Thursday, April 4, 2013

Robert interview with Terra

Here's another interesting interview (English) with Robert. Things of note:

- "I hope we make a new album, but I have no control over that. I would love for the Cure to make another record before we stop"

- Says they might do "Albums of the mid-80s" (mentions 'Kiss Me' & 'Head on the Door') Reflections type shows next year.

- Reflections DVD: "We shot it & it was good, but never released, don't know what happened. But also, why release something that brings us back to the first album?"

- Robert claims he's retiring at 55, so on April 21st, 2014. Right. :)


  1. Reflections DVD: "We shot it & it was good, but never released, don't know what happened. But also, why release something that brings us back to the first album?"

    He doesn't know what happened? Bull. What was the point of recording those shows if he didn't want to bring them, "back to the first album"? Was it a case of, "Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time..."?

    1. I don't even try to understand the logic any more. None of it makes sense.

    2. Why can't we be happy that the Cure are out there playing live shows NOW, this year!!

      I want my favorite band playing live and working on new material - not sitting at home and releasing old material, there's plenty of time for that later! :)

    3. Who says we're not happy? Asking questions, maybe offering a bit of criticism, isn't bad.

      And Robert's the one who put the show together, made a big production about filming it for a DVD release, and now claims he doesn't know what happened? Come on, man.

    4. But I do agree with you that I want to see them play as many shows (hopefully not all festivals) as they can before they shut it all down.

    5. Craig, didn't mean to imply you weren't happy. I'm always trying to put a positive spin on everything :) If we've learned anything, it's to take whatever Robert says with a grain of salt? eh? :)

      I think it's even worse when what we're hearing is getting translated multiple times through multiple languages! (English, Spanish, Portuguese, 'Merican) about a nightmare! LOL

      Foremost, once again, thanks for your coverage and maintenance of all things Cure - our island in the vast sea of internetwebitudes - COF.

    6. I think Robert isn't satisfied with the performance or the recording... But he don't want to admit this...

    7. I totally agree with Craig about the nonsensical stance of this. I think figurehead may be right. Maybe Robert wasn't happy with the performance. Maybe he couldn't get a DVD company to make the DVD for a decent cost, either, without a record contract.

      Kinda annoyed at all these delays, but if more fans bought albums and DVDs instead of illegally downloading, they'd have more revenue to do this stuff.

      I still can't wait for the "Wish" or "Mixed Up" rereleases.

  2. Sounds like a lot is getting lost in the translation...

    Wouldn't we all be happier with Robert putting his time into playing live shows and working toward a new album than a Reflections DVD?

    There will be plenty of time for releasing the old stuff later. It's not like you can't watch all of it on YouTube anyway!

    Here's to seeing the Cure play live in 2013, and a new album!!! Let's Get Happy!!!!!!!

    1. But the work on the Reflections DVD was said to have already been done. Audio & video already mastered. Just like the Deluxe Wish CD. But who knows? "Too many secrets, too many lies", hard to keep them straight any longer.

      And this new album sounds like it won't be coming out any time soon.

      I continue to believe that nothing will be released, therefore, I'm never disappointed. :)

      And, yes, I'd take a Reflections DVD over another festival tour any day.

    2. RS has lied to the fans so many times its ridiculous. However, what other band plays a show like Reflections? Plays for 3 hours? .. As a recording artist, The Cure are done. Simple as that.

      But as a live act they are still bar none the best out there. Go see Depeche Mode; 20 song, the same hits they play tour after tour... yawn.

      Or Duran Duran, or any of these bands that play 18 - 20 songs and only the 'hits' and new stuff.

      The Cure, even with all the BS, still interest me because live they are unparalleled.

      We also have a band that if you take all the bsides, rarities, etc they have about 4 albums of material floating around out there.

      At this point - I just want to see them play live as much as possible.

    3. Robert has the right to change his mind. And/or could surprise us releasing a package including loads of things he'd announced or not.

