Thursday, May 8, 2008

Indieville responds to Robert

"Polydor have shelved plans for the collectors box . But I do take offence to Robert Smiths outburst, I have the sales notes and proof from Polydor / Geffen Records that they were intending to issue the first single with a collectors box for both formats and this was shelved as late as last Thursday 1st May . So it just goes to show that Mr Smith ( Bless him !! ) has no idea what his own record label is doing and to say someone is lying or stupid for selling this is bang out of order . If I were Mr Smith I would be having words !!! I have a good mind to post this message up on the Cures Forum page !!"


  1. Oh no! I don't want to see this kind of mess anymore...:-(

  2. I had the best laid plans this side of America
    And now I dig it in the dirt and I’m down here for a while....

  3. A well-phrased, yet respectful, defense by Indiville. Good for the company. Robert should really be looking into what Geffen's planning so they don't pull more crap like they did in 2004 with multiple versions of the album and excluding "Going Nowhere" from North America. He should watch out because they're obviously up to no good again.

  4. Oh LOL... this is too reminiscent of all the fiascoes of 04ish... I think it's hilarious when Robert gets all angry and then everyone lashes out... at the same time I understand their frustration with him...

    Cure Soap Opera 08!

  5. I've never heard of a single other band having this much difficulty recording and releasing music. What is so complicated about handing the label a finished recording and saying, "Press it!"

  6. The Cure does seem to flounder around a lot with these kinds of things, and it's really rather bemusing. I don't really keep up with any other bands this closely (only Tom Waits, sort of - and did you hear that the Wicked Waits is going on tour again?! Woo hoo!). But according to those in the know, The Cure have more problems than others with such confusions. What gives, Roberto? Why comes we can't just have a smooth release situation sans all the bafflement?

  7. Yeah, as far as I know, this kind of nonsense confusion never happened when they were in Fiction.

  8. As the Cure World Turns...

    Will Robert continue to endear himself to retailers the world over by calling them stupid liars?

    Will Polydor continue to screw over The Cure and their fans by releasing misinformation?

    Will sycophants ever cease shrieking their love for Robert for just ONE SECOND?

    Will the new album be a double or a single or maybe just a few demos on an 8-track?

    Will the new album be released in September 2008 or September 2088?

    Will Robert wear THE SAME BLACK SHIRT that he's been wearing for the past FOUR YEARS? Or will he at least wash it?

    Will Porl tattoo his genitals? Or has he already?

    Will Simon still scowl in a sex-punk way?

    Will Jason still look like a confused stoned surfer?

    Stay tuned Cure-freaks, for another lively episode of AS THE CURE WORLD TURNS.

  9. i have another point of this.i think maybe robert didin't know that geffen has ready multiple version of the only one because geffen is looking for get extra money parallelment...and now robert is suprised about this..if there more version probable wasn't robert who did them...maybe we have a legal problem this..maybe i wrong i don't know...

  10. I think the whole singles release timeline stretching out over 4 months is just a way to buy some more time to decide over the definite album release format.

  11. This Morning i received this mail...

    Dear carmapo,
    Dear Buyer

    I am contacting you to let you know that the CD & 7” of the Cure has arrived
    into stock today prior to the release date. Unfortunately upon the production
    of the item it was decided however between the band and Universal that they
    would not include the Collector’s Box. I realise that as a fan you may have
    only wanted the item with the collector’s box. However, I am asking you if
    you wish to still receive the item alone without the additional box or if
    I can offer you a full refund upon request.

    The original sales notes from Universal did state that this extra item would
    be included but this was withdrawn at the beginning of this week without
    our knowledge. The item will remain at the same price as the box held no
    additional cost.

    Please let me know as I would like to send the items as soon as possible
    so that you can receive them soon after release.

    Kindest Regards



  12. well maybe im not a known person in records stuff but...according to my info....Robert is doing well saying all that....cuz there has been a kind of sabotage from some-ones to this record... big part ofthis has com from "some-ones" in the US, that´s why there are more problems now,,,, but hey listen to Bob he knows wot´s to say... as soon as im allowed to bring you more of this i will...

  13. just alil note.....the album plans are taken... the problem is that Robert wants The limited edition to be a real limited edition i mean, with a special design of the box...a kind strange way of booklet and full of "art", porl idea, and get ready to hear "All Kinds Of Stuff", could be a strange surprise and well the cove of the 4th single is.......????, i can only say that maybe some of you has seen it in somewhere and you neve thought what it could be...

  14. Maybe if The Cure took the time to update their website a little more effectively & regularly then we wouldn't need to suffer this kind of nonsense.
    The fact that a fan site is significantly more up to speed with what is going on speaks volumes. For a band of The Cure's standing & their record label to not have a sensible level of communication in this day & age is quite frankly laughable & actually downright embarrassing.

  15. Clearly the band have been the victims of their record company being cheapskates, Geffen is trying to direct all its resources into trying the recoup the lost funds spent on 'Chinese Democracy' no doubt and trying to find a way to make it be a hit, so everyone else gets kicked to the curb.

    Or??? maybe not.

    Shame the box isnt coming, I went on an embarrassing anti label bash fest on the official site, but they deserve it.

    Good on indieville for telling us the truth, I am thinking Robert is the victim of the labels sneakiness.

    But if the box got pulled only 9 days ago, surely it must have been designed and made? they would whack it together at the last minute would they? so maybe they will emerge on ebay for $50 US a pop at some stage???

    who knows.....

  16. I'll make my own darn box. Just don't even think about pushing back these single dates.

  17. Kent - Don't worry, there's no delay. Some retailers already have them in stock. The only delay is for the US single, thanks to "the mighty Universal". : )
    And of course when we all buy the imports and the US single doesn't sell, "the mighty Universal" can go to Robert and say "See? We told you singles don't sell".

  18. p, from where are you getting your info?