Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Only One exclusive at Best Buy?

Best Buy has a listing for "Cure One Single - CD". Releasing on May 20th for $2.99 and says it's a BB exclusive. No idea what the exclusive is, maybe the box? An extra track?
They also have the import (I guess) cd listed for $9.99.
(Thanks Zach)

Update: The "Best Buy Exclusive" bit has been removed.


  1. $2.99? I suspect this is only the single and not the b-side.

  2. Well, that WOULD be an exclusive. : )

  3. i hate it when Best Buy does those stupid "exclusives"...

  4. Good grief, I really hope this isn't true. $2.99 is how much the last Cure domestic singles cost at most places, so I would expect this to be the full single with b-side. Perhaps the exclusive bit is that Best Buy is the only place to carry the single in the US? If that's true, I'll spend extra money to get the single from the UK, because I'm totally against giving Best Buy money for music. They represent a lot of what's wrong with the music industry today, and I really hope the Cure aren't supporting their practices.

  5. I agree, themisnomers. Best Buy is a really annoying company. I also hate how the employees lie and act all charming until the moment you've purchased the item, and all of a sudden you're a stranger to whose concerns they're barely receptive. Happens with Future Shop in Canada, too.

    There's a price to low prices and that's crappy customer service, folks.

    Also, I'm damn sure Walmart has been behind my getting telemarketing calls from an automated machine. Walmart refused to let me purchase something once and wanted my address and phone number. I should have called the manager.

  6. I'm confused why Geffen (an American company) didn't want to release this single domestically. How many people are willing to buy imports versus just paying $3 for a domestically-made single? How hard can it be?