Monday, August 11, 2008

65DOS talk about remixing The Cure

From the 65DOS website:

For the past few weeks 65's time has been taken up almost exclusively with:

A - Advanced Accountancy Techniques
B - Remixing The Cure

The Cure asked us personally to remix all four of their new singles, which was a lot of noise condensed into a short two and a half week period. We came out the other side with bruised ears and cautious smiles. It seems that their label have upped the stakes by adding some big names to their remix e.p - bands we imagine you have about the same amount of respect for as we do. They'll certainly open up our music to new markets we've not been able to reach yet! The Cure though are fucking great and have managed to negotiate around the fact that nobody has heard of us by stitching all of our remixes together and putting it on the e.p as one 20minute track. Four remixes in one! It has been called 'Exploded Head Syndrome'. It is reassuringly confusing, so we recommend that you check it out. It's out 13th September on A MAJOR LABEL! (although the royalties are going to the Red Cross). This is how far we have come, people! We're gonna see if we can get in touch with Jared Leto now that we're 'cd buddies' and see if he can divert perhaps 5% of the budget for his next 30 Seconds to Mars video to us so we can live off it for the next five years and make about a million albums.

We're rolling with the big guns now, 65kids. Soon we'll be able to start selling our music to adverts! Oh, wait…

Anyway. We actually did two different remixes of 'The Only One', and have been told that the one which isn't included on 'Exploding Head Syndrome' will be available as an exclusive if you buy from iTunes. So. Investigate that too. Or you could skip iTunes, give a bit of cash straight to The Red Cross and find it on the torrents instead. The choice is yours.

Secondly, there is an article, which will perhaps turn into some kind of open debate, about the nature of remixing. It is written by us. It is appearing on The Quietus by the end of today. You can read it here. We hope that it will be of some interest to you. There are literally dozens of inconsistencies with the ideas we put forward so please go and post arguments against any or all of the points made. And if anyone has a copy of that unofficial 65 remix album that somebody compiled and was floating round our messageboard a little while ago, then if you wanna pass that around too we don't mind.

You might stop hearing from us for a while soon. But we won't have disappeared. We'll just be hiding.

Take care, 65kids.

(Thanks Hobbes, Debi, Ryanne, Viviane, and DJ Scribbles)


  1. From pitchfork media (I posted this in another post but didn't think anyone would see it)

    Emo All Stars Remix the Cure on Charity EP

    Beyond The Nightmare Before Christmas (and bad memories of seventh grade, I suppose), there's simply no greater influence on modern arena-emo than the Cure. As a way of saying "thnks fr th mmrs" to the OGs of tuneful teardrops, some of the genre's biggest names have offered up remixes of Cure tunes for an EP titled Hypnagogic States. But they won't be taking on the classics. Nope, all of the remixes will be of songs that are set to appear on the Cure's forthcoming album.
    Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy do their thing to "The Perfect Boy", decent actor/crappy musician Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars tackles "The Only One", Gerard Way of the mighty My Chemical Romance gives it to "Sleep When I'm Dead", and Jade Puget of AFI has his way with "Freakshow". What's more, Cure tourmates 65 Days of Static turn in "Exploding Head Syndrome", apparently some sort of megamix of all four singles.
    The set is due on CD and digitally September 13 from Suretone/Geffen, with all artist royalties going to the International Red Cross. (Everybody involved here is a big fan of blood.)

    As for "The Perfect Boy", well, it's not out yet, though that's about to change. The latest single from the Cure's still-untitled LP is due on CD, 7", and digitally August 13 from Suretone/Geffen. It's backed by the non-album B-side "Without You".
    The new album is out October 13, pushed back precisely one month since our last report.

    Hypnagogic States:

    01 The Only One (remixed by Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars)
    02 Freakshow (remixed by Jade Puget from AFI)
    03 Sleep When I'm Dead (remixed by Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance)
    04 The Perfect Boy (remixed by Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy)
    05 Exploding Head Syndrome (all four singles, remixed by 65 Days Of Static)

  2. lol, can you feel the sarcasm in 65DOS voice about the other bands? Too good. Funny stuff.

  3. But they do say it's the label's choice, so maybe that explain a lot..?

  4. Yes, I do. And I love it. : )

  5. "bands we imagine you have about the same amount of respect for as we do."

    heheh. ZING!

  6. So I'm guessing the crappy emo bands doing remix's was the label's idea?

    65DOS sound like a bunch of awesome dudes. I might buy it just for their remix.

  7. i am definitely buying it for the 65dos remix. might even get their album at some point. the other remixes, i'll give a cursory earglance at; then they can go screw.

