Monday, August 20, 2012

Set times for Reading & Leeds

At Reading, The Cure starts at 21:00 and should play at least until 23:30 (Warren wants to remind the band that Reading is licensed for music until midnight :) ). At Leeds, they start at 20:30 and should play until 23:00.  (Thanks Jaime and Warren)


  1. good news! more than 2 hours :)

  2. Tom, I deleted your posts, as they were not relevant to this topic. eric hadn't even posted anything here. No need to start nonsense in this thread as well.

    1. Good point. Feel free to reinstate them if needed.

  3. If anyone wants to know of good local pubs for Cure fans to meet up in Reading, it's The Purple Turtle closely followed by Pavlov's Dog.

    Between the station and festival site, The Moderation (but that might be packed!)

    If there's interest I can do a mini-festival guide.

  4. Looking good! See you all there!

  5. Who remembers RS putting on Simons hat at Wembley on the last night of the Prayer Tour to play Killing an Arab?!