Sunday, June 29, 2008

MSG recording

The Cure live at Madison Square Garden (MP3 - 348MB)
(Thanks Xuan)


  1. Wow Xuan, you've done it again...
    What will some people say about you?

  2. They'll say Xuan rocks! Thanks so much for recording and sharing it!

  3. Oh, and the state of Colorado might name a town or two after him. ; )

  4. P.S. I don't think it's that easy to get towns named after you in CO. You have to be pretty special, I think... ;)

  5. Xuan would certainly get his name used for a major boulevard in COF town! What do you think Mayor Craig, your honor?

  6. Aww V...*blushes*
    Thank you. : )

  7. Can we all agree that "Xuan" is quite possibly the coolest name ever? And my parents had the audacity to name me Jeff.

  8. jpx - your name is jeff? i had no idea!

    Xuan is a way cool name, thanks for sharing it with all of us

  9. Thank you for this recording, Xuan! :^D

  10. Good morning,all!

    It's Monday here and it is gonna be a CRAP week!

    I'll try to check in whenever I can, but I suspect I may not get a lot of free time.

    I'll be thinking of ya's!

  11. My friend and I were looking at the 4Tour book the other day and we must have been blind, because it says Entreat is being remastered! how amazing, does anyone think it may mean it will end up being the entire Disintegration album live?

    and Paris and Show also? what could they add to these two as they are already perfect!

  12. Hey altr2elise, it's Sunday here and I'm just drinking wine as I read your comment =)

  13. hey all, hope you have a fabulous week

  14. Thanks April:)

    Elise: *Sends you a hug* to get you through your week!

    And Xuan..thank you so much!

    Hi also to C, V and JPx. ^_^

  15. craig - off topic but if the downloads on are disabled/removed why is the page still up?

  16. Xuan: Thank you so much!

    Entreat is being remastered? Oh my goodness...

  17. Andy, not everything is disabled, and personally, I think that it's a good idea to have an archive of what CoF had up.

  18. Xuan: Thank you for sharing. Now I get to relive this concert.

  19. Andy: Mostly for reference, but I hope to do something with it in the future.

  20. Wow. Thanks so much Xuan! (It sounds like a Chinese name to me...)

  21. Lame.


    This is much appreciated. :-)

  22. This is excellent, thank you!

  23. You know what's funny is that I chat with a lot of people on a Duran Duran board. They get so exicted when DD plays one song that is not new and is not a hit single, lol. We were arguing the difference between the bands live acts. I think I won:

    The Cure:

    - 27 full tour dates in the US
    - Lost count, but at least 70 or so different songs, including b-sides, and deep album cuts. Different set every night.
    - 3 hour sets, with usually 3 encores multiple songs.
    - 13 studio albums to chose from.

    Duran Duran:

    - 20 or so US tour dates
    - The same 20 song set list every night.
    - Only one song that is not new or was a hit single, and a butchered version of it.
    - 2 hour set.
    - 1 encore "Rio", lol.
    - 12 studio albums to chose from.

    We really are lucky to be Cure fans, and Robert treats us well. He could easily come out and play a 2 hour set with the 'hits' and 1 or 2 obscure songs and get away with it for most of the audience.

    Duran Duran are a joke live these days, lol.

  24. LOL @ Cat! Cat: Think of me when you're spitting off the Eiffel Tower or going pee in The Louvre!

  25. millertime: weren't DD always a joke, live or otherwise? ;-)

    Anah: LOL. No plans to visit La Tour Eiffel this go around, although we have an excellent view of it from the hotel bar. And a great view of Sacre Couer from our room.

    Not sure if I'll hit La Louvre either, but I do plan to venture into many other museums. The Louvre is a bit too overwhelming at times - though of course a bonafide treat.

    Man, mah feet is TAARD from walking all day! And the teeming masses are out in full force in gay Paris. Yesterday Monmarte was CRAWLING with peeps. And that place has really turned into a cheesy tourist trap.

  26. Thanks Xuan for another fine recording! Thanks for sharing!!!

    Cat---I hope you're having a great time in France! Have to get their myself over there some day.

  27. millertime---Which DD boards do you post on? I sometimes post to Lizard King and I used to belong to DDMusic boards but I don't post anymore after my membership was up. At least for me, I always felt like some of the DD fans on the boards are notoriously fanatical about the band to a point where they are extremely mean & nasty to newbie’s or fans who were not as crazy in love with the band as they were. Say one bad thing or voice your opinion and they will chew you a new ass. Way to competitive too!!! Always competing on who's the biggest fan, who meet so & so for the billionth time, who went to every f**king show Blah Blah Blah!!! They are not at all like Cure Fans. Cure fans are so much more laid back, cool and friendlier.

    Anyways I agree with you on the Cure -vs- DD tour debate. I saw DD in Philly 5 days after my 2nd Cure show and it was somewhat of a letdown. I thought they put on a good show but the set-list was way too short, only 22 songs & only one encore with one song "Rio" , that's it! Way too short! I got so used to the 3 + hour concerts with the Cure & DD was only an 1 hour 50 minute show. And if anyone thought the Cure’s merchandise was expensive, DD was even more so. And what was up with the electro set? So stupid, I really didn’t like it! They killed my favorite song “Skin Trade” with that shit!!! Give me another Cure show any day!!!

