Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Inside Story Behind The Cure's Dark Trilogy

For many, The Cure of the 1980s was that of smudged lipstick and funny pop songs, but as albums Pornography and Disintegration showed, the reality was much darker...

On paper, at least, the 1980s seemed like a very rosy decade for The Cure. They had countless hit singles, made some great videos, and toured the world to much acclaim. However, if you ask your average man on the street what he thinks of The Cure in the 80s, chances are the songs that will immediately spring to mind are the fun pop of Why Can’t I Be You?, The Love Cats or cheeky teen anthem Let’s Go To Bed. Yet while these were monster chart smashes for Robert Smith and his boys from Crawley, West Sussex, it certainly wasn’t indicative of the material that they were recording at the beginning of the decade. Or at its end.

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