Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Cure in Dallas (05-15-16)

May 15th, 2016
American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX
Doors at 5:30 pm
The Twilight Sad 7 - 7:40, The Cure 8:00 - 11:00
Sold Out! All seats reserved, no GA floor tonight
Get there early for The Twilight Sad! They are excellent!

Setlist: Plainsong, Pictures of You, Closedown, A Night Like This, alt.end, The Walk, Sleep When I'm Dead, Lovesong, Just Like Heaven, Trust, Last Dance, Lullaby, Fascination Street, From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, Want, Us or Them, The Hungry Ghost, Prayers for Rain, Disintegration

1st encore: Charlotte Sometimes, Push, In Between Days, Primary

2nd encore: Hot Hot Hot!!!, Close to Me, Let's Go to Bed, Why Can't I Be You?

3rd encore: Step Into the Light, Shake Dog Shake, Never Enough, Wrong Number

4th encore: Burn, A Forest, Boys Don't Cry

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Note: 'It Can Never Be The Same' was on the stage setlist, listed after 'Burn', but was cut. Presumably due to time constraints of the curfew?

Also, first night of the tour to not see any new surprise songs added, and first night of the tour that 'It Can Never Be The Same' wasn't played.

Reviews: Dallas Observer  

Videos: Plainsong 1 - 2 / Closedown 1 - 2 / A Night Like This / The Walk / Just Like Heaven / Trust 1 - 2 / Last Dance 1 - 2 / Lullaby / From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea / Want / Us or Them / Prayers For Rain / Charlotte Sometimes / Step Into the Light / Burn

"Please make it good tonight"
My final show on this part of the tour. Not happy to be going home, but so thrilled with the shows I've seen. And excited for the 3 still to come. Thank you to The Cure and The Twilight Sad, especially James, who has been much too kind to me. I love that band and will support them in any way I can.

As always, I'll be posting the live setlist on Twitter, connection permitting, and they should appear in the widget when posted above. And I will get everything updated when I get home from the show.

Also, Olivier will be posting updates at It's A Perfect Day and on Facebook.

And check the comments section here, as some people have been posting Periscope live streaming links during the shows.

One last show before this parts over, one last show before this part ends, one last show before it's time to go again. This has been amazing and beyond all expectations. Thank you to everyone!


  1. Can't wait! I'll be there too!

  2. Not as cool as you Craig, but this is my 3rd show this weekend, and Luke you sad that it's almost over, but has been amazing beyond all expectations!

    1. Trust me, I'm not "cool". Just extremely fortunate.

  3. Chain of Flowers for Craig! Please, Robert!

    1. Not gonna happen, Andy.

      But James from The Twilight Sad dedicated I Could Give You All You Don't Want to me at the show last night, which was completely mind-blowing!

    2. That is amazing, Craig! These guys are great!
      And you deserve it!
      Big fan of the site here, since, wel..., the beginning.
      Would have lost track of the band many times if it wasn't for you.

    3. Craig, do you have a video?

    4. Not yet. Can't find anyone caught it. Someone has the song, but not the intro. I was too stunned to turn on the camera. The intro was like this:

      "We want to dedicate this song to Craig, who's been so kind to us at the last 3 shows. So this is for Craig."

      Might not be word for word, but very close. I thought I was crazy, so I asked him on Twitter and he confirmed that he did. Amazing!

  4. My third and last show also. Glad I'm not the only crazy person traipsing around Texas!


  6. Lots of changes in setlists but anyone see a trend so far?

  7. Tonights set could include all of Disintegration

  8. I miss the old days when Craig would keep a running tab on how many times a song had been played throughout a tour. Very time consuming I know and just thankful that this site is still around. :)

    1. You can find all sorts of stats here:

    2. Exactly! Why do all of that when Setlist will do it for you? :)

  9. Dallas was WONDERFUL! I'm hoping for This Twilight Garden.....2 more shows left :)

  10. I'm very happy to see Burn being played regularly- making it a pretty good shot of getting it in NY. On the flipside, This Twilight Garden seems to be complete chance...

