Friday, July 25, 2014

Hire The Cure for your next event

According to Business Insider, if you have an extra $500-750,000 laying around, you can hire The Cure to play a show. And I would assume that would include getting to pick the setlist? Starting a Kickstarter right now! :) (Thanks @alex_meehan)


  1. How about we all pay them to release some new fu**king music for a change - instead of the endless "nostalgia tour"??

  2. That seems a little high to me. Sure, the band definitely has the name recognition and can command a high price, but I really can't imagine Robert asking for that much.

  3. I find it strange. How much is a Cure ticket in the US? If you have, let's say 10000 people buying $50 tickets, that's just enough to pay the band (and their crew I guess). But who pays for the venue, the security, the ticket service, and all the extra costs ?

  4. That´s why they come to Mexico (not as often as they should) a venue of 65000 people which will surely be full at 750 pesos (around 60 bucks) per ticket 3.75 MUSD (obviously the group gets to keep about half of it, 1.35 MUSD!!!!! per day in Mexico). That´s the answer to why we get 4.5 hour concerts and extra stuff

  5. Without trying to sound like a no-it-all, I think those figures are misleading in that many of these artists fees can fluctuate depending on the event and expenses involved. I bet it would be possible to get the Cure to play for $250,000, probably less. Now HOW to make that happen and getting an offer together, well....: )

  6. If anyone thinks they are doing it for the money, I'd like to punch you.....NOW!

    It's a business that employees a lot of people and they deserve to make money, but this band has never been seen as money motivated to do things. In fact, I'd argue The Cure has never sold out in any way at all, which is one of the many reasons I find them brilliant.

  7. DAMN!
    [holding ear to piggy-bank & rattling]

  8. neil diamond's STILL alive?!!!

    ...gotta be total crap info ~

    while i absolutely believe that wench Prince would have the testiclage to ask for $2million - ain't nobody pay'n the Raconteurs or jon leibowitz (aka: stewart) 3/4 million USD to show up @ their kid's bar mitzvah...

    its ridiculous

  9. Obviously it's a bollocks article based on an artists current position in the live music scene. The Cure basically don't tour but have been prolific in appearing at festivals and 'events' (the more recent trilogy shows etc) and the paper probably has a reasonable idea what a headliner is paid for the festivals they have been playing.

    They certainly didn't ask Robert and there is no record label to ask, so...

  10. The $500K minimum is for international shows. Supposedly, they'll play a show in the US for as little as $150K.

    1. That website is also bollocks, because The Cure don't play corporate events or "as a speaker at a function".

      Dear me.

  11. How much would it take to have Robert, Simon, Porl and Boris playing vintage instruments together again?

  12. i don't think $500K is outta line

    ya' got 4 aging-but-still-pampered rock-stars who prolly don't give a rat's ass abt performing anymore - UNLESS someone shakes a big-fat check in their face... in which case, WTF man ~ may as well!

    plus, its a great excuse to get together & play REALLY loud ...while a zillion ppl scream @ your feet