Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Polish Radio 3 Top 20 Cure songs

"A week before concert in Lodz listeners of national Polish Radio 3 voted online for their favorite songs of The Cure. This Top 20 was just aired:

20. Lovecats
19. One Hundred Years
18. Plainsong
17. Pornography (!)
16. Bloodflowers
15. A Strange Day
14. The Last Day Of Summer
13. Faith
12. The Same Deep Water As You
11. Charlotte Sometimes
10. Close To Me (656 votes)
9. Fascination Street (712)
8. Friday I'm In Love (809)
7. Disintegration (818)
6. Boys Don't Cry (973)
5. Just Like Heaven (1000)
4. Pictures Of You (1072)
3. A Forest (1210)
2. Love Song (1256)
1. Lullaby (1451)

More than 22000 people voted and "Pillbox Tales" and "I'm A Cult Hero" were the only songs that did not get any votes out of 216 on the choice list." (Thanks Michal)


  1. Impressive, it is nice to see some surprises. Usually these lists turn out to be most all of the pop "hits". Happy to have seen some deeper darker tracks on the list. TLDOS is a personal fave which I feel gets overlooked far to often. I would have expected to see ANLT, LGTB, WCIBY in the top 20...Way to go Poland!

  2. Looks like the Polish people have some very good taste!

  3. I'm surprised A Few Hours After This isn't on here. I mean with the reference to 'opposite Poles in a secret game' and all.


  4. "I'm A Cult Hero" is one of my fave songs !!!!!

  5. My Top 20: 1. Splintered In Her Head 2. The Snakepit 3. Shake Dog Shake 4. Prayers For Rain 5. Wailing Wall
    6. A Short Term Effect 7. The Funeral Party 8. A Forest 9. Just Like Heaven 10. The Figurehead 11. Descent 12. Killing An Arab 13. Other Voices 14. The Kiss 15. In Your House 16. Want 17. All Cats Are Grey 18. Siamese Twins 19. Trust 20. Sinking. SEE YOU IN ŁÓDŹ!!!

  6. I was only unhappy with the fact that From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea (my number 1) was 25th. Catch the top 100 Craig ;)

  7. Very interesting...all 20 of the songs listed above have been (at one time or another) played during the current tour, except for #13.

  8. Accepted as mainset for tonights show. Not in that order perhaps.

  9. 8 of first 21 songs are from disintegration.
    In top72 include all songs of disintegration
    In top75 include all songs of pornography.
    No1 b side "without you" in No55!!!!

  10. i'm impressed by the fact there were 22000 voters.