    1. I agree, I love this live version, sounds fuckin awesome !

  11. Great show..but it could have been legendary if they would have finished disintegration. They played it in order throughout the set except not the final (best?) three of sdway, homesick, untitled. Denver, here I come.

    1. Less Disintegration for some more Wish/ Pornography would have been better in my book.

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  13. Was a great show, nothing to complain about really the band sounded great. But alas, I was hoping for some more Wish/ Seventeen Seconds tunes! No Pornography tunes? Was kind of a cosmopolitan set for glitzy Dallas folk I guess. I little 'poppy' but the chicks love that, and once you go down that road I guess it's is hard to go dark.

    Also, I think the only people who really want to hear Sleep When I am Dead, Hungry Ghost, Alt.end, Us or Them is Robert Smith.......

    1. Oh come on, I don't want a setlist that stops 24 years ago! And I do really want to hear Hungry Ghost! But right, instead of the other mentioned ones I'd be happier with Before Three, Going nowhere, The Perfect Boy or 2008 B-Sides such as NY Trip or Without you!

    2. I hope they open at least once with LOST!

    3. I agree, there are way better 'new' songs than the ones played last night! Underneath the Stars, Labyrinth, Anniversary...

      No Bloodflowers songs?

    4. Wait! Lol!!! People from Dallas are 'glitzy' and cosmopolitan?? WTf?

  14. Worst set list so far, was thinking about flying out to the show from Phoenix yesterday morning... glad I didn't drop the $700 for flight/hotel/ticket to see 3 songs I've never seen before, lol...

    Based on the report of a 'dead' crowd, I think Robert should have 'Screw'-ed the casual fans and pulled out this encore...

    Doubt/Give Me It/Shiver & Shake/Pornography

    That would have have emptied it out fast lol

  15. I don't get it. Are you a fan of The Cure, or, a fan of a few albums by The Cure? Maybe these shows aren't for you if you just like a few albums.

    1. Ya, I think the problem is that everyone is going there wanting to see the show they want to see. There are fans that like the darker stuff that would probably just prefer them to play Disintegration and Bloodflowers back to back and complain whenever they play "alt.end" or "let's go to bed". There are fans that like the rock/pop stuff and would like the setlist to mostly be from...say...KMKMKM, Head on the Door, and Wish and get bored during the 8 minute dark songs. There are casual fans that just want to see them play the Greatest Hits album. There are people who have seen them dozens of times over the years and want them to play a whole show of b-sides and rarities that they haven't seen live before (would be fun to watch those fans lose their minds if they randomly pulled out "Ariel" or something, though). There are people who love the old albums but hate almost everything they've done in the last 10 or 20 years. There are younger fans who got into the band through the newer albums and maybe aren't as familiar with the back catalog.

      Even with a 3 hour setlist, it's really a matter of just trying to touch all the bases. They try to please everyone and end up with some people complaining that they "didn't play these songs I love" or "played these couple songs I didn't like". In the past, people would have probably just been like "oh, it was a great show...a few moments I wasn't too into, but great overall"... But this is the age of the internet, so, you know, people already know what was played on previous nights and are tweeting their discontent from the concert as it's happening and all.

    2. All good points. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was a fine set, but I just felt it was a little lacking in certain areas. Like I said, a little to pop, a little heavy on Disintegration, and 4 songs from 4:13 yet no songs from Pornography, well yeah, I'll bitch a little about that!!

  16. Sorry, but a Cure setlist without Pornography is like sex without an orgasm... Not certain why 'Us or Them' and 'Hungry Ghost' keep ending up in the 'dark' ending spot every night...

    It's not like they are 'popular' songs, or even the best songs on those records to represent that phase of the show. 'Anniversary', 'It's Over', 'Scream', etc... I think there are better options if they are outright skipping Pornography tunes for that phase of the setlist...

    But, we have to remember, RS knows his audiences and cities. New Orleans and Austin pull in a lot more 'hardcore' fans than Houston or Dallas.

    1. I was surprised not have at least one song from pornography in the set.

    2. I feel Us Or Them is very relevant towards recent political issues. Glad they're playing it. I hope to hear it on the Sunday 19th in NYC...and of course other dark/heavy fan favorites.

