Friday, May 6, 2016

Bestival Toronto preview article

Nice Bestival Toronto preview article at Step On Magaine. An excerpt:

"For The Cure don’t do it halfway, they never have, they never will. Whether releasing new music or not. Casual fans, forgetful fans, greedy fans, dig deep into that back catalog, way back and find those treasures you might have missed. Faith. Pornography. The Head on the Door (not just the singles, but the whole damn thing, I urge you). Because you might be tested, challenged, surprised with how deep the vault is and why it is more perfect than these times of ours deserve. On a June night in Toronto at Woodbine Park in the lush and green east end, The Cure will defy genre and labels and play, quite simply “Cure Music”.

Read the rest at Step On. (Thanks Jacqueline)


  1. Magical!!!!They just don't make them any better than The cure...others don't come close....few can even try and regardless you still won't attain their heights.

  2. I seriously hope that what others are saying...that this is a farewell tour...doesn't happen...I hate to think that they go out like that with those 2 as their last leaves a slight tinge of sourness on the legacy!