Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Cure in Oslo (Oct. 11th, 2016)

October 11th, 2016
Spektrum in Oslo, Norway
Tickets still available / Doors at 6 PM
The Twilight Sad 7 - 7:40 / The Cure 8:07 - 10:57
US start times for The Cure are 2 PM Eastern, 1PM Central, Noon Mountain, and 11 AM Pacific
Get there early for The Twilight Sad! They are excellent!

Setlist: Tape / Open, High, A Night Like This, Push, In Between Days, Pictures of You, This Twilight Garden, The End of the World, Lovesong, Primary, Shake Dog Shake, The Hungry Ghost, Kyoto Song, Hot Hot Hot, The Walk, Just Like Heaven, Boys Don't Cry, Trust, From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, End

1st encore: It Can Never Be The Same, Want, Burn, A Forest

2nd encore: Lullaby, Fascination Street, Never Enough, Wrong Number,

3rd encore: Catch, Charlotte Sometimes, Friday I'm in Love, Doing the Unstuck, Close to Me, Why Can't I Be You?

Twilight Sad setlist: Reflection of the Television, Last January, I Could Give You All That You Don't Want, Mapped by What Surrounded Them, There's a Girl in the Corner, It Never Was the Same, I'm Taking the Train Home

Thank you so much to for setlist & scopes and to for the fantastic Facebook Live stream!

A Pink Dream are broadcasting live on Facebook. (Thanks Herve)

Photos: Diechman Blogg Musikk

Reviews: Dagsavisen / Aftenposten / VG / Dagbladet

Videos: Full show (A Pink Dream Facebook Live stream)

Periscopes: Open - This Twilight Garden - 3 


  1. Still tickets ;


  2. Oslo soundcheck: Trust, Charlotte Sometimes, Kyoto Song, Primary, Catch, This Twilight Garden, All I Want, Open.

    Thanks to A Pink Dream for the info!

  3. This set list is going to be epic if the soundcheck and first 11 tracks are anything to go by. Except End of The World of course. Can't please everyone I guess.

  4. Thanks A Pink Dream for the Facebook broadcast! SO incredibly helpful, and much easier than viewing on Periscope. I wish these could be broadcast from Facebook more often, but will gratefully take what I can get! I sometimes wonder if the order is completely random for some songs. For example, the jarring juxpasition of This Twilight Garden and TEOTW. It almost reminds me of blanching – dunking something in boiling water then immediately sticking it in ice cold water (not necessarily a bad thing). RS likes to refer to going up/downhill. In this case it’s a sudden and sharp change in gradient? Awhile back some fans noted that some songs pairings are akin to eating soup after ice cream? Again not necessarily a bad thing (but sometimes puzzling). Sorry for the all the food references, must be lunchtime…haha. Glad to see the former return to the set. Oh, wow, what’s HHH doing in the mainset?

  5. Hearing the news that DM is going on tour next year, makes me appreciate Cure tours even more. No band in the universe can switch up setlists like the Cure do. And certainly not DM, who've been playing the same 23 songs on the past 4 tours.

  6. Catch, Charlotte Sometimes, Friday I'm in love...another setlist chosen by a blindfolded child. But still: nice

    1. Catch and charlotte sometimes are the better singles in my opinion, I wish they would throw out TEOTW, and wrong number, and give friday a rest along with WCIBY, Id like to here them play 'Cut Here' again as that is one of the better more recent singles...

    2. Wrong number is first collaboration Reeves Gabrels and RS since 1997. So there is insistence on the setlist for this song.

  7. For once they didn’t play Let’s Go To Bed (This may ruffle a few feathers but…good riddance!(?)…just kidding. Haha) I’ve never been a huge fan of LGTB but I suppose it’s semi-tolerable. I like the concept of it but not the sound. It’s one of those songs with the 3 am reference. Rhetorical question: What’s the significance of 3 am? There are others songs that mention it (Before Three, The Perfect Boy, and others I can’t recall right now). Speaking of 3, I noticed recently that on some songs, the last phrase/line of the song is now being repeated 3x in rapid succession. I didn’t catch the encores, I wonder if RS answered the phone on Wrong Number with the local “Hallo”?

    1. Return on WMS starts with a voice that say "3:01 AM"

    2. Yes! That's right...I'm one of those few fans who actually likes Return. Thanks! I also realized that Kyoto Song mentions it a few times: "wakes me up a quarter to 3".

    3. And what about 'Three' from 17 Seconds? 3 does rhyme with a lot of words, but I like the idea that 3 has a deeper hidden meaning, Simon's first tattoo has III within it...

  8. Watching it live unexpectantly was amazing. I couldn't have had a better day off, except I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a pink dream live facebooking it. I was in the middle of a cleaning rage and nothing got done for two hours. What are days off for? I am one lucky cure fan to see the live stream today. Thanks pinkdream!

  9. http://www.vg.no/rampelys/musikk/david-bowie/konsertanmeldelse-the-cure/a/23818048/

  10. http://www.dagbladet.no/kultur/the-cure-anno-2016-sliter-med-a-oversette-inderligheten-til-scenen/63958166

  11. http://www.dagsavisen.no/kultur/musikk/lang-og-tung-kveld-med-lykkelig-slutt-1.789997

  12. http://www.aftenposten.no/osloby/The-Cure-med-kraftfull-presentasjon-av-sin-enorme-historie-606564b.html

  13. Setlist diff to Stockholm show:
    - All I Want
    - Closedown
    - Disintegration
    - Jupiter Crash
    - Plainsong
    - Sinking
    - The Baby Screams
    - The Caterpillar
    - The Perfect Girl
    + Catch
    + Charlotte Sometimes
    + End
    + Kyoto Song
    + Open
    + Primary
    + This Twilight Garden
    + Trust

    8 new songs, so much for "static set lists". A very Wish heavy set list.

  14. This twilight garden and charlotte. Nice!

  15. These setlists ar good. Can't wait til they reach the UK. Mind, I don't want to complain (although I will), I really don't like WCIBY? as a final song. I wanna go away miserable!

  16. This is by far the better set list. ...The previous one which they often alternate is nowhere near as good. ..why don't they stick to this one and throw in some other tracks here and there? The poppy encores of the other set list suck

  17. Nice Setlist! Very good, Craig was right, things are changing enough.

  18. These sets would be perfect if they would just throw in a dark encore. I feel like the Dream Tour was better for that reason. For example just picking a couple of Dream Tour shows at random:

    West Valley Utah, June 4, 2000
    Encore 1:
    The Same Deep Water as You

    Encore 2:
    A Strange Day

    Columbia, MD June 17, 2000
    Encore 1:
    All Cats Are Grey
    The Drowning Man

    This is the biggest thing I see lacking in these sets. Other than that of course I think they are amazing but a dark encore or two would make the sets perfect in humble my opinion.