Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Odds and Ends

Hypnagogic States gets 2 out of 5 stars from Allmusic. (Thanks Monkeybutt)

Some new articles at Undercover, Chart Attack, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Stereogum and Jam! Showbiz (who seem to think TMU stands for The Men Upstairs instead of The Mighty U! Ha!). (Thanks Sofia, Clockwise Cat, and Marc)

"The Perfect Boy Remix by FOB got a number 3 spot in the Rolling Stone Editor's Picks for Song of the Week." (Thanks Darrell)


  1. I saw that TMU (The men upstairs) and had a right good giggle! LOL

  2. That "Perfect Boy" remix offends my sensibilities. God, Rolling Stone makes me rage.

  3. The Fall Out Boy remix is the pick of the week?

    Save me, sweet Jesus!

  4. i guess i'll get it eventually. i'm sure amoeba only has 372 in stock right now...

  5. i know anguish.. *sigh*. its the worst remix of all of them, i feel like choking that person.

  6. Yes, well, I suppose 65daysofstatic getting any kind of recgnition at all is a little too much to ask for... I mean, the FOB remix over Exploding Head Syndrome? Really?

    But hey, a Cure mention in Rolling Stone is still a Cure mention in Rolling Stone....

  7. this is coming from the same person that really enjoys WMS... i am addicted to the Perffect Boy remix. it's so good!!

    though Exploding head syndrome is a really enat concept, it's too long!

    i am really happy with the EP. i'm really happy with the singles.

    call me crazy...

  8. NME refered to TMU as the men upstairs too in an article online yesterday.... lol...
    "the upstairs room is cool and bright
    we can go up there in summer
    and dance all night..."

  9. "who seem to think TMU stands for The Men Upstairs..."

    Haha I love it when journalists make asses out of themselves! =)

  10. TMU---The Men Upstairs! LOL!!!

    I still think the 65DOS mix is the best!