Thursday, May 26, 2016

Important info for Ridgefield/Portland

The venue has posted a bunch of info for Saturday's show.

Also, anyone know of any shuttles, party buses, or anything like that running from Portland to the venue? Anything that doesn't include renting a car and driving to the venue or taking a cab/Uber. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks!

Ride share / Carpool group on Facebook.


  1. There is no public transit that goes to the venue. You can take public transit from Portland to Vancouver, WA... then you would have to take some sort of paid transportation to the venue. There is also a service in the area called Car2Go... it is basically a smart car that you can pay for on a minute, hourly, or daily basis. Daily rate is about $85, but I think there is a wait period in which they have to verify your license. The gas is free so that is about $45/person total. Craigslist is very popular in Portland so there are probably tons of ride-shares being offered to the venue. But the cheapest rate you can get is to rent a car from Budget. Airport locations charge you a much higher fee than the location downtown... so if you can get downtown on public transportation then you could get to the Budget location there and rent a car. I think you can get a car for $30-40 per day, without insurance. I know an out of state insurance company that charges $6-11 per day for insurance.... if you decide to go with a rental car then I can put you in touch with that insurance company. All you have to do is call them and give them your information over the phone and you're covered. Google "budget car rental coupon code" and you will find a coupon code that could probably lower the cost of a rental car down to $20.

    I hope some of that helps.

  2. I also have a friend who was a cab driver for 10 years in Portland. He does low-budget for-hire private transportation services for friends and friends-of-friends in Portland. And he loves The Cure. I could get in touch with him if you have a small crew that needs transportation to and from the venue.

  3. Oh I guess I spoke too soon... C-Tran is offering shuttle service to the venue. That is Vancouver Washington's bus service. But they have buses that leave from downtown Portland to get you to Salmon Creek Park & Ride, which is where the C-Tran shuttle leaves from. If anyone needs help navigating or simply understanding how the system works then just post on here and I'll be glad to help... I lived there for 15 years and used both city's bus services on a daily basis.

    1. Thanks so much Dred! The bus to Salmon Crek park & ride is the sort of thing I'm looking for.

      Do you know if buses would still be running from the park & ride to downtown after the show? How late do they run from there?

    2. Unfortunately none of the buses leave from Salmon Creek Park & Ride and go directly downtown Portland on weekends... only on weekdays. There is only one bus route that can get you from the Salmon Creek Park & Ride to Portland on a weekend (and vice versa), but it only runs once every hour from 9:30am-6:30pm, and it requires you to transfer onto a bus on the other side of Portland, which you would then have to take to get back to downtown Portland. Basically that bus route could get you to the Salmon Creek Park & Ride so that you could get to the show on the shuttle, but it would honestly require about 2-3 hours of travel time (depending on when you caught the first bus)... and you would not be able to get back to Portland using that route cos the buses wouldn't be running that late.

      Here are your public transportation options:

      To the show:

      Take a long-ass bus route from Portland to the outskirts of Portland, change to a bus that takes you up to the Salmon Creek Park & Ride, then take the shuttle. That will cost you approximately $10 altogether for the bus and shuttle fares and take you approximately 2-3 hours.

      From the show:

      None. Once you take the shuttle back to Salmon Creek Park & Ride you will not be able to get public transpo back to Portland.

      If you decide you want to take the bus to the show then lemme know and I will create a bus route plan and share it with you so that you can follow it to the show.

      But I tell you what...... someone on this site better offer you a ride! For realz.

      Good luck and lemme know if you need any help.

    3. Thanks again! Sounds like the bus is out.

      Oh, I'm not asking for me, I can't make it to the show, just tying to help friend. But thank you for that. :)

    4. You're welcome and no prob! And if anyone needs help planning out a bus route just post on here and I'll help anyway I can.

  4. I think there are a couple of hotels near the Salmon Creek Park & Ride if you doesn't have accommodations booked yet. Then you can go back in the AM.

  5. Wow!!! It sounds like it's really a pain and not at all convenient for the fans!!! Is it like out in the wild? Lol!!! All this hassle better result in a dark gloomy show because by the time some people get there....the 'pep' might be totally assunder...😶 exhaustion

  6. Wow!!! It sounds like it's really a pain and not at all convenient for the fans!!! Is it like out in the wild? Lol!!! All this hassle better result in a dark gloomy show because by the time some people get there....the 'pep' might be totally assunder...😶 exhaustion

  7. I have been the this venue often and it is great for parking or uber/lyft to get into.

    I could take on a couple people if need to carpool. Hope to see ya all out there tomorrow.

  8. Estimated End: 11:00 PM
    no hard curfew :D