Monday, May 23, 2016

Lol at the Bowl (05-22-16)


  1. It's too bad he couldn't join them for a few songs. There was nothing more moving to me as a long time fan than to see the trinity (Smith/Gallup/Tolhurst) playing the Faith songs, bsides, and Hanging Garden during those Reflections shows... Bottom line is regardless of Lols issues during KMKMKM he is a founding pillar of the band and is Cure royalty.

    That and hes a decent person who when I met him a few years back was very engaging and resepectful. 2 nights to go, hoping they can get him onstage!

  2. Crying shame that he's not playing with the band.

  3. I agree, even though I'm not there . I'd love to see a video with him playing with them again! Just a song or two!