Friday, October 14, 2016

The Cure in Copenhagen (Oct. 14th, 2016)

October 14th, 2016
Forum  in Copenhagen, Denmark
Sold Out! / Doors at 6:30 PM
The Twilight Sad 7:30 - 8:10 / The Cure 8:41 - 11:26
US start times for The Cure are 2:30 PM Eastern, 1:30 PM Central, 12:30 PM Mountain, and 11:30 AM Pacific
Get there early for The Twilight Sad! They are excellent!

Setlist: Plainsong, Pictures of You, Closedown, High, The Walk, Push, In Between Days, Sinking, All I Want, The End of the World, Lovesong, The Last Day of Summer, Charlotte Sometimes, Just Like Heaven, From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, Prayers For Rain, Disintegration

1st encore: Step Into the Light, Want, Burn, A Forest

2nd encore: Dressing Up, Shake Dog Shake, Fascination Street, Never Enough, Wrong Number

3rd encore: Lullaby, Friday I'm In Love, Doing the Unstuck, Boys Don't Cry, Close to Me, Why Can't I Be You?

Reviews: Politiken / Poplish / SoundVenue / BT / Jyllands-Posten / Gaffa / Ekstra Bladet / Berlingske

Photos: Poplish / Francesco 

Videos: Full Show (Snuffybear's Periscope stream) / Pictures of You / High / Push / In Between Days / All I Want / Lovesong / Charlotte Sometimes / Just Like Heaven / Burn / Dressing Up / Lullaby / Friday I'm In Love / Boys Don't Cry  / Twilight Sad - I Could Give You All That You Don't Want / It Never Was the Same  

Cure Periscopes: Full show - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

Twilight Sad setlist: That Summer at Home I Had Become the Invisible Boy, Last January, I Could Give You All That You Don't Want, Seven Years of Letters, It Never Was the Same, There's a Girl in the Corner, And She Would Darken the Memory

Twilight Sad Periscopes: Full Show - I Could Give You All That You Don't Want - It Never Was the Same

Thank you so much to , , , and for the help tonight! And a very special THANK YOU SO MUCH to , who Periscoped the entire show so we could all watch tonight.


  1. Cant wait. Just about to take off from Helsinki.

  2. Im here in forum. Pictures and videos in my Facebook chinaski cure

  3. Did anyone notice if there were any changes to Step Into the Light?

  4. Thanks a ton for SnuffyBear who periscoped the entire show!!! Hope this will be happening more and more.

  5. This was the first time I was able to follow most of the show on Periscope. Most of the time I am only able to catch (at most) bits and pieces. Today was a great day to be off as I would not have otherwise had a chance to view the entire scope. Snuffy did a fabulous job of capturing the entire show. Great camera work, his or her hand was quite steady throughout. There was a brief shot of the audience, which was brilliant. Even though I'm well aware of the band's enormous popularity, I'm always taken aback by the massive number of people in the audience. The CPH crowd seemed especially energetic, maybe because it's Friday? TGIF. Even the security personnel seemed to be enjoying themselves (well, at least one of them) Must be a nice occupational perk. I thought I heard RS say "tak" at the end of a few songs. I didn't know he spoke Danish (and Bulgarian??). Luckily for RS, "thank you" is the same in many Scandinavian countries. I was flabbergasted when Last Day of Summer started playing. It really threw me for a loop. I actually thought it would be played at Bestival (even though it's not really a festival-type song) since that was closer to the actual last day of summer, but I'm more than happy to hear it anytime of the year. I don't think I've enjoyed SITL as much as I did today. It takes me a long time to warm up to new material, and this time something finally clicked when I heard the song. I know the band is apolitical (or tries to be), but I can see how there might be some political connotations with this song. I don't necessarily agree with all of Robert's stances on politics and religion (though like RS, I happen to embrace atheism). I looked into the work of Sam Harris (supposedly the inspiration for this song), and it was very eye opening. Some (but not all) of his ideas resonated with me right away. There was an interview with Harris in my local paper a few years ago. He was discussing his latest book on Waking Up. The comments were absolutely hilarious.