  8. haha...jared leto put sooo much into that one music video, that sucked for the most part, to that one single they had, that sucked for the most part, and 5% of the budget would probably get 65days world recognition...any band with a subtle dry sense of humor is ok with me!

    and this set of remixes should be fantastic...20 minutes...mmm

  9. Let's see, 20 min. for the 65DOS remix, plus I guess around 5 min. for all the other mix, mmm. That's around 40 min. of music right there! mmm.
    And if the 65dos one doesn't suck, that's already half the EP that's good. mmm.
    Me thinks this could turn out like a good thing, after all. mmm.
    *Sips some tea*
    But I could really go for some S'mores right now!

  10. Every time you do that, I want to run out and buy a monocle. And sip tea. And I don't even like tea! But I do love me some monocles. : )

  11. And yeah, 65DOS have just rescued this ep from the scrap heap. I can't wait to hear it now.

  12. i love monocles and tea, too!
    i actually own a monocle. from my mister peanut days...

  13. Wow, I like these guys... I hope the exposure, etc serves them well. :^D I can't wait to hear the remixes!

  14. what charming boys. yeah I have The Destruction of Small Ideas and it's like perpetually on my "I need to spend some time listening to this" list. I've given it a few spins and I like it, but I'll be really interested in what direction they take with this engrossingly massive new album(?!).

    And live I've heard that they are LOUD and NOISY. I'll get on YouTube and see if I can tell or not.

    I read that article exactly once... I didn't catch a really cogent arguement per se... and anyone wanna give me a good definition of the term "bootleg" as he's using it? I always thought it just referred to live tapings of shows... how is a bootleg parallel to a remix? I guess they're both unlicensed reproductions of artists' work...

    Anyhoo, I'll get right on those s'mores. I work at a summer camp in Colorado and that's what I get paid to do, s'mores.

  15. david - bootleg is a term for mashup :)

  16. David: Where in Colorado is your camp?

  17. V!!!! *tackles and hugs*

    david - they are RAD live. very very loud.
    unforuntely - not enough videos of them on YT!

  18. "And yeah, 65DOS have just rescued this ep from the scrap heap." I agree.

    65 Days of Static is a class act. What a wickedly clever and witty read!

    Craig, do you think, as the website post suggests, that it was the label's idea (rather than Robert's) to include the other bands? If so, I owe Robert a public apology for being such an ass. Of course, as high as my PQ (pariah quotient) is (he won't even publish my 'thanks for the add' comment on myspace!), it probably won't matter, but if an apology is warranted, I want to offer it.

    (It still makes me a bit queasy to know that unclean emo hands are touching the songs, but wtf... Life outside Cure fandom does indeed go on. ;-))

    Sofia, I'll have tea with you! Let's use the good china, shall we? ;-)

  19. Argh! I've obviously been typing the name wrong!!! >:-((((


    65daysofstatic!! I knew that!

    *7bluestars returns to article*

  20. From the Quietus article:

    "It's gonna be interesting to hear whether the radio-friendly unit-shifters applied themselves as eagerly to the remixing as we did..."


    Fucking brilliant article. I'll wager that the other bands didn't give remixing The Cure very much thought at all. It would have made their brains hurt.

    *7bluestars will now retract her claws and stop hissing... for a while*

  21. 20 minutes sounds very long and tedious.. something you could hear once or twice and then leave it for another day

  22. 65DOS newsletters are my favourite :D. These guys are very funny and clever.

    well, that clarifies a lot of things we kind of already knew, doesnt it ?

  23. 20 minutes does sound tedious.. but we'll see.

    T, if you retract your venomous words toward RSX, then I have to as well... I was rather venomous when he cancelled - NAY, postponed, - the tour. At the official, no less! I have felt rather badly about that...

    IMO, RSX wants these bands to remix to gain a wider audience. The label put pressure, perhaps as a trade-off as some have suggested, but I think RSX doesn't mind. I could be completely wrong.

    AND IMO - it won't make a damn bit of difference in the long run.

    Their days of massive popularity are OVER. There is nothing inherently wrong with that, although I do of course wish for the Cure to be recognized and respected.

  24. hmmm.... I know I am slightly behind in the conversation, but would you believe that I wore my monocle to work this morning, on the off chance that there would be a monocle discussion... SNAP :)

  25. I do love monocles. Wish I could hand-out a few like little freesbees (<--how the hell is it spelled? Can't remember).
    Love monocles, especially on dwarves!! *Hides*

    mmm *cough*

    ...anyway, can't wait to hear those "emo" band mix; just tacking on each songs a club mix from the eighties and calling it a day... ah at least it will make me smile. Old school Cure mix.

  26. This is too funny! Gonna love these guys, LOL. The comment about Jared Leto and the video budget is priceless.

  27. Hynreck - does it count that I am rather short?

  28. Hey Elise!! You still around?

  29. V *running hug*
    I'm here, but not for long :(

    How are you?

