Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Roger article and Mexican tour

Chart Attack has an article about Roger and his new album, 'Songs From the Silver Box'. And don't forget about Roger's show this Saturday night (Oct. 18th) at the Concrete Cafe, part of the Hayward Gallery in London.
Also, Roger will be touring in Mexico this November. The first show will be Nov. 22nd in Guadalajara. Check his website for more info on all of this.


  1. Many thanks to Roger for his time in the band!
    He contributed heavily to the texture of The Cure's music, and his vast talent helped flesh out the groups sound, enabling them to produce a grander, more epic sound that served them so well. He particularly enhanced the mournful subjects of the Disintegration era.
    However, the current four piece is the ultimate Cure NO DOUBT ABOUT IT

  2. I am very happy for Roger and his new record!

  3. Yeah for Roger! I hope his new cd does well and he has a fun time in Mexico too!

  4. Happy to see Roger getting some press, he's deserved it.

    Well Ultimate Cure lineup is certainly going to be different for everyone. For me it's the Disintegration era lineup. This lineup while good needs keys in my opinion. If not Roger then someone else.

    Of course your milage may vary!


  5. Funny, I listened to the Black Sessions from 2004 the other day - found on that fantastic T.U.B.E. site - and the keyboards were horribly overpowering and sounded wrong. Roger was using some naff sounds though, like a lazy 'choral' on Jupiter Crash - and an awful bell/strings mix on Charlotte. The band too, while solid, aren't rocking it - you can hear it's the last stand of a washed out line-up.

    I prefer the keyless line-up - I think it's to their credit they've stuck with the vision and for more and more fans this is becoming how the band sound.

  6. Great gig last night.
    The best one he's done in London so far.

  7. Thank you so much for posting that. I love Roger and Erin. : )