Friday, July 5, 2013

Cure plays Ansan Valley Rock on July 26th

The Cure will be playing the Ansan Valley Rock Festival in South Korea on July 26th.
(Thanks Monghi)

Officially confirmed!

Update (04/02/13): From @Valley_Rock - "2013 Ansan Valley Rock Festival Early Bird tickets will be available on INTERPARK from APRIL 4TH(THURS) 11AM to APRIL 7TH(SUN) 23:59PM"

Update (05/09/13): "@Valley_Rock 2013 Ansan Valley Rock Festival Phase 4 Lineup and Lineup Performance Dates will be released on 5/13(Mon) 11:00am. 1 Day Pass tickets will be available on Interpark from 5/13(M) 14:00 - 5/31(F) 23:59 "

Update (07/05/13): Daily schedules are out, and The Cure gets 3 hours! They play from 9 PM - Midnight.


  1. Would it be their first time there? I'd love to visit South Korea (and North K too).

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    Listed for Sunday at Fuji now, headlining after The XX

  4. Kamsa-hamnida, hwangyong-hamnida!! I can't believe that they're finally going to play in South Korea.

  5. Well,CURE keeps expanding the number of countries where they´ve played.

    Within a year, 6 new cities.

    Great for any band despite they aren´t touring to support a new album.

    BTW, this time at the end of the announcement, there isn´t a "MORE TO COME"

    Think Robert forgot to write it.

    At least 1 more show (Lolla) is expected.

    What do you think?