Sunday, June 29, 2008

Forever at RCMH

"I recorded the full version of “Forever” from radio city music hall – recorded on my phone as a 3gpp video that has been converted to mp3 – it has no other audio editing at all, so it has the end of a forest for approx 1 minute before changing to forever. Whole track is about 8min 30 sec. and is just over 15 mb as an mp3" (Thanks John)

Update: Forever (RCMH - 82MB FLAC)

(Thanks to


  1. nice, thanks!

    oh, tapers... if youre reading this, please share!!

  2. I know there will be complaints about the quality, but at least John is willing to share it with everyone.

  3. Didn't listen to it yet, but thanks all the same. You've done what you could

  4. Hell yeah !
    I wonder how we did without all that technology to manage and have recordings in the 80's !!
    Thx mate

  5. Thank you for this recording, John! :^D

  6. Thanks for the recording.

    Is this what it sounded like in terms of sound or is this just a recording artifact? Some of the other shows I heard taped have way too much treble and this one seems to have less.

    Does anyone have a recording of Bloodflowers from this show? I'm looking for any performance of this from the current tour.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this, John! :)


    very decenet recording!

  9. Thanks for the recording. I love that moment, all too rare, when the last notes of A Forest carry on and become Forever. Magical!

  10. Ah, what an excellent night! Thank you!

  11. Thanks to both John & j for their recordings! Nice of you guys to share with the COF peeps!

    BTW: j is one really cool guy from! As always thanks for all that you do!

  12. I think that there's a problem with the FLAC file, because I've tried downloading it twice, and it's refused to work both times. I haven't had issues with any of the other FLACs that I've downloaded thus far, so what gives with this one?

  13. Shawn: Problems downloading or playing?

  14. Problems playing. I shouldn't be having any issues because I have two programs capable of playing FLACs, including Windows Media Player, since I downloaded a very handy codec months ago.

  15. I'm seeing Mogwai in a few hours!

  16. When in doubt, try converting it to WAV or AIFF or some other lossless format and playing it. If it still doesn't work, I don't know what to tell you.

  17. I had beaucoup issues playing this as well. I got a strange error when I tried to play it, something about "error processing frame".

    After much fiddling with it, I converted it to a wav for those having problems with the flac file, I'm sorry to the person who shared it if this causes problems. Just let me know if you want the link deleted

    Forever - RCMH

  18. This is my recording of Forever. It was recorded and shared in 24-bit format, which for the uninitiated, is higher than cd quality (cd's are 16 bit). I reference to the errors in playing this file, lostflower4 posted a good explanation over at curefans about this:

    "These files are encoded with FLAC 1.2.1, which is the latest version. The programmers did some different things with this version to improve the efficiency of 24-bit encoding (this can save over 300 MB on the total size of newer Cure shows!)

    Since the encoding/decoding scheme is new, however, some players have problems understanding it. I believe you have to have the very latest version of Foobar to play 24-bit files encoded with 1.2.1. Older versions of Winamp also have trouble with these files.

    It would also be wise to update your FLAC libraries to 1.2.1, either by getting the latest Frontend or better yet, the latest version of Trader's Little Helper."

  19. Anyone could help me to get the lyrics of this version of Forever?

    Thanks in advance


  20. Hola Mad Bob...

    Thinking that this is pretty close..

    Annie did the transcript, but it seems pretty accurate.

    Hope this helps


    but every time
    every time
    how am I supposed to know?
    how is she supposed to know? (x2)
    how are they supposed to know? (x2)
    maybe later(?)
    any reason
    maybe later(?)
    any reason
    maybe... later... any reason?
    no... (can't make out)
    say it's the wrong time for moving (?)
    one time to choose it
    one time to lose it
    to lose it (x3)
    lose it (x4)
    make you stop this
    the last the thing I do
    I will make you stop if it's the last thing I do (x2)
    I will make you stop
    I must go
    she says, don't go... I have to go (x6)

  21. yeah thats allright
    but the whole lyrics?
    can anyone provide the first part of the lyrics of forever...
    the last recording sounds all right, bt i cant define the first lines...


  22. Thanks sugar* girl.

    But i think we want to have the full lyrics.

    Anyone please post it.

    Thanks in advance.