  28. dumb anguish - any news on an offer yet today? (my fingers and toes are cramping up from being crossed all weekend)

  29. Thank you Thistle for thinking about me! :)

    Right now I'm assuming the answer is no. They said they would be making their decision today and today is almost over and I haven't heard a word. I know the guy is in the office today. I called him (like he suggested I do) but I just got his voice mail and I left a polite little message asking if they had made any decision yet.

    Can I just rant for a little bit? Why are people like that? Every time I've interviewed for a job where they didn't want me, I had to be the one to chase them down and find out if I had been chosen or not. How much time does it take to type an email saying: "I'm sorry. We're going in a different direction. But thank you for playing, we have some lovely parting gifts for you back stage"

    Just the tiniest bit of respect and dignity. Is that too much to ask? Ugh! I can handle the rejection of a "no" answer. I'm not going to go jumping off a tall building. But to just ignore somebody and just leave them totally in limbo. Irritates the heck out of me!!

    Sorry, I am now disengaging ranting mode :)

  30. d a - I'm sorry to hear things didn't work out. You've got a right to rant. The hiring folks always seem to forget there's someone still biting their nails for the outcome. A little professionalism and respect isn't so much to ask. More numbing in store for tonight?

  31. Thistle, all I can say is I'm thankful for my "Pissed off" mix CD. It includes some Skinny Puppy, Joy Division and the following selections from The Cure:

    100 Years
    The Kiss
    Shiver and Shake
    Us or Them

    That's some cheap and easy therapy. Listen to that music at the loudest possible volume and sing along in your most obnoxious loud voice

    It really helps release the demons :)

  32. Yes! Include Assimilate and Transmission in there and you have a great, fierce playlist. :^D

  33. Announcement, announcement: Fantac rocks. He picked up a t-shirt for me at the RCMH show (cuz I was stupid and didn't get one in Houston) and it got here today! Thanks, Fantac!

  34. D. A., sorry for the bad news. If they're that rude you probably would have hated it there anyway.

  35. DA sorry to here you bad news. I'm currently in the process of getting my resume ready to look for another job & I find it all so nerve racking! I feel the same way you do. I hate the waiting & the rejection. I almost don't even know if I want to go through it. OK I'll stop the negativity. I do hope you will find the perfect new job one day!

  36. Millertime,

    You are correct in your assessment about Duran Duran. But they did do the song "Come Undone". The first person I fell really hard for, met them on my 19th birthday, I was far too young for them. And that song became really popular about the time my heart done got broke and reminded of the whole thing. But not always in a bad way.

    I remember some ten years after that song was popular. I saw Duran Duran at the Inland Invasion Festival along with The Cure and DD played "Come Undone" and I just started crying like a little 80s girl with big bangs and blue hair streaks :)

    I'll always love that song.

    Cure Kitty,

    I'm with ya, girl! How about we use each other as references and give glowing testimonials about each other? Remember that movie where Dolly Parton and Jane Fonda gave the boss rat poison and held him hostage? I'm almost at that point now! :)

  37. How do you download the material... I feel completely inept right now....

  38. Thanks Xuan!!! It's loaded onto my i-pod ~ YEAH!!! I sat in front of you at MSG. It's Maggie from California (not Margaret). I was sitting next to Debi. Listening to this helps ease the pain of no more Cure shows!!!!!!!!

  39. Dumb anguish, I hear ya, I was actually at that show in 2003. Unfortunately I had to leave The Cure early after Bloodflowers because the people I were with got tired.

    I vowed never again to take someone to see The Cure unless they were a real fan and could make through a whole show!!!

    I'm glad Duran Duran played 'Come Undone' but that is still a big hit. My point is that they don't go outside the box with their setlist very often.

    They actually used more so when Andy was in the band from 2003 - 2006. But after he quit they seem to have fallen into a rut of the 'Greatest Hits', lol.

    The Cure, I mean, they know how to treat fans. I saw 3 shows on this tour, and counted a total of 55 different songs that I saw performed!!!

    B-sides, deep cuts,... The Cure do it all.

    My only gripe with The Cure: WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO PLAY 'DOUBT' !!!!!

    Maybe on the next tour in 2012.

    God that's depressing to think it will probably be another 3 - 4 years before the next tour....

  40. The Cure should do another 'Trilogy' show to tide us over until the next tour.

    This time in New York or L.A. and bring Lol back on keys !!!!

    Or maybe a 'residency' show where they book a week and do all the albums in their entirety, bring back Lol, Roger, Perry, and bang them all out.

    13 albums, 2 or 3 a night over a week. Could be done Robert !!!!

  41. millertime- id be down with a "residency" show too!

    anywhere in the US boys! and im there!!!

    but during the summer or the two weeks that contain xmas and new years preferably. :D

    some of your biggest and craziest fans are teachers! think of us!! please!

  42. Hi Maggie!

    It's great hearing from you. Yeah, we're all having tour withdraws right now. I saw you and Debi front row dead center at RCMH. I bet that must of been incredible. I hope you got a chance to check out Manhattan.

  43. Xuan, RCMH was, well as Robert puts it "IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING". I watch the You Tube videos all the time and of course now listen to your recording. How's your girlfriend? Is she also having withdraws?

    Debi and I did get to run around town, it was lots of fun!