Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Official site update

has had a bit of a graphics & layout update, they've added the upcoming shows to the Events page, and removed that awful forum and the comments from the news items.
(Thanks Aaron)

I wouldn't read anything into the 4th & 11th dates listed for ACL Festival on the Events page. Most likely just listing the start dates, not when they actually play.


  1. Hello there! Is it broke again?

  2. I'm glad they removed the forum and the comments on robert's profile, it was completely mental.

  3. A Sign From God??

    Wait.. Somebody wrote a song about that, didn't they?!

  4. It´s still broken! Just 3 letters at the top of the main page: "PNF"

  5. Not broken at all. Make sure you're using thecure.com and not the old index page.