Saturday, July 26, 2014

'Beautiful Noise' L.A. screenings

Eric Green's 'Beautiful Noise' documentary will have its Los Angeles premiere on July 10th at Cinefamily.

Update (07/07/14): Sold out! 2nd screening added for July 17th. Get tickets here.

Update (07/22/14): Final L.A. screening added on July 24th. Get tickets here.

Update (07/26/14): And here's a report from John - "I finally got to see Beautiful Noise last night. I've been hassling/encouraging Eric about this project ever since I read a little blurb online in 2005. If I'm not mistaken, I think I actually told you about it as soon as I found out. Well, it was worth the wait. It was a beautiful film about some beautiful music. Anyone who is a fan of Cocteau Twins, JAMC, MBV, Ride, Slowdive, even The Cure will thoroughly enjoy it. Robert Smith features prominently and his opinions on this era of music provides some of the most important sound bytes. I spoke with Eric after the movie. He said he had over three hours of footage of Robert and that he really talked in depth about this music and how The Cure identified with the movement. He also said Robert was very supportive of the film and he is proud to call him a friend now. It will play at festivals over the next couple months. Be sure to see if you can."


  1. There's a deal on Groupon that will get you $20 towards Cinefamily admission for $9

  2. The New York premiere will be at the Lincoln Center Sound and Vision series on July 31st.

  3. so funny, i remember reading an interview in some magazine or other in the 80s where robert said 'i loathe the cocteau twins.'

  4. I remember him loving them...

  5. Robert loathing the Cocteau twins does not sound correct. He stated he listened to treasure the day of his wedding. Very good album