Thursday, December 1, 2016

Wembley show important info


If you are driving to the event please check for local road closures HERE or if using public transport please refer to the TFL website to plan your journey accordingly.

Door Timings 

(Please note all times are approximate and subject to change)

Foyer/Mezzanine bar/1934 Bar & Grill open 5pm
Doors to building/Auditorium (standing) 6pm
Doors to building/Auditorium (seated) 6.10pm
The Twilight Sad 7pm
The Cure 8pm

Finish 11pm

We don't want you to miss any of the show so please arrive in plenty of time to allow for:

Congestion in the Wembley area

Heightened security checks - everyone entering the arena will be screened through our security arches which will take time and queues are likely.

Only small bags and handbags are allowed into the venue and will be searched. For security reasons, bags no larger than a standard rucksack size of 35(W)x17(D)x42(H) cm will be allowed into the venue, we no longer have cloakrooms available.

Click HERE for full FAQ's. 


Click HERE to book parking at £16.25 (blue badge £13.25) in advance otherwise parking will be £20 on the day subject to availability. Please ensure you are booking for the correct date.          

If arriving under sat-nav direction, please use the postcode for your allocated Car Park as follows: Green Parking HA9 0TU, Red Parking HA9 8DS, Yellow Parking HA9 0EG.

Shoppers who spend £40 or over at The London Designer Outlet can park from £1 an hour up to 6 hours*

*Must validate ticket at level 0 parking office or Guest services. For over 6 hours parking, additional rates apply. 

Thanks, Benj!


  1. It is also worth mentioning that the Piccadilly line has been a nightmare all week. It isn't directly needed for Wembley, but try to avoid if you need to connect to get up to Wembley. 15 minutes between trains and dangerous over-crowding both on platforms and on the trains.

  2. I''m going tomorrow. What means of transportation do you suggest? I'm not from here.

  3. Jubilee line to Wembley is the best, though depends in London where you are.

    1. I'm in Hammersmith. Very close to the tube station.

  4. Sorry, wasn't meaning to be alarmist. The tube to the venue is fine, metropolitan line to Wembley Park. There are overground trains also to Wembley Stadium. Just advice to try and avoid the Piccadilly line if was a suggested route across town to link with a tube or train to Wembley, as there are severe delays and it is very uncomfortable. I've had my fill of it over the last week!

  5. Thanks for posting the info Craig, appreciated.

  6. Thanks For the info...another journey by plane

  7. Need a seat ticket cause mine didnt arrived

    1. Peter, I'll give you a ticket if you buy me a t-shirt?

  8. pre show drinks on all nights at the Lost Rivers bar near the venue, also some people with spare tickets on there, if anyone's still looking: