Thursday, November 16, 2017

5 Questions with Reeves Gabrels

You’ve played so many shows and worked with so many incredible people during your career. What have been some of the most memorable moments as a musician?

RG: I have been extremely lucky in that almost every day on the road or in the studio has offered some little gift that sticks in my memory.

Any day writing songs with David Bowie was memorable, funny, educational and entertaining.
Here's one recent and moving moment to stand in for all. After I joined The Cure (in 2012) we did a tour of South America and Mexico the following spring. Our show in Mexico City happened to be on Robert Smith's birthday. Right before we were to take the stage, there was an earthquake. Within minutes of the first roll of the ground, and the sounds of surprise (and fear) from the crowd, and once it was clear that there was no structural risk to the stage or stadium, we decided instantly to play the show. That experience was memorable in terms of the size of the stadium, and how much it meant to the audience that we simply came out and carried on to play the music. We played over 4 hours, as a thank you to them.

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