Monday, May 9, 2016

NOLA Security & Show info

Just got this from Lakefront Arena:

This is a reminder that you have purchased tickets for The Cure concert this upcoming week!

For your information, the doors to the Lakefront Arena are scheduled to open at 6:00pm and the concert is scheduled to begin at 7:30pm. Please plan on arriving early as heavy traffic is expected around our venue.

All patrons are subject to a security search. Please note the following items and actions are not allowed: smoking, all cameras (small hand held, removable lens, 35mm, and including iPads and Tablets, etc.), audio recording devices, video recording devices, illegal drugs, flash photography, weapons of any kind, guns, knives, tasers, mace, flash lights, glass items, cans, containers of any kind, fireworks, aerosol cans (including hairspray), political banners, radio scanning / jamming equipment, outside food, beverages, or alcohol, banner poles, laser pointers, spiked jewelry, chains (including those on wallets), backpacks, large bags or purses, glow sticks, objects that may be used as projectiles, moshing or crowd surfing & other items and activities deemed unsafe and a challenge to public safety. Yes, we know it’s a long list – but we want everyone to be safe and enjoy the show!

Those guests with a Floor / General Admission ticket should enter under Ramp 4 at the Ground 4 entrance. Guests with reserved seats can enter up Ramp 1 or 4.

Please note that strobe lights will be used during the performance.

Parking on site is $10.00 per vehicle; cash only.


  1. Thank you cause I haven't received that yet

  2. I don't think that their list of restrictions is long enough.

  3. Wow! Thank you, for this. I'm beyond excited.