Thursday, August 14, 2008

Support the Singles!

Well, the campaign for Sleep When I'm Dead was a complete failure, but that shouldn't deter us from trying again. So check out the Support the Singles page, find your local station, and ask them to play The Perfect Boy. Hell, play the "emo remixes" card with them if you have to. : )
And if you hear it being played anywhere, or you have success with your local dj, please post a report in the comments. Thank you!


  1. I love you Craig. "Emo remixes" ROFL.

    I have taken to titling this the Emo EP. :-)

  2. i had success with a local dj, but i sent the story to penthouse forum. don't think you'd want to read about it here.

  3. Seriously does anyone listen to FM radio anymore? I sure as hell don't...

    Scott, I want all the details, nice and slow... ;-)

  4. thanks craig, this is still a good idea ;)

  5. you're all so sooooooooo filthy

  6. *rigs poll to reflect the utter transcendent greatness of Freakshow*

  7. hey, there are children in this room!

    ive sent a couple requests out, but the DJ keeps changing the subject everytime I talk about the singles. they played The Only One instead of SWID. =/

  8. i like the only one better than sleep when i'm dead. maybe i'm in the minority on this. according to the poll i am. in fact, it's my favorite single of all four.

  9. Monkeybutt - I much prefer The Only One to SWID. SWID is my least favourite of the singles... but I love, love, love The Perfect Boy - even though it seems that the boy is not so Perfect after all :)

  10. I just think it's funny that TPB video is up on Perez Hilton's site. He has redeemed himself a bit!

    Emo Remix //lmao

  11. The ultimate ranking of the singles is as follows:

    1. FS
    2. TPB
    3. TOO
    4. SWID

    The ultimate ranking of the b-sides is as follows:

    1. AKOS
    2. DU
    3. NTY
    4. WY

    This is inscribed in concrete and anyone diverging from this ranking will be shot on the spot.

  12. Craig I'm sure we all tried to get the singles played but it's too bad most radio stations didn't seem to listen. It's a Low Down Dirty Shame that the singles are not getting much air play. And I don't see it getting any better with TPB and it's the best of the whole lot.

    I'll keep trying but this time around, I'm having no luck with the one alternative station in Philly but once again WXPN has been playing it at least 3 or 4 times a day. So at least I don't feel my efforts are a total waste.

  13. cat: 'new trip york'? haven't heard that one yet.

  14. Think of it this way: "Viva la Vida," Coldplay's first ever number one single from their relatively decent new album was a number one for one week, followed by seven weeks of "I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It." Honestly, is there really any way that the radio-listening populace (read: fucking morons) are going to have any interest in the new Cure single? And honestly, what would it say about the Cure if their fantastic music was loved by the mindless Zergs of America? I think it's for the best that the band has become a vessel for Robert Smith to put music into the ears of his fans and virtually no one else.

  15. i agree with Zephyraris.. i wouldnt like that shallow people that only listen to 50cent, daddy yankee, jonas brothers or that kind of people that dont really appreciate music, and just listen to stuff they play on mtv because its what "other people like" or these emo bands listen to the cure as well.. the cure is not for everyone, its one of those bands that really make music because they love music, not because they want their five minutes of fame, if you think about it, how many of the new bands are going to be active in 30 years? or at least remembered? not many.. and unfortunatly thats the way the music bussiness works nowadays.. just some hit from a crappy pop band that sells and they pay them and thats it, the band gets rich and stop "making music" because they got all they wanted.. 5 minutes of fame and a couple million dollars.. sad but true

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  17. Hello everyone! New here. Anyway, I had the apartment staff come and fix my leaky AC today and when the guy arrived, I was listening to the new Cure singles. He asked me what it was and I told him. "I don't really get into this stuff" he says. Five minutes later I walked into the bathroom where he was working and caught him tapping his toes to The Perfect Boy. Yep, I caught him red handed....sneaky bastard.
    EVERYONE loves the Cure : )
    Cat, I agree completely with your b-sides list, but my a-sides list looks quite different than least for the next ten minutes.


  18. and in case anybody's interested, tropic thunder is freaking great. and i don't normally like these kinds of films.

  19. guys....i would like support the singles but unfortunable nobody won't play any song of the cure.why? if geffen record pay for that the cure will play everywhere...
    i lived in south america many years ago, there the radio plays exactly what you want if you call them or if them like the song...but in united states is diferent cause you most to pay them to play any artist so the only way that we have is send and call to geffen records for support them the cure.
    never forget in united states nothing is free...

  20. For the record (for now):
    fave 5 albums:
    1) Kiss Me
    2) Head On The Door
    3) Seventeen Seconds
    4) Disintegration
    5) The Top

    fave song....ummmm......

    fave b-side:
    Throw Your Foot..this song just makes me hysterical every time I listen to it. LOVE IT!

