Thursday, August 7, 2014

Minnie Driver covers 'Close To Me'

Original story (08/06/13): On a tip from @ttocsremmus, I'm watching The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight, and he & Minnie Driver are talking about The Cure quite a bit. Both saying how much they love The Cure. Minnie is talking about her upcoming covers album and will be doing her cover of 'Close To Me' tonight. Craig asks Minnie if she's ever met Robert, she says no, but Craig says he has (and here's proof, Robert & Craig on Jukebox Jury - Thanks Aaron). Lots of really nice talk about the band and Robert. So for those of you on the west coast, tune in to The Late, Late Show tonight.

Update: The episode has been added to their website. Watch here (segment starts at the 20:00 mark). And here's video of Minnie covering it at a club in Hollywood 2 months ago.

Update (08/07/14): It's been a year, but now that album is coming out on Oct. 7th. Here's the Amazon US link, and a brief article at the AV Club. (Thanks David)


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  3. Miinnie is on BBC1 here in the UK tonight. A very interesting and movîng footage in which she's discoverîng the history of her family, especially the fact that her father has been a heroe in the RAF during World War II.

  4. I found her charming, funny and very pretty. New celeb crush.