Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ticket scam?

Has anyone had contact with an Amy Pierce squeaks187 (at) gmail (dot) com about Atlanta tickets?
She had this listing in the tickets for sale: Section 103, Row D, seats 4-6, $325 for all 3. Squeaks187 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Might be a scam going on.


  1. I hate that this might possibly be happening within our community. I see this conversation with you back on 5/26/16 - https://twitter.com/Amypier09973557/status/736012487179411457

    What hints a possible scam?

  2. She took my money and hasn't sent any ticket!

    1. Can you dispute with PayPal?

    2. If you paid with a credit card you can probably have your cc company charge it back if you didn't receive the service you paid for. If your paypal draws from a bank account you may or may not have this option. Good luck!

    3. Yes I filed a dispute with PayPal! I also received an email from the PayPal account holder and she claims that her son and his girlfriend used her PayPal and stole the money but she will pay me back for the ticket when she gets her paycheck! Amy Pierce(squeaks187) does NOT have any tickets for sale, she ripped me off

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