    4. Robert has the right to change his mind. And/or could surprise us releasing a package including loads of things he'd announced or not.

  3. I just hope this is one of your "not telling us stuff you know". Probably dont even want to hear the answer so i wont be disapointed.

    1. I don't even know what that means, but can assure you that I'm not not telling you stuff I know.

  4. That clears the aire alittle bit,.

    I dont lnow about every one but i couldnt even open the english translation site, so I dont speak portuguese but i do speak spanish and you can get the hang on portuguese once you know spanish. He says that although his retiring age is at 55, who know whatncould happen in a year from now.

    He also says that "with the independece they have (im assuming the no label situation), they feel more free, no strings and that they can do whatever they want. He says that there are many plans; including the second half of 4:13 dream, make a dvd with the best moments of the latamtour, a new set of shows playing mid80's albums, and who knows, maybe a new album".

    He says that they are releasing the songs from 2008 in summer in the northern hemisphere but in a different way.

    You have a lot of songs left over from the last album, 4:13 Dream. What they intend to do with them?
    RS - Several are worth a disk. Let's throw them in the summer (Northern Hemisphere), but I want to find a different way to launch. Why is not something we will do a tour. For the rest of the world is a disc of The Cure, but for me it is not, because we recorded with a guitarist (Porl Thompson) and now we have another in banda (Reeves Gabrels). For me it is strange, Reese is super adapted with banda, and when a new album comes out he is not in him. At the same time, the more time we take, the more strange. So I'll have to find a way to lay the songs, whether separate or disk. Maybe we release something for the fans to hear before, to see their reaction. But, having said all that, the album is very good

  5. The Reflections concerts were awesome!, not everybody was luck to assist to these concerts and the rest of the world deserve to see them. Release them asap, please!!!

  6. Those mid 80's albums shows won't be too far away then?....If Robert's retiring at 55!!!

  7. And "I hope we make a new album, but I have no control over that." He has no control over that? Come on... I don't know, maybe he's asking for too much money (i say that as a kind of joke), otherwise it's pretty sure there are records companies which would be pretty happy to reease a Cure album. But he can't say he has no control over that really. If he's not happy with the industry, plug your guitar, record, release it yourselves, period. Anyway...

    So it lets just a year to play Top, Head, Kiss Wish, WMS, Cure, full albums live, I'm looking forward to it :)

    I've always thought like you Craig, I'm not expecting anything so i'm never disappointed. That doesn't prevent me for wishing a lot.

    Enjoy the concerts , you lucky people out there in SouthAm.

  8. For a control freak to say he has no control...WTF?

  9. Nice to hear why he picked the opening bands. "We wanted bands that play loud". Lautmusik = loud music, in German ;-)
    We just finished rehearsal tonight. Hope we can through a good show on Saturday!

  10. I have to say all I really care about at this point is seeing 'The Top', Head, KMKMKM full album shows.

    Couldn't care less if they put out a new record, because everything since Wish, with the exception of a few songs on Bloodflowers and other random songs - has been crap.

    IMO they haven't put out a full album that was good in over 20 years.

    Reflections DVD, it will come out someday, but like many have said there are plenty of videos on Youtube.

    I just want to see those full albums shows and wrap it up with The Cure.

    The setlist from Brazil was standard fare. Nothing really outside the box from the Euro tour last year.

    One thing with The Cure and RS; Never believe what RS is telling you in interviews.

    1. These standard setlists..repeatedly hearing The Walk LGTB etc drives me mad! One of the many reasons I've always loved The Cure, was the way they always shook things up and therefore kept things fresh! Even the encores are more or less predictable these days!! If Pornography is so important, along with Disintegration and Bloodflowers, why if they only play one track from Pornography (and they frequently do) is it ALWAY 100 Years???
      More or less agree about the songs, personally rarely play last 3 albums, certainly wouldn't want them in a Reflections type show!!!

  11. In the UK the earliest you can take money saved up in a pension scheme is your 55th birthday. I suspect RS is using this as a euphemism.