Monday, October 17, 2016

The Cure in Hamburg (Oct. 17th, 2016)

October 17th, 2016
Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg, Germany
Tickets still available / Doors at 5:30 PM
The Twilight Sad 7:30 - 8:10 / The Cure 8:36 - 11:30
US start times for The Cure are 2:30 PM Eastern, 1:30 PM Central, 12:30 PM Mountain, and 11:30 AM Pacific
Get there early for The Twilight Sad! They are excellent!

Setlist: Tape / Open, High, A Night Like This, Push, In Between Days, Pictures of You, This Twilight Garden, Charlotte Sometimes, The End of the World, Lovesong, Primary, Shake Dog Shake, The Hungry Ghost, Kyoto Song, The Walk, Just Like Heaven, Boys Don't Cry, Trust, From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, End

1st encore: It Can Never Be The Same, Want, Burn, A Forest

2nd encore: Lullaby, Fascination Street, Never Enough, Wrong Number

3rd encore: The Lovecats, Hot Hot Hot, Friday I'm in Love, Close to Me, Why Can't I Be You?

Thank you so much to for the setlist and to for the scope!

Photos: Rex Features

Reviews: Rolling Stone - LN - NOZ - NDR - SHZ - Abendblatt - MOPO - SZ 

Videos: Open / In Between Days 1 - 2 / Pictures of You / This Twilight Garden 1 - 2 / Charlotte Sometimes 1 - 2 / Lovesong / Primary / Hungry Ghost / The Walk & Just Like Heaven / Just Like Heaven / A Forest / Lullaby / Fascination Street 1 - 2 / The Lovecats 1 - 2 / Friday I'm in Love / Why Can't I Be You? 

Periscopes: First 59 minutes of the show - 2 - 3 - 4 -


  1. Replies
    1. Is it? Clock says just after 3 PM there, and that's what every website I've checked says.

    2. Oh dear god NO!! Save the clock!!!


  2. It is right now, I was in a cafe in Hamburg, and was definitely an hour behind. All good now, no idea why it showed wrong earlier for me.

    1. You're right. It's possible the clock might have been disoriented after having to adjust to two time zone changes in the last week or two. It's physically in Hamburg but may have left its heart in Helsinki? HAHA. But then it would've been ahead one hour, not behind. Now I'm getting disoriented! Or wait, is it "disorientated"? In the comments for the first show I noticed some people used the term "singles-orientated"...I had never heard of such a thing. Out of curiosity I looked it up. Apparently it is "orientated" in the UK and never "oriented"...but here in the US "oriented" is the norm. It's funny how you can learn something new everyday from COF! Look forward to checking out those scopes once I get home.

    2. Piggy, you make me smile! Investigating 'orientated' vs. 'oriented' is something I'd do. I think we must be kindred spirits! :-)

    3. Haha.. it was actually not the first time I had heard of orientated despite the comment above. I had come across it before and had a feeling it had to do with British vs. American English and seeing it again in the comments was the impetus for googling it to confirm. I also noticed Brits say "different to" as opposed to "different from"...the former just sounds strange to my ears but it's probably just a matter of culture/custom. Also "at the weekend" vs. "on/over the weekend." Ironically enough I learned about some of these subtle differences from Hong Kongers/ Singaporeans and others from former British colonies. An entire book can probably be written on this topic ��

    4. Agreed, but for precision's sake, I often consult a reference or several! My dearest friend, born in Cornwall, now living in Somerset, and I have had many chuckles over the variations between her English and my Yank one. One of my faves is when her daughter was talking about going to the mall, something that an American would appreciate, she said; but she pronounced mall like pal, and I couldn't figure out what the hell she meant! It took me a few seconds to comprehend that she meant my mall like all! :-D

      I now find myself using several very English phrases in conversations with people on my side of the pond. It's become second nature after years and years of close contact with a beloved Brit! LOL

    5. Yes, very good point..always a good idea to cross-reference with the locals who know firsthand! This could also help avoid embarrassing gaffes since they know the subtleties of usage. I like your story about the mall. Not only is the word usage different but the regional variations in pronunciation only compounds the situation. Anything non-RP might be a challenge. Place names are a definite challenge since it's not always pronounced the way it's spelled (i.e., anything ending in -wich or -ham ). It's almost like trying to decipher a foreign langage...LOL!!

  3. Sounding great on Periscope! Can't wait for tomorrow....

  4. Robert sounds great. band is awesome. I hope they get their sleep and take their vitamins so they can keep this up for the tour. It is a grueling tour schedule, I don't know how they do it night after night. Take care of yourself Bob!!

  5. setlist diff to Copenhagen show:
    - All I Want
    - Closedown
    - Disintegration
    - Doing the Unstuck
    - Dressing Up
    - Plainsong
    - Prayers for Rain
    - Sinking
    - Step Into the Light
    - The Last Day of Summer
    + A Night Like This
    + End
    + Hot Hot Hot!!!
    + It Can Never Be the Same
    + Kyoto Song
    + Open
    + Primary
    + The Hungry Ghost
    + The Lovecats
    + This Twilight Garden
    + Trust

    setlist was quite similar to the Oslo show:
    - Catch
    - Doing the Unstuck
    + The Lovecats