Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Cure in Vancouver (05-31-16)

May 31st, 2016
Festival Lawn at Deer Lake Park
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Sold out! / Doors at 5 PM Pacific
The Twilight Sad 6 - 6:40 / The Cure 7:10 - 9:56
Get there early for The Twilight Sad! They are excellent!

Soundcheck: Like Cockatoos, Kyoto Song, Plainsong, The Perfect Girl

Setlist: Plainsong, Pictures of You, High, A Night Like This, Lovesong, Trust, Last Dance, Kyoto Song, Screw, The Walk, Push, In Between Days, Just Like Heaven, Lullaby, Like Cockatoos, Fascination Street, The Hungry Ghost, Prayers for Rain, Disintegration

1st encore: At Night, M, Play For Today, A Forest

2nd encore: Step Into the Light, Want, Never Enough, Burn, Wrong Number

3rd encore: The Perfect Girl, Hot Hot Hot, Let's Go To Bed, Close to Me, Why Can't I Be You?, Boys Don't Cry

Reviews: Exclaim / Vancouver Sun

Photos: Steven Jacobs

Videos: Lots of vids from oilcountryDon / Plainsong 1 - 2 - 3 / Lovesong / Trust 1 - 2 / Last Dance 1 - 2 / Kyoto Song / Screw / The Walk / Like Cockatoos 1 - 2 / At Night 1 - 2 / Never Enough 1 - 2 /Wrong Number / The Perfect Girl / Let's Go To Bed 1 - 2 - 3 / Close To Me 1 - 2 / Boys Don't Cry 1 - 2 / End of show

Periscopes: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 (34 minutes of the show)

Thanks to Lisa P. for soundcheck, & Stephanie for the setlist reports, and , , , for the scopes!

Preview article: Vancouver Sun

Nadine and Stephanie will try to help with updates tonight, but I'll be happy to take more help in case of problems. So if you're going to the show and wouldn't mind sending in the live setlist or anything else, please let me know. Twitter, email, text, Facebook, whatever works best for you. Thanks!

If you're still looking for tickets, I will be posting any last minute offers on Twitter (I'm @CraigatCoF) and here.

The Cure Deer Lake Park FAQ (Thanks Trent & Lisa):

SET TIMES **Subject to changeGATES OPEN: 5:00 PM
The Twilight Sad: 6:00pm
The Cure: 7:00pm
CURFEW: 10:00 PM

From Vancouver: TransCanada Highway 1, Exit 32 to Sprott St.
From East: TransCanada Highway 1, Exit 33 to Canada Way

There are two (2) public entrances to the venue, Main East Gate and West Gate. The Main East Gate is located on the northeast side of the venue, next to the Shadbolt Centre.

Ticketmaster "Will Call" is located at this entrance. All patrons picking up tickets from Will Call and those with tickets can access the site at this gate.

Anyone picking up tickets from the Deer Lake Ticketmaster Will Call Box Office at the Main Gate must ensure they have the matching credit card used to purchase the tickets, photo I.D. and the confirmation number of the ticket order.

The West Gate is located on the northwest side of the venue. This entrance is restricted to ticket and Ticketfast holders only.

Both entrances feed from Deer Lake Avenue off Deer Lake Parkway or Canada Way. Signs will point patrons in direction of site access.

To promote public safety and reduce traffic gridlock, the Burnaby RCMP will implement the following traffic plan:

From 4:00 to 9:30pm, Deer Lake Ave. will be closed to eastbound traffic between Deer Lake Parkway and Sperling Ave. Bus service will continue in both directions during this time. Traffic coming onto Deer Lake Ave. will enter at Canada Way and Deer Lake Ave. (by the Burnaby Village Museum) and proceed west with the option to exit at either Century Park Way or Deer Lake Parkway.

From 9:30 to 11:00pm, Deer Lake Ave. will be closed between Deer Lake Parkway and Sperling Ave. During this window, bus service will be interrupted on Deer Lake Ave. and riders will have to walk north to Canada Way bus stops. Translink will post “interruption of service” notices on Deer Lake Ave. bus stops.

A Drop-off zone will be designated in the Deer Lake Ave. stalls directly across from the North Lot at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts until 9:30pm. Deer Lake Ave will be closed to all traffic between 9:30pm and 11pm.

Parking in and around Deer Lake Park is limited. Utilizing transit, carpools, or bicycles to attend events is encouraged. Bike racks are located on site.

Bicycles will not be permitted inside the site, but bike racks will be available near the Main Gate and the West Gate on a first come, first served basis. Owners must provide their own locks and leave bicycles at their own risk.

