Friday, March 28, 2014

'2 Late' & 'Jupiter Crash' in London

Robert at the end of 2 Late: "It's one of the very few songs I sing to myself when I'm doing stuff, and I just realized this week that I've been singing the wrong words for like 25 years or so, which is why I couldn't remember them" (Thanks @paulwe_uk)

Other versions of  'Jupiter Crash': 1 -


  1. SUPERB! His comments are the funniest everrr

  2. Both 2 Late and Jupiter Crash sound really, really good. OK, so RS flubbed the lyrics on 2 Late, but that was part of the charm on this one. The band is sounding tight. Would love to hear some new music. Anything, really. Bring it!

  3. Craig, you may want to fix the typo in the title here :)