Monday, August 20, 2012

Reading Festival Guide for Cure fans

From Warren: "I've put together a quick Reading Festival Guide for Cure fans. It's a work in progress. Tweet me on @waswasere if you're in town or have more questions."


  1. anybody know what the drinks prices are at leeds?

    1. Not completely sure but probably usual expensive festival prices - around £4-5 for a pint of beer/cider.

      If you're there for the weekend you can bring your own drinks into the campsite though, so stock up at Tesco in Reading (which is easily walkable). You can't take your own drinks into the arena where the stages are.

    2. Antti,
      Are you coming to London ? Cure Drink in Camden on the 23rd...

  2. Reading Festival is usually at the cheaper end of the festival beer price spectrum and operates a 10p "deposit" for the paper cups which you can collect and get back.

    If it's any consolation it is traditional to charge those in the guest area more :-)

  3. Thanks Was, very informative, cheers!

  4. @david
    no i'm just going to leeds. i fly to manchester on friday.

  5. My Reading Festival guide seems to have proved unexpectedly popular so I have moved it to its own page rather than as a blog post as it was originally published. The old blog entry has a link to it but if you want to get there direct use or pass the link to a friend:

    If I mention any places or services, be assured that I have received no money to advertise it!