Parking at Deer Lake Park, Shadbolt Centre and associated buildings will be restricted to production and emergency vehicle parking only on the day of show. However, limited sections of the Shadbolt Centre’s North Parking Lot will be available for vehicles displaying official SPARC (parking permit for people with disabilities) parking decals on a first come, first served basis. There will also be limited parking available in the North Parking Lot for motorcycles and scooters, based on a first come first served basis. Please access this lot by coming westbound from Deer Lake Avenue and Canada Way.

Disability Permit Parking For vehicles displaying the official disability parking permit (SPARC), limited parking will be available in the Shadbolt Centre's North Parking lot on a first come first served basis. Vehicles must access this area from the east end of Deer Lake Avenue at Canada Way (by Esso Gas Station).

The following bus routes service the Deer Lake Park area and include stops at Lougheed Mall, Brentwood Mall, and Metrotown:
- 110 Lougheed Stn/Metrotown Stn
- 123 New West Stn/Brentwood Stn
- 129 Metrotown Stn/Edmonds Stn
- 136 Lougheed Stn/Brentwood Stn
- 144 SFU/Metrotown Stn - includes stop at Shadbolt Centre and connects to the Millenium Skytrain Line at Sperling/Burnaby Lake Station, and the Expo Line at Metrotown Station. The closest bus loop to the site is located at Burnaby City Hall.

For further transit information, please contact Translink at 604-953-3333 or click on “Trip Planner” at www.translink.bc.ca

TAXI Drop-Off / Pick-Up Zone:
A drop-off and pick-up only zone will be designated in the Deer Lake Avenue stalls directly across from the North Lot at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: During large scale events in Deer Lake Park, there may be a last minute decision to temporarily halt bus service on Deer Lake Avenue. This decision is made by RCMP in collaboration with transit authorities and may not be passed on right away to event staff in order that the public can be advised. In most cases, Translink will post an “Interruption of Service” notice on the bus stops in question on Deer Lake Avenue. If you arrive at the bus stop and wait for a specific bus that is late to arrive or there are many others waiting at the stop, it is likely the service has been temporarily interrupted. We would like to suggest that you walk over to the bus loop at Burnaby City Hall. Proceed west on Deer Lake Avenue to Deer Lake Parkway and turn north (right) to City Hall bus loop.

A designated Accessible Seating area for any patrons requiring wheelchair, ADA or special seating consideration will be located on site. Accessible Seating tickets can be purchased by phone at 1-855-682-6736.

If you have already purchased a regular ticket for this show and require an Accessible Seating ticket, please contact Live Nation at 604-683-4233 or westerncanadahelp@livenation.com with your ticket order confirmation number.

For vehicles displaying the official disabled parking permit (SPARC), limited parking will be available in the Shadbolt Centre's North Parking lot on a first come, first served basis. Vehicles must access this area from the east end of Deer Lake Avenue at Canada Way (by Esso Gas Station).

The designated Accessible Seating area is located at the North East end of the concert bowl. While both main entrances are wheelchair accessible, use of the Main East gate is recommended.

While there will be a designated staff member available to provide some assistance if needed, Accessible Seating patrons who require an attendant are encouraged to purchase an Attendant ticket from Ticketmaster. There will be 1 Attendant permitted per Accessible Seating ticket permitted in the designated seating area.

Re-entry to and from the Accessible Seating area is permitted, but patrons are asked to keep their Accessible Seating ticket or voucher with them in order to re-access the area. Wheelchair accessible toilets are located next to the platform.

CHILDREN: Children aged 10 years old and under will be permitted for free. Ear protection is strongly recommended for children.

First Aid
The designated First Aid tent is located on the east side of the site.

Food and Beverages A variety of food and beverage options will be available on site. Outside food and beverages, aside from empty personal reusable bottles, are not permitted on site. There will be a free water station on the concert site where concert goers will be able to fill their bottles.

Alcoholic Beverages
Alcoholic beverages can be purchased from the on-site beer garden, located at the north end of the park near Shadbolt Centre.
Only 2 drinks can be served per person at one time.
As required by law, ANYONE appearing under 40 years of age will be asked to produce 2 pieces of Government Issued ID. ID must have name, date of birth, photo and signature.
DAV (Drinking Age Verified) wristbands are available upon arrival, and at the point of purchase for drink tickets. DAV wristbands must be worn by anyone consuming alcohol.

ATM-Bank Machines
Two (2) ATM units will be located on site.

Items Not Permitted on site:
The following items are not permitted on site: | Bottles | Cans | Alcohol | Professional cameras | Umbrellas of any design | Recorders | Lawn chairs of any design | Coolers | Banners | Frisbees | Tents | Knives | Weapons | Glass | Video/audio recording equipment | Laser pointers | Musical Instruments | Skate Boards | Hula Hoops | Barbeques | Outside Food and Beverages | Electronic tablets of any size | Professional Cameras (defined as any with a detachable lens or zoom lens that extends more than 2 inches) | Video/audio recording equipment (including tripods, Go Pros, selfie sticks, monopods)

Pets are not permitted on site. The only exceptions are working animals (ie. guide dogs for the blind).

