pornography
    09. The Top
    10. Three Imaginary Boys
    11. Wild Mood Swings
    12. The Cure

    Yes, I believe 4:13 Dream will fit very nicely in around THotD and KMx3.

  4. i read in a magazine that 4:13 Dream will come out on the 27th here in Mexico:)

  5. Oh yes I hope it's something exciting! New website layout on maybe? News on Dark Album? Maybe another tour next year??? Hope it's something really good!

  6. on the uk ad it says cd / double lp and downalod will be available from, but apparentyl so far on their website it's only cd version, so i ordered a double vinyl from german amanon :(
    can't wait anymore. especially after the rome show :)

  7. Where's The website update Robert? :(

  8. More than anything, the site needs an update because the stuff from their self-titled album is so delightfully hideous.

  9. thank you very much the cure...

    i feel as i have a new girlfriend..

    this album is marveluos.....

    i like the whole 4:13 dream.....

    i love you guys.......

  10. 27th October - My birthday, perfect!!!!!!!