Monday, May 2, 2016

NYC Cure Afterparty on June 18th

"It's been five long years since the Reflections shows, and even longer since the Cure played a standard set at a New York City arena.

When their show is over, do you REALLY think you're gonna be ready to call it a night? Don't worry. We've got you covered.

Didn't get tickets for the Saturday show? You're far from alone. Fear not--we've got the Cure for that, too.

Mother Angel Blue Presents...



@ SLAKE (formerly Downtime/BatCave/Rebel)

251 West 30th Street btw 7th/8th Aves.
Doors at 9:30
21+ with ID
$12 w/ advance purchase
$10 early ticketing special for first 100 sold

Three floors of revelry featuring...
--DJs Patrick (SALVATION, the Bank, Albion/Batcave) & Sean Templar (The Red Party, Underworld) spinning all Cure, all night in the Propaganda room.
--DJs Hi-Fi Hillary (Disko Nouveaux, Wierd), SubVert (Contempt NY, Labyrinth) & Zvetschka (SYNTHICIDE, Defcon) spinning classic alternative in the Red Room.
--DJs Andi Harriman (author of The Postpunk Project: Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace and producer of SYNTHICIDE) & Jeffo! (Zenwarp, Dorian Gray) spinning an anything-goes mix of 80s, new wave, synth, and postpunk in the Mainspace.
Cure-centric Visuals by Xris SMack!'s Video Lab (Stimulate, SMack!)

And there's sooooo much more to come!

Watch this page and for more details--and for a preview of our Sunday afterparty at American Whiskey! Those tickets will go on sale soon!"
(Thanks Daryl/IPinchU)


  1. Hopefully there will be some in LA too :)

    1. I know of at least one, a friend of mine from Vegas is booked to DJ somewhere. I'll be there! I'll check back in with details as soon as I get them--as you can probably guess, things have been a little crazy around here lately.

    2. Oh, I guess it's not an "afterparty" he's doing, it's just an appropriately-themed long-running event that happens to fall on one of the same nights. If you're local, you probably already know it: Given what they usually play, I'd think a lot of people from the show would end up there. I'm not a local, so I don't know what else would be going on. Keep us posted if you hear anything, cuz I'll be looking, too!!!

    3. Thanks! Im not local. Flying from Helsinki for the shows.

    4. Wow! Awesome! Cool then, I'll make sure I get you the info for anything I find in LA. My friend says the invite for his event at Blue Monday should be ready for me to forward here next week. If it sounds good to you, let's plan to meet!

  2. Hey guys! I was just about to send this invite to Craig to post today, but I see someone beat me to it! I jut want to let you all know that I'm the one hosting this event, and I'm a verrrrry longtime reader and poster here at Chain of Flowers. This site has been a lifeline for me in terms of keeping me connected with the international Curefan community and has enabled me to have experiences I never would have dreamed possible, such as attending the original Trilogy shows in Germany, where I met so many other COFers. The atmosphere before and after those shows is very much the inspiration behind these parties, so I'm hoping many of you--especially those of you who, like me, have relied on COF to get you the info you need to travel far and wide to get to shows outside your own market--will see them as your "home away from home." Introduce yourself on my site blog, hunt me down at the party--I'd love to meet you!

    PS: Don't miss my blog post from 4/20/16. You can find it here: I kinda wrote it with you guys in mind, cuz I know you'll solve the riddle immediately. The link will get you tickets at the advance purchase rate without having to pay any TicketWeb fees. ;D

    All best,
    also known here over the years as LadyAngelNYC, homesick99, "that Homesick girl," and now "Mother Angel Blue"

    1. Hey Angel-

      It was me who forwarded this to Craig.

      Looking forward to the show and this party.

      See ya then!


    2. Thanks so much! Make sure you hunt me down and say hello. Are you local?

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  4. Blue Mondays is doing an after party. Info is here:

    I'll be there!

  5. Link to Facebook not working.