Personal empty reusable bottles are allowed.

Bags will be subject to search at the gate prior to entrance.

Deer Lake Park is a general admission, lawn-seating environment with no reserved seats. No lawn chairs of any design will be permitted on site. Blankets are welcome.

Lost and Found If you misplace an item at this event, please speak to local security staff at the East gate, while on site at the show.

After the day of the show, please contact westerncanadahelp@livenation.com for inquiries about missing items.

Deer Lake Park is located in a residential area. Please respect our neighbours by keeping this area clean and placing all trash or recycling in the bins provided around the site.

As Deer Lake Park is an outdoor venue, please be prepared for all weather conditions. The show will happen - rain or shine!

Enjoy the show!


  1. I'm headed up there soon and will try to report to you on twitter if no one else can. I have no idea what my cell data service will be like. T-Mobile was pretty crappy for me at other shows and this time I'm leaving the country, we'll see! Haha. Time to get up, get out and get gone! ;)

    1. Hey, thanks! Be careful, it could be expensive unless you have WhatsApp.

      I think SpiralCure will be helping tonight, but not 100% sure. So thanks again for possible backup!

    2. I think T-Mobile had a deal where it would work in Canada and in Mexico while traveling but your home address had to be in the USA. Nadine would have to know if this is her plan.

    3. Oh that's right! Check your plan before you leave. :)

    4. Check your data rates before you use it. International rates can be insane. I think tonight will be an amazing show after what happened at Sasquatch

    5. Same here. Think RS will be fired up tonight.

    6. Thanks for the advice! Checked and I do have simple choice, I should be ok. I'm more worried about getting the data connection reliably, it was very sluggish in Ridgefield once the place filled up. It was totally unusable in NOLA. Looking forward to a great show!

    7. Remember you can always update your Twitter by texting as well. This just in case your data doesn't work reliably.

    8. If it's easier, just text me. Email for the #. Or like Andy said, text to Twitter. I had to do that for Chicago Riot Fest and it worked great!

  2. Yeah, the Simple Choice plan with T-Mobile looks absolutely perfect if you frequent Mexico/Canada. Way better than Verizon, even though my most recent trip to Canada only cost me about $3. Just know what your provider plan allows in advance so there's no shock after the fact!

  3. Since there's no show on Simons birthday, do they play faith tonight or the day after in boise?

    1. Neither? Though if there's any Simon birthday stuff, have to think tonight would be the night, as it will be June 1st in England by the time the show starts.

    2. Back in June 1st '12 at Primavera Robert played some chords before or after A Forest wishing Happy Birthday to Simon. Tonight he might dedicate to him The Exploding Bwoy

  4. I won't be there but Im hoping home gets played

  5. Items not allowed on site - musical instruments, that could be a bit of a problem for the band :D

  6. I'm betting we'll see that Pornography encore tonight...

  7. I'm surprised there isn't anything about cell phone rates explained. Just about everything else is covered in the post. Ha! Longest post for a show?

    But really...no hula hoops?!?!?!

    At least the #cofclockfanclub can bring in their clocks!

    1. HAHAHA....I had the same thoughts about the hula hoops. What's wrong with hula hoops? Are they too big and can whack someone in the face? Maybe someone should invent a foldable or compressible hoop (a marketable idea?)! Who hoops during a live event anyway? That said, I love hula hooping! (used to do it for hrs at a time, but doing it while watching your fav artist playing live? That is a bit weird to say the least...Not to mention everyone around you will think you're nuts-that is, if they hadn't come to that conclusion already!)

  8. Does anyone know if I can just use Passbook electronic ticket? I emailed TM but haven't heard back from them :(

  9. Since there's no show on Simons birthday, do they play faith tonight or the day after in boise?

    1. why do you assume Faith? He's done 10:15, Three and others for Simon's birthday.

  10. For anyone who is going there: dancing bears seems to be allowed!!!

  11. darn I will miss the clock... :P

  12. I'm happy to try and report but T-Mobile has been pretty crap at shows

    1. Hey! Aren't you the one who had upload videos from the Reflections shows? Sydney,it was?

  13. Enjoy the show everyone! Should be pretty exciting!😃

  14. It appears Vancouver is the same timezone as Los Angeles. I'm in luck.

  15. Wow, 34 songs, 5 songs I've never heard live before, 4 wonderful rarities I'm really, really glad they played, and overall, probably the best Cure concert I've ever been to, and I've seen them at least 13 times. Two hours and 45 minutes of solid audio bliss.

