Monday, November 28, 2016

'In Between Days' book unboxing video

From The Flood Gallery:

We've just received the first advanced copy of the much anticipated IN BETWEEN DAYS - THE CURE IN PHOTOGRAPHS 1982-2005 by Tom Sheehan... This calls for a quick unboxing video!

Featuring 240 pages and 322 photographs- including many never seen before- from over 20 sessions across 3 decades. This stunning book is available as two strictly limited-editions:

SUPER DELUXE edition of just 700 features a 3mm rigid board photographic slipcase and a pearlescent book cover, on the inside of which is a sealed envelope with three 5 x 7" photographs from Tom Sheehan's Cure archive. It also includes a bound-in certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by Tom himself.

DELUXE edition of 2500 features the beautiful 3mm rigid board photographic slipcase.

Released on November 28th, don’t miss out – pre-order your copy now!


  1. Okay that looks very nice. Pity the tour has bankcrupted me :D

  2. Pity that Cure tour is the only thing you are spending all your money on, pal!

    1. Lol....hisssss and for the record....that Sny comment wasn't from me this!!!!

    2. I also spend a huge sum on drugs.

  3. This book is HUGE. As in it makes my hands look very tiny. Did i mention the book is gigantic?

    I'm amazed at the quantity, quality and variety of photos also, as in, there isn't like three or four grainy shadowy dark concert photos in a row or more where you couldn't really tell who is in the picture.

    I really hope there is going to be a part 2.