Monday, June 20, 2011

Compact Space album launch

Hope everyone will go out and support Daryl with this:
Compact Space "Nameless" album launch at the Planetarium in Hamburg, 23rd June 2011. A limited number of tickets are onsale now. (Thanks Daryl)

Note from Daryl: "Some sites listing this as a "concert". It's an album playback w/ CS visuals, Planetarium lights & band in attendance, but no live performance."

Update: Here's the artwork for Compact Space's 'Push Push' digital EP. And the 'Push Push' video is up on their website. Congratulations, Daryl!


  1. Perry is evil. Someone needs to 'push push' the button and nuke hamburg. It'd be worth the casualties just to wipe him off the face of the Earth. ;o)

  2. WTF? Awful thing to say. And this is Daryl's band, not Perry's.

  3. Sorry, the ;o) was meant to indicate that it was a joke. Just my twisted humour. But I seriously think that replacing Roger with perry after disintegration was one the worst decisions ever for the band. I think he was a negative influence on the others. Wish is still a great album, but it would have been infinitely better with Roger on board. Just listen to the instrumental version of a big hand to see what it could have potentially been. Here's hoping for a directors cut of wish soon...

  4. Nope, it was a very good decision. A very bad decision was to kick him out replaced by Porl. Hm? I think this was the worst decision ever! *puke*