  16. OMFG best night ever !!!! Great venue, great view, great sound, great mix of songs... OMFG ! if I were do die tomorrow, I'm good :).

    1. yeah, but all those ppl eating pizza, talking and ignoring the band on stage was really sad :(

    2. at least it was still a sold out crowd. not every city will generate a rapturous audience. Toronto is another notoriously dull/muted crowd.

    3. perfect place to play "Cold"

    4. I saw the 2008 gig in TO...i was almost embarrassed by being louder than everyone else! I also saw the Montreal gig on that tour. Now *THAT* crowd blew the roof off the joint!

    5. People eating pizza and talking? Was this observed through periscope? I was there and I didn't see anything different from the crowd here compared to anywhere else. Comments like "Vancouver didn't deserve this setlist" needs to stop. What happened to fan commraderie?

    6. narimare,I absolutely agree with you.Everytime I see The Cure,they are absolutely amazing. I've also met the nicest people, at their concerts.

    7. Sorry,my typing is all messed up!

    8. Sorry,my typing is all messed up!

    9. @ the pizza eating and talking comment.

      Its Hammersmith 2014 all over again.

      There was a guy three seats away from me that just loudly bullshitted with his mate the entire night while this girl in front stood up and started dancing in her chair so I couldn't see the stage at all.

      Yeah, I'm still very bitter. It was my first ever concert too.

    10. narimare yes, tht happened during the first songs, specially while them played "Trust"


  17. Well, I was into it right from the Plainchimes, but not a bad review, all in all.


  18. anyone catch the sound check. I couldn't hear to well.

    1. yes it was awesome...like cockatoos, plainsong, perfect girl kyoto song.

  19. I'm sure people have spoken with them this tour- has anyone asked about an album? If not, can someone? If I speak to him this tour, I'll certainly do it myself, but MSG is a hard venue to catch them coming or going.

  20. Really enjoyed this latest live version of Like Cockatoos. It sounds much clearer (and closer to the original studio version) than the one performed at Apollo a couple of years ago, which was a lot more muddled. (or maybe the audio quality on video wasn’t great, but I’m pretty sure it was the former). The somewhat aggressive acoustic guitar playing by R. Gabrels on the 2014 version was a wonder to behold. I’ve always liked the shimmering beauty of the intro/outro to this, it seems hard to replicate live.

  21. Somebody mentioned the sun going down kinda late in Vancouver. You're more than 100 miles north of Seattle and we've got 16 hours of daylight these days and the days will get even longer for three more weeks. The ONLY thing about the north that I like, the long days in the summer. Gets hot too, occasionally hitting 100 deg. F. We pay for it in the winter, VERY short days. Cool show, I guess. I just follow the set as it unfolds. Thanks for that by the way. I may have to stop watching so closely, last night's set actually disappointed me a little. I want all the old stuff like everyone else, but if they played the real unexpected stuff every night, it wouldn't be unexpected anymore. I'm getting too blase' about the sets, maybe take a break. It'd be good for me.

    1. LOL..I know exactly what you mean. I keep telling myself that I need to disappear from here for awhile but that’s easier said than done! Checking the latest news here has become too addicting. As I am sure Craig is well aware (the other one - LOL), this is by far the best and most up to date source of news for the band, blowing even the band’s own site out of the water (sorry, but true). The obsession wasn’t always this bad though…Prior to the current tour I had not (regularly) checked this site for several years, maybe dropping by a couple times a year at most. And now I’m checking every day (and embarrassed to admit, sometimes several times a day--Yikes?). Does that count as a DSM-V disorder? It’s hard to completely withdraw from the band’s latest happenings! Side note: That Vancouver Sun article mentioned something about “geriatric goths”….really?? That’s laughable! Another side note: Vancouver's "white nights" are indeed awesome. Not quite on par with, say, St. Petersburg, but still pretty amazing. Too bad the phenomenon doesn't exist here in sunny SoCal.

  22. This is really kinda like a game where each morning you scan the previous night's set list for to see what is different. In 1992 it used to be all about the encores because the main set was usually the same, but eventually you started to see patterns in the encores as well. The Swing Tour kinda shook things up to the point where the main set was where the most surprises were. I feel like in 2004 they became fairly predictable, but after that they've become progressively more unpredictable and exciting. The only down sides is no matter how many shows you do see (unless you're seeing like 25) you will always see a set list that will make you envious. It's a great feeling when you are one of the audience at those amazing shows (like getting to see Do the Hansa at Reflections) but it sucks when you miss something (like the NO show from 2014(?) where they first played Burn)

  23. Here's a sweet review of the show http://exclaim.ca/music/article/the_cure-deer_lake_park_burnaby_bc_may_31