Thursday, August 23, 2012

Robert interview with the Irish Times

The Irish Times have an interview with Robert. (Thanks Monghi)


  1. A nicely written article. As always, thanks for posting!

  2. moderate succesful albums worldwide such as Faith,Pornography and The Top?another interview when somebody doesn't know anything about The Cure.The Head On the door was their first moderate succesful album and kiss me was a very international succesful album when they became really bigger,no mention of Disintegration era when they are like Gods around the world and Lullaby everywhere and Lovesong in the U.S.
    I don't think the played in more stadiums in the wish tour than the prayer tour it was more or less the same....

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  4. I know wish was straight to number 2 in the United States the 1st week but at the end sold a million albums like Disintegration wich just needed a few more months and now disintegration in the States is 2 million and wish still 1 million...
    I am very curious about the current sales of Disintegration and Wish.Disintegration sold more that 3 million when they had finished the prayer tour and wish around 5 million but I am sure tha now a days Disintegration is the best selling album by The Cure.
    Excuse me everybody I am sure you get bored when anybody talks about numbers :)
    having said that just to finish remember that the best selling album after wish is "The Cure"!!!!! with 2 million (BF or WMS sold a million each)and 4:13 dream didn't even got to reach half a million....pirateship and badly promoted?
    now I'll stop I promise cos davidaftertherain will appear to argue about money and numbers hahahha david I am waiting for you if I was wrong when I said the sales of the albums of the cure!!LOL
    Greetings everybody

  5. Great article. I thought it was very well written. And I didn't have to use Google Translate. Even better!

  6. “When I’m on stage and sing a song from the early days, I can honestly still identify with what I was thinking, what I was feeling at the time I wrote it. A lot of what is dismissively referred to as ‘teenage angst’ has actually never gone away for me. In fact, I’ve never been able to get rid of that, never found anything to replace it.”

    Perfect answer. The music does the same for most of us, I'm sure, and must for Robert. I can still feel certain ways listening to "Disintegration" (the title track, not the album itself) and much of [the album] "Pornography" and transport myself back to certain moments listening to it on my Walkman. The fact that Robert [sounds like he] broke down during a recent show singing [the song] "Disintegration" proves his point!