Thursday, October 10, 2013

Interview with Pearl and Lisa Johnson

Here's a recent audio interview (starts at 4 minutes in) with Pearl Thompson and Lisa Johnson of the 108 Rock Star Guitars book. Not much Pearl, mostly Lisa, but better than nothing. (Thanks Alex)

And it sounds like Pearl has some new material coming out. Lisa posted this on Facebook: "Truly an EXQUISITE performance by Pearl at the 108 Rock Star Guitar Book Launch event!!! You are all going to LOVE his new material."


  1. Changed the link. See if that helps.

  2. Thanks Craig, but just found out it doesn't work in the UK unfortunately. :-(

  3. How funny! The music at the start of the clip is one of my *other* favorite bands, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers!

    How crazy is that?

    I click on a link to hear something about Pearl, and I hear Roger rocking out on Down Together!

    My two favorite musical acts, coming together in the strangest way!

    I love the serendipity of the universe!

  4. Absolutely thrilled to hear that Pearl is back, too, and sounding and looking so happy!

    I can't want to catch up and see what s/he's been up to!

    It is great to hear Pearl's voice and I am really looking forward to all things Pearl in the very near future!

  5. I find it curious, though, that Lisa referes to Pearl as Porl in the interview and uses the pronoun him as opposed to her.

    Personally, I don't care what gender Pearl is, but just want to be respectful and refer to Pearl in the way that s/he would prefer to be referred.

  6. Sorry, I did mean to intimate that s/he was.
    What I mean to say, and what I should have said, to be more accurate, is that I don't care what gender (or name) with which Pearl chooses to identify, I just want to be respectful and refer to Pearl in the way that s/he would most like to be referred.

    Regardless of gender or moniker, I am thrilled to see Pearl again and am excited about what's to come!

  7. I wish that Porl was still in the band. Reeves does not gel with their sound and I hope that they never record a record with him. He needs to be playing with Steve Vai, not The Cure.

  8. Regardless of gender I just like the name "Porl" better.

  9. Any chance of a transcript for we unfortunates in the UK?