  6. Speaking of books, I thought I heard RS mention something about a book at one point. Is RS pondering writing a memoir? Maybe he can follow in Lol's footsteps and dedicate an entire year to writing his memoir. This would virtually guarantee that it would come out before the next album! haha. However, with RS it might be difficult to differentiate between fact and might be necessary to include a disclaimer in the Maybe he (like Lol) can do a worldwide book tour as well! If given a choice I would actually rather have a memoir from RS than two new albums. It would be great to have all of these, of course, but if I had to choose I would rather take the memoir. If you are reading this, please, Robert? I'm sure I am not the only one who is dying to hear your story. An audible version would be nice, too. Heck, pretty much any spoken word type recording from RS would be great. He has such a soothing, hypnotic voice. I would probably spend as much (if not more) time listening to the audible version of his memoir as the last few albums

    1. Well Lol's book has had arguably more coverage than The Cure Tour, which is rather surprising as he has not been a member since 1988, but then its a great read. I would rather see an interview with Robert about his present plans regarding a new album, dvd issues, reissues etc than writing about the past, but thats my opinion. Writing memoirs/auobiogaphies seem to be the order of the day at the moment so Im pretty sure He would shy away from it. Smithy has kept a very low profile during the tour, perhaps thats a deliberate stance on his part.

    2. Re. The book. I think it was a tongue-in-cheek comment! Robert was about to go into a tale re. his pains of singing "All I Want" and then said "oh go read it in my book..... read it in Simon's book!" and chuckled.
      Lol has definitely had more premonition for his book than the whole tour has, in fact I think all band did was announce it on their website and FB and they sold out venues on the back of that. Says a lot really. Both Robert and (from what Lol has said) Simon have been very gracious about the book by all accounts.

    3. The promotion and book tour for Cured was definitely well thought out/planned. Lol even mentioned having a tour manager early on. He took all the right steps to ensure adequate exposure and publicity. To be quite honest, I think most of the publicity is coming straight from COF, more so than all the "traditional" outlets combined! Craig deserves much of the credit (being the humble guy he is, he would likely shy away from any such credit ��). I know for a fact that I likely would not have found out about the book if it hadn't been posted on COF. It wasn't just a single announcement either, there have been countless follow up posts and reminders each time a Cured event or milestone takes place. Maybe a small % of royalties can go to COF? Haha...
      Good point about the interviews, there haven't been any recent ones so far. This is in stark contrast to say, 2012, when there were probably at least a dozen. I missed most of the news from 2012 to last year so I am still trying to get up to speed by looking at old COF posts and interviews/shows on YouTube. I have a lot of catching up to do...
      HAHA...yes I knew RS was being tongue in cheek. I was raising the (admittedly unlikely) possibility. It doesn't hurt to hope/dream, right? To adopt Lol's optimistic stance for a moment, "anything is possible"? You're right that the ticket sales for this tour are amazing given the relative lack of publicity. Strangely, I actually didn't find out from either FB or the official site. I was looking at some old emails when I happened upon a previously overlooked email from Ticketmaster which had the announcement. It was then that I checked COF to confirm. In retrospect it is quite telling that I immediately gravitated to COF to confirm the news rather than the official

      Any combo of interviews, new material, reissues, and a potential memoir would be a dream come true.

    4. Very coincidentally timed?...definitely!

  7. Nothing like "the Cure"
    32 songs with 3 encores and 15 no single songs!!!!

  8. The security guy in front of us was really into the gig! I dont if thats the same one. After the gig he said that pornography was THE album of his youth.

  9. Setlist diff to Gotenburg:
    - A Night Like This
    - A Strange Day
    - At Night
    - Give Me It
    - Hot Hot Hot!!!
    - Let's Go to Bed
    - M
    - One Hundred Years
    - Play for Today
    - Sleep When I'm Dead
    - The Baby Screams
    - The Caterpillar
    - The Lovecats
    - alt.end
    + All I Want
    + Charlotte Sometimes
    + Closedown
    + Disintegration
    + Doing the Unstuck
    + Dressing Up
    + Plainsong
    + Prayers for Rain
    + Sinking
    + Step Into the Light
    + The End of the World
    + The Last Day of Summer

    Most similar to the Stockholm show.