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  22. Ah, Monkeybutt, I so much want to see Tropic Thunder!! I think I'm preparing an aneuvrism... don't know exactly how to say it in english, but suffice to say, there's a blood clot forming in one of the major artery of my brain... yea.
    I love Zoolander (guilty pleasure, relax!) and wish TT could go side by side with it, somehow.

    On the singles front, I like them all, but I think so far Freakshow is beating Perfect Boy to the finish line by a nose... and SWID is beating The Only One by a slight margin too.

    B-Sides: All Kinds of Stuff first for the sheer adrenaline rush, I think Without You is going to be second, I still need to listen to a clean version (only listened to it on youtube), and Down Under/NY Trip are equal.

  23. Here's an idea, I think we should all collectively select 1 radio station per night and just bomb them with requests. Every second request would be for a Cure single (*insert villian laugh*).

  24. KCRW (LA public radio station, which I listen to on iTunes) played The Only One on 14 Aug. and the DJ spent a few moments talking about the single release schedule and the forthcoming CD.

  25. Or maybe we should just bomb them. <_<

    Is the F.B.I. reading?

  26. I have to say this because it is driving me crazy. I don't think I like the way Perfect Boy and Without You are mixed. The vocals just seem so completely loud and WAY over the top of the mix. I for the life of me can't figure out why they record their songs like this now. Listen to Perfect Girl and then Perfect Boy back to back.....I don't get it.
    Oh well, the music is great on both of them, but the vocals ALMOST ruin them. For this reason I felt inclined to vote SWID for best single. The Perfect Boy and it's b-side are to me the weakest of all the singles.

  27. I know this might get some eye rolls, but Perez Hilton posted the new Cure video and it is the most emailed video on his site right now. Believe it or not when he posts something the artist sees big bumps in terms of sales and attention.

  28. Jerry, I'm with you. Haven't listened to the radio in ages, and have no desire to.

    TPB is by far the best single thus far. It's got that breezy feeling that they do so well, where it just sounds natural and nothing's forced.

    I was so disappointed with the studio version of SWID. I'm glad this redeemed that lackluster song. It's like all the energy was sapped out of it in the studio.

    And WY is growing on me. I hated it when I heard the sample but hearing the whole thing helps.

  29. MonkeyButt- The Only One is MUCH better than SWID!
    Re: Tropic Thunder. I heard Tom Cruise makes an interesting "fat" villian in it! Is the film really that funny?

    AndrewV- All of us collectively bombarding one radio station? THAT'S an idea!

    "what would it say about the Cure if their fantastic music was loved by the mindless Zergs of America?"

    Thank you Zephyr. I've had those exact same sentiment's.

    While I think it would be great for The Cure to reach a whole new audience, I would not be pleased to have your average vapid radio listener at a concert or anything.
    It's already hard enough to get decent tickets.
    Just imagine, it would be EVEN HARDER to get decent tickets, plus, most of those dimwitted douchebags would LEAVE before the concert was even over, because they're douchebags. Those trendy gits wouldn't know good music if it punched them in the ass!
    I for one, hope the fanbase continues to consist of mainly hardcore Cureheads, or at least reasonably intelligent people who know how to appreciate good music!

  30. 96.1 in Grand Rapids MI has been playing the singles all summer long.

  31. helsabot- tom cruise is fucking hysterical in TT. he almost steals the movie. there are so many good performances. and yes, it's as funny as you've heard. best comedy of the year. it excels at both sharp satire and dumb humor, sometimes at the same time.

  32. butt: your comments make me sleep ...

  33. Has anyone seen that Jared Leto's band is being sued by their label for not producing albums under their contract?

  34. I am curious to see how TPB enters...

  35. The hypnagogic states ep is already for pre-order on amazon Germany.

    Looks like it's for the same price the Mix 13 singles had.

  36. Yeah I think most of the usual places have it up and ready for pre-order by now including The Ideal Copy & US Amazon.

  37. Just pre-purchased my Hypnagogic States on Amazon and also purchaced for pre-sale for September 30, 2008 called The Document (The Cure Interview CD & DVD Documentery). They also had Dream Thirteen (Import) available for pre-purchase with two different dates (9/16/08 and 10/14/08) with two different cost.

  38. So it's for sure going to be called "Dream Thirteen?" I was hoping that was just a rumor.


    I've sent them already messages
    How could they really not play The Perfect Boy ???? Insane

    Harrass them Here - Please

    Click on "CONTACT" in the orange menu


  40. The Cure does not need the radio stations for their music to be heard and loved by all the people who love them. I rarely listen to the radio these days.