Thursday, August 7, 2014

NME's 100 Most Influential Artists

The Cure are #99 on NME's 100 Most Influential Artists list:

99. The Cure. “Goth band” – but were they? Alright, so Robert has worn his best Krusty slap since year zero, but much more than being mardy, he will be remembered as one of the greatest texture-makers in British music. Atmospheric was his middle name, whether that was upbeat or down, hence why he is a godfather to Mogwai and The Shins as much as Warpaint and The Horrors. (Thanks Vincent)


  1. That is like coming in last place :/

  2. Considering how many bands over the last twenty years sound like them, the Cure should be A LOT higher.

  3. 2 things...

    #1. It's an NME list, so it's ridiculous to start with.

    #2. No question they were highly influential in the past, but what about today? Honestly, not from a fanboy/girl perspective? Hell, they don't even create new music any more.

    Sigh...just frustrated by the never-ending nostalgia parade and the lack of anything new in 6 years.

    And please don't give me any of the "oh you hate The Cure, Robert can do what he wants, when he wants" bullshit. Yeah, we know.

    I love this this band. I still believe Robert has at least one more great album in him and I get frustrated that we can't hear it.

    We can't even hear the other half of the stuff recorded 6 freaking years ago.

    1. And to prove that I'm a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to the "nostalgia parade", I should note that I did buy tickets to the Chicago & Denver Riot Fests, to go and listen to them play Inbetween Days, Friday, Lullaby, etc. for the 4 billionth time.

      I'm a sucker. :)

    2. Now you sound like me!

      I'm telling you man, I'm always thinking of the next album I'd really like them to make. As I've said many times, what became WMS was originally intended to be an "accousticy with strings" (Robert's words) piece. The tracks from 1995/96 that fit into that are brilliant, it always fucked me off that they abandoned it and went for the whole WMS shtick instead. What I fear the most from The Cure is another 'guitar' album, because it will inevitably be shit frankly. I don't want to hear another new version of Shiver and Shake or One Hundred Years. If you want the same song album after album see U2.

      Robert is such a fabulous songwriter, at this point in The Cure I honestly think if he pushes for a format of pretty much accoustic guitars, 6-string bass, bass, piano, drums and REAL strings they would end up with the most beautiful songs they've ever recorded. The back catalogue will always be there, they don't need to go for the 5th pressing of the same batch of olives trying to get something of worth. Do something new and different and don't make it another schizophrenic multi-mooder.

      Of course Robert is Mr Contrary, so no sooner will he read this he'll be off to plug in the wah-wah, amp up to 11 and press record on the Tascam...

      I know Robert reads and thinks about stuff posted here (and his thinking about our comments is appreciated), "I still prefer physical releases" and all the rest...

  4. No, they don't make relevant music today, who cares, neither do The Stones or McCartney, but they wouldn't end up so far down the list. The music they made '78 - '93 was untouchable and that is why they're considered to be one of the most influential bands ever, apart from by the NME.
    Who's No1 ? Mumford and Sons or My Morning Jacket ?

    1. In their defence, they never made 'relevant' music and rightly so.