Tuesday, September 16, 2014

'Before Three' at Chicago Riot Fest

Before Three - Chicago, Riot Fest 14-Sep-2014 from itsaperfectday on Vimeo.

One of my favorite moments from Riot Fest. Love this so much! Thanks to Olivier at it's a perfect day.


  1. 'Before Three' sounded fantastic live. It was cool to hear the intro and wonder, what song is this? It sounded so different (and better) played live. I love that moment of mystery while my mind tries to identify what song is playing ;-) Such a great concert with some nice surprises... I had to make a new Riot-Fest inspired playlist of the Cure to remember the experience...

  2. Wow, and Reeve is playing a Fender VI! Sounds great!

    1. Oy, Reeves! Stupid phone! Why no edit button? Anyway!

  3. "Before Three" is one of the best songs on "The Cure" IMO. Most of the songs there sound like they could have been on earlier albums, but this one sounds fresh. It could have been on "4:13 Dream", don't you think? "The End of the World" probably, too.