      Honestly I'll be happy with anything they decide to play. They sound awesome from what I've seen in videos and even Periscopes. Seems like they're trying to give every type of fan a little something special.

    3. But Houston was a cool show..great audience...better setlist....I bet with El Paso will be much better than those 2 probably similar to Austin

    4. But Houston was a cool show..great audience...better setlist....I bet with El Paso will be much better than those 2 probably similar to Austin

  17. Anyone knows what the asterisk next to Burn indicates?

  18. I am just so impressed with how good they are sounding. It is also great to see them selling the big houses in so many cities after all of this time. That has to make the band feel really good. Now lets just hope some new product is released soon? New album? Dvds? etc. It's long over due!!

  19. This is the list of the top 26 songs played so far (on the first 5 shows):

    A Forest
    A Night Like This
    Boys Don't Cry
    Close To Me
    Fascination Street
    From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
    Hot Hot Hot !!!
    In Between Days
    It Can Never Be The Same
    Just Like Heaven
    Last Dance
    Never Enough
    Pictures Of You
    Prayers For Rain
    Shake Dog Shake
    Step Into The Light
    The Hungry Ghost
    The Walk
    Us Or Them
    Wrong Number

    I would take out 10 of those:
    C2M, HHH, JLH, Lovesong, lullaby, THG, TW, UoT, W# and BDC
    (come on, beat me up)

  20. THE FLUTE... Remember, there is another song RS uses the flute for...

    The Wailing Wall

    I will make a bold prediction we will see this song show up soon in a setlist. Possibly El Paso or Vegas, as they have not been 'Top' heavy since NOLA 1...

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  22. Out of all the songs they have performed so far, I was hoping to hear a few more of these:

    Other Voices
    At Night
    Play For Today
    Twilight Garden
    Doing The Unstuck
    All I Want
    Exploding Boy
    A Strange Day
    Last Day of Summer
    It Can Never Be the Same
    Charlotte Sometimes

    I got Burn & Charlotte Sometimes...

    1. Because Dallas suxx either check them out in another city or move away...dallas is over rated!@@

    2. Because Dallas suxx either check them out in another city or move away...dallas is over rated!@@

  23. Look, the issue with The Cure is while it's amazing, great, incredible the band plays 30+ songs and alternates the setlist...Unfortunately it means unless you go to several shows, you are going to miss out on something.

    So far, the Austin show had the best setlist if you are looking for 'rare' tunes, and a good mix of material.

    But going to several shows requires money, time, it's a big investment for many people to try and get those rare tunes while hearing 20 songs they've seen before on every tour...

    I remember on the 2008 tour, I chased them around for 5 shows, went to both MSG and RCM in NY really hoping to hear 'The Blood'. Guess what? Not one of my 5 shows did they play it lol... but I got a lot of other surprises (Signal to Noise, Big Hand..)

    I wanted the Pornography set on the Dream Tour in 2000. Didn't get it across 2 shows, lol...

    The only 'guarantee' is something like Trilogy or Reflections, and I was really hoping for a Top/Head/KMKMKM trilogy type show, but that's looking bleak at this point.

    I was going to Vegas, but something came up and I can't go. Trying to work out all 3 NYC shows at this point.

    But it's a crap shoot. My Cure song count is right now at 134 songs from 1987 - 2013. Not too shabby, would like that magical 150, but even if I went to every show so far I would be at 143 (they've played 9 songs I haven't seen live so far)... with 7 more to go lol...

    What can you do? Follow them around to every show like teh Grateful Dead if you have the money and time, otherwise, you're going to miss 'something' at some point.

  24. Craig,

    Thanks so much for posting links to the videos I took! I put some more up after the ones you have links to, almost all of the rest of the show, if anyone wants to see those, just look on my channel! Thanks again! -NINCure (aka Luke)

  25. Hey again, I just thought I'd post a link to the playlist of all the videos I got, in case anyone wants to see. Thanks again for posting links to some of them, and if this is not allowed or improper or whatever then please delete it! I just thought people might want to see the other videos I took... thanks again!