Friday, February 12, 2016

Cure comic book covers

Update (02/12/16): The Friday shirt is available today at teevillian for $11.

Update (01/09/16): Some of the artwork is available on shirts, prints, posters, etc. at Red Bubble and Society 6.

From Creative Bloq:

"Art director Butcher Billy turns The Cure frontman Robert Smith into a comic book star – and it's brilliant.

Love comics and The Cure? Then this is the perfect bit of inspiration for you, as Brazil-based artist Butcher Billy has crafted a range of comic covers inspired by frontman Robert Smith, which sees the singer in a range of weird and wonderful environments.

"This frightening series of strange tales is a homage to the goth legend who truly taught us love and darkness," he says of the project. Using song titles and comic book titles, it's a brilliant way to imagine what the stories would contain.

Featuring full colour versions, as well as black and white offerings, the attention to detail is staggering. It won't be just fans of The Cure that'll be able to appreciate the artistry here – illustrators and comic book geeks galore will definitely adore them."

More covers and the black & white versions here.
(Thanks @guillaume_g_z)


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  2. The Cure covers are amazing. This is something I would buy for sure.

  3. They are of quality indeed.

    But comics are not to my taste nonetheless.

  4. I'd buy I full set of those prints in a heart beat. Really excellent work!

  5. My favorite is Killing An Arab. Robert looks so fierce! Is that Siouxsie lurking in the background?

  6. would make a nice booklet of postcards. good work sir

  7. I thought it was Killing Another. Must be a typo.