  30. Elise! *running hug* Glad I caught you.

    Check your email! :)

  31. Can you believe it?!? I can't. :) What a surprise it was!!

  32. Elise, I guess it could do... are you also throwable?

  33. Not so sure about throwable, but certainly short enough :)

  34. V! I know - I would never have expected that, especially after this much time has passed :)

    Yay for the US Postal Service :)

  35. Ladies and Gentlemen, The master of the Monocle - Patrick Moore

    Yeah 65days seem are having fun taking shots at the EMO kiddies. Reading what they said it does seem more like a studio idea than a hand selected group. Thats why it was so disapointing in the first place. I was sure Robert would choose more diverse people

  36. lol
    I had to reconstitute the URL but what a fugly guy.
    Dare I ask who's?

  37. LOL Elise- May I join you? with some tim tams of course! o_q *sips*
    Just got new glasses today, but realized I SO would have preferred a monocle instead! oh well.:(

    20 minute remix? holy crap. I am intrigued.
    I think I'm liking 65Days more and more... they seem like right blokes.

    "It seems that their label have upped the stakes by adding some big names to their remix e.p"

    But Robert ok'd this right?? I mean, if he didn't ok it, "they", "U", couldn't have done it, right????? Fuckin' "U".

    Fuck you "U"! Fuck yoooooooou....

  38. Probably, but sometimes you have to give some honey to get some honey.

    Life's a game, don't you forget. Bob's trying to play it well, like all of us!

  39. :)))
    I understand sir.

    I was hoping it was more of a "quid pro quo" myself.
    I do believe that Robert's a flippin' genius! *tips hat, sips* o_q

  40. Cool. I didn't know it was a 20-minute track. I thought it would be 4 minutes and mix layers of the songs or something crazy. I think I'll get this, then. Pretty smart move, Robert!

  41. just download the 65 days version, and leave the boy band remixes to sit idle on the shelf...fuck the record companies..i mean why does the cure even need a record label anyway...

  42. I really appreciate 65DOS being so informative and enthusiastic. I really enjoyed them on tour, and hope that they are successful.

  43. OMG, I so could use a cup of tea! *hint*

    Anyway... Cat, my love, I'm still awaiting an answer from Craig. If he says the emo remix bs was entirely label-driven, then I will issue an apology. Methinks that he is in the know, but is holding his tongue. V, perhaps you would ask the question? I know he'd answer if you asked. ;-)

    I really do hope this provides a much-deserved boost for 65daysofstatic. I wonder though, will baby emos be able to fully appreciate their sound?

  44. T, one of the wonderful ironies of this is that The Cure will be helping to SHAPE tastes via vastly inferior bands. Granted, if the Emo EP remixes suck, then there is maybe little hope of that, but perhaps in either case the emo infants will be induced to investigate the Cure catalog, thereby honing their musical tastes.

    IMO, RSX knows what he is doing and cares little that it is perceived as a sell-out move.

    I could be totally wrong, but that is how I see it.

    The Cure gaining new fans is never a bad thing, IMO, but I am skeptical that this will make much of a dent.

  45. 7Blue: You've cracked the secret code of COF! Want a question answered? Have V ask it. Only RS and V have the COF Hotline number. : )

    While only RS (not RSX, btw) actually knows the answer, Universal does not tell RS what to do.

    Now Jordan Schur, that's a different story. Though I don't honestly know if he still has the influence he once had. But he loved giving suggestions in 03/04.

    But that's the past, an we've all moved on. The Perfect Boy rocks! Especially when Simon's rumbling bass kicks in.

  46. Was there some COF memo that I was not privvy to that mandates that we/I stop using RSX? ;-)

  47. Cat: Yes, there have been a lot of memos going around lately. Not your fault if you missed one. : )

  48. yeah if you could go ahead and come in on Saturday...

  49. Tx, Craig. I think I see the proverbial light.;-)

    As for a certain individual that may or may not have been referenced in your post, if I can't say anything nice, I'll just link to this:

    Why is it that when I read certain names I see and smell great heaping, steaming piles of shit? More importantly, if I can see and smell them, why can't RS?

  50. ct=tit... ROFL!

    Let's break that link up a little:

  51. Like I said in the topic before this one, I think it's really cool that the 65DOS remixes will be included in the EP too. It will be awesome to listen too, just wondering how loud it will be. They were great on the tour, I just wished the music wasn't quite so ear numbing!

    Funny to see the 65 days guys are not not thrilled with the EMO choices but hey RS will do what he pleases!

  52. cure_kitty, I agree, 65dos were too loud for me, too. But then again, we were close to the front in a closed, sparsely-populated space. I got into the music but do wish that the volume had been quite a bit lower. I'd not be surprised to learn that some little bit of hearing damage was done, but damn, they are good!