Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Robert interview with Fantastico

Interview with Robert, and some footage from the rehearsals in Southampton, on Fantastico. (Thanks Bruno/Bgolls)

Update (04/02/13): There's a slightly longer version here, but I can't get to play. Also a text version at Globo News (English). (Thanks Cris and The Cure Rarities)


  1. Mary, tell him not to put his hair on both sides on his face, so he'll look thiner and younger and brighter and ...

  2. When most people get older, their noses get bigger. Robert's seems to be getting smaller...what is this magic???

    1. I guss the face is getting bigger rathern than the nose getting smaller :)

  3. Am i the only one who got excited watching the band rehearsing for the Latam gig?

  4. This new version from Globonews is longer, and has different questions and a couple more shots of the rehearsal. Maybe you can't watch it because the Globonews videos are protected to